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Everyone wants a move-in ready dream home, but with soaring real estate prices in a red-hot market, it’s just not possible for most homeowners. That’s where professional contractors Mickey and Sebastian come in – these business partners, who are also best friends and family, thrive on the challenge of transforming the ugliest house on the block, into the envy of the neighbourhood. Many people are forced to get creative by buying a fixer-upper and renovating it to fit their needs but these types of transformations are Mickey and Sebastian’s specialty – helping each homebuyer find a shabby, rundown house and turning it  into a stunning forever home. Buying the worst house on the block always comes with unforeseen challenges but Mickey and Sebastian always exceed expectations and turn dreams into reality- finding the worst and turning it into the first!

02 – 08 Dec: Episode 3 – Alex and Andy

Alex and Andy are a fun-loving couple who are looking to start a family in beautiful Upper Lynn Valley.  Mickey and Sebastian find Alex and Andy an older home to transform into their sanctuary.  However, when Andy arrives mid-renovation to tell the boys that Alex is expecting, Mickey and Seb not only have to add a surprise nursery, but a home worthy of bringing a child home to.  

Episode 4 – Nicole and Joe

Nicole and Joe have two young boys and they’re looking to move out of their cramped downtown apartment and into their forever home.  This couple is in search of a flat lot where they can watch their kids play ball hockey and ride their bikes up and down the street.  They focus their attention on Westlynn, a location that’s close to Nicole’s sister so that all the cousins can grow up together.  But after striking out for months, Nicole and Joe really need Mickey and Sebastian’s help to find them a house that they can afford.

Episode 5 – Eesa and Jazz

Eesa and Jazz have spent months searching for a house in their dream neighbourhood of Willowbrook. They have reached out to Mickey and Sebastian to help them find the perfect location.  With Eesa working as a personal trainer, Mickey and Sebastian are looking to transform a run-down shack into a dream home with a home gym that would be the envy of any trainer! 

Episode 6 – Amanda and Darren

Jet setters Amanda and Darren have been moving around for the last four years, but as their oldest daughter gets ready to start Kindergarten this carefree couple is ready to set down roots in the desirable neighborhood of Blueridge. With huge lots, mountains out the backdoor, and world-class running trails for triathlete Darren, Blueridge is the perfect neighborhood for this family. Most importantly, it would put them minutes away from the hospital where Amanda works on call. Amanda and Darren have a healthy budget, but unfortunately in pricey Blueridge even that amount of money gets you a house with a trench!

Episode 7 – Louise and John

Louise and John have been looking for a forever home that they can grow old in with their two young sons. They’ve been searching in family-friendly Burnaby Heights for its central location, great schools and proximity to John’s mom, who can help with childcare. With all it has to offer, it’s no surprise that Burnaby Heights has gotten more expensive, making this young couple frustrated on their search. Mickey and Sebastian are confident they can find the right house for this young family and transform it into their dream forever home. But will Louise and John be able to envision the dream picture Mickey and Sebastian are trying to paint for them from a rough fixer-upper?

Episode 8 – Steve and Heather

Steve and Heather have a young toddler with another baby on the way, so the rush to find their forever home is on. Mickey and Sebastian step in to help them on their search in their desired neighbourhood of South Meadows, near where John grew up. It’s the perfect spot for their growing family, with quick access to the great outdoors, a great sense of community and shorter commute for them both to maximize their family time. Eager to set up a home for their growing family, this young couple is hoping Mickey and Sebastian can transform a small, dated home, into their forever dream home…and fast.

Episode 9 – Julia and Ian

Julia and Ian love Lynn Canyon where she grew up. They are drawn to it’s beautiful treed lots and fresh mountain air, but also easy access to the city. This neighbourhood is the best place for this outdoor loving couple and their young daughter, so Mickey and Sebastian will need to work extra hard to find the right home in this highly desired neighbourhood, which fits not only this family of three, but also for Julia’s parents who will be living with them. Their wish list is tall for this multi-generational home, but Mickey and Sebastian are definitely up to the challenge to transform an undesirable, overlooked home, into their beautiful forever home. 

Episode 10 – Debbie and Carson

Debbie and Carson want to live near the ocean and White Rock is their favourite beachside community. With it’s beautiful homes, outdoor activities, walkability and proximity to family and friends, there’s no other place they want to be. Which means Mickey and Sebastian will need to pull out their best to meet this challenge – an ocean view in this extremely desirable neighbourhood does not come cheap. While the guys can easily see the possibilities in any home, will Carson and Debbie be able to see past all the neglect and repairs necessary to transform the diamond in the rough, into the forever home of their dreams.