Wine Caddy

While the sun is out its always a pleasure having a picnic outside. So Peter and Annalien decide to build a wine caddy. See how they build it step by step so that you may be inspired to build one of your own.        

You will need


Tools Materials
PTD 40 drill Press 20mm pine
PST 18 JigSaw Sides 100 mm x 350mm – 2 pieces
spray gun front/back 140 mm x 70mm – 4 pieces
PSR 1800 Cordless drill bottom 100 x 140mm – 1 piece
PSM 18 Cordless Sander Handle 340 mm x 70mm – 1 piece
PEX 300 Sander Board for biltong cutter
  small glass bowl
Compound Mitre saw Biltong knife
GMR 1 Router Ply wood board (cut out for cupboard
  Legs x 4
  4 x 40mm screws
  wood filler – pine
  base coat paint
  top coat paint/tint
  varnish for the table
  Olive oil for the biltong board

STEPS Wine caddy

  1. Cut all your pieces of wood to size according to the cutting list
  2. Measure out and drill pilot holes where the wood joins
  3. Cut the hour glass shape into the sides using a plate as a template and a jigsaw
  4. Use a plate to get the curves you want and cut out the handle (leave space for the grooves you need for the glass necks
  5. Measure out and cut out the grooves for the glass stems in the handle
  6. Work out how long your glasses are and draw a shape for your glass holders on paper
  7. Use your paper template to cut out your glass holders with a jigsaw
  8. Attach your glass holders to the sides
  9. Router all the edges of your pieces of wood
  10. Fasten all your wood together including the wine bottle holders on either side
  11. Sand the wood
  12. Paint your project and sand off edges once the paint is dry         

Download the plans

Wine Caddy plans download file