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Grand Designs Australia Series 6 is one of the most diverse series yet – in terms of building styles, personalities and locations. It’s an eclectic mix of architectural wizardry borne from outstanding ideas and inspirational people striving to create an environment that truly represents them.

Featuring unique builds in diverse locations, such as a home in Kuitpo, South Australia, which has been built in the shape of a leaf, a three four-storey eco-friendly house in inner city Melbourne which measures just 5 x 4 metres and a derelict vintage electricity substation in Launceston which is transformed into a modern cutting-edge home.

On the north coast of Tasmania a first-time designer and conservationist makes his priority a 30-metre eucalyptus, as he builds a wrap-around treehouse. Melbourne’s laneways see a sustainable architect with big plans to turn a crumbling red-brick warehouse into a four-bedroom house.

Once again, Grand Designs Australia brings the characters, the houses and the stories together in an insightful series of inspiration and awe.