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Grand Designs Australia shares the stories behind some of the country’s most interesting builds, with compelling tales of inspiration, focus and dogged determination. Hosted by leading Australian architect Peter Maddison, Grand Designs Australia reveals the highs and the lows of taking on the biggest single investment of most people’s lives – creating their ideal home.

Amongst the spectacular new builds, Peter Maddison visits Tasmania, where two friends take on a very unconventional build as they try to incorporate a derelict windmill into a new home. Deep in the Victoria countryside, a couple convert a huge industrial shed into a home and cooking school. And attempts to build a cutting-edge eco-home on a budget prove difficult for a family in the Canberra suburbs.

18-24 Jan: Episode 7

Barry and Robyn Henwood are building a stylish beach shack to retire in; one that ‘floats’ on a pair of untouched sand dunes in Aldinga on Adelaide’s southern coast.

Episode 8

Web designer Louise Sergie and psychologist husband Steve Hardwick bought a block with a mix of styles that’s influenced their thinking of what they want in their own grand design.

Episode 9

Ex-advertising guru, Steve Minon, tracked down an iconic Kobe-based architect, Yo Shimada, to realise his dream of a Japanese inspired Queenslander.

Episode 10

Trace Streeter and Ronnen Goren decided to build and transform a 110m long industrial shed into an architecturally designed home, organic oasis and cooking school.

Episode 11

It wasn’t long after Doug Bavinton and Yvette Walker bought a derelict 100-year-old Queenslander that they discovered they’d opened a Pandora’s Box of expense.

Episode 12

IT consultant Damien Lederer and lawyer wife Cristy take the concept of a house in the suburbs up a notch when they set out to build a super contemporary environmental home on Canberra’s outskirts.

Episode 13

Chef Phillip Murphy’s plans to connect and transform an old windmill, a rocket-shaped duck shed and a tumbledown woodshed into a comfortable home.

Episode 14

Inventor Mike Gearon puts his creative skills to the test when he takes on a massive project to build an American style ranch house including a great hall.