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Weekend Reno is about giving tired old cottages a breath of fresh air. Each episode, designer Michelle Mawby and her team have one weekend to transform a cottage. They pull out all the stops, revealing stunning fresh spaces that impress the owners, so they can truly enjoy their weekends at the cottage.

03-09 Aug: Episode 5

Marty and Erica McBride

Marty and Erica’s dream was to own a cottage on the lake where Marty spent his childhood summers. Finally they scooped one up, despite its poor condition and Marty has spent countless weekends renovating rather than enjoying the cottage with his family. Erica has called in the Weekend Reno team so her husband can have one project completed where he doesn’t have to spend thought, time or energy. The master bedroom, and little girl’s room are on the to-do list and the team has their work cut out for them, especially if they are to meet daughter, Stella’s special requests.

Episode 6 – Rob Wallace and Trish Barnett

Rob and Trish are super social and love to entertain, but when they inherited their cottage, they also inherited the dingy carpet and dated décor. Eager for a space that reflects their style and suits their needs, they’ve called the Weekend Reno team for a complete overhaul. Michelle aims for a welcoming and laid-back vibe, fitting for parties or relaxing and with a project list ranging from flooring, to custom wall unit and peninsula bar, the team will have to work non-stop to get it all done before the weekend is up.

Episode 7 – Chris and Nelly Loreti

It took Chris and Nelly years to find their dream cottage, and might have taken them years to agree on a design plan, if they hadn’t called in the Weekend Reno team for help. Both commercial architects with a keen eye for design, the Loretis each have a very specific vision of their dream retreat. This means merging two very different tastes; its cabin versus cabana in this classic battle of the sexes. A unique wall covering makes for a funky focal point and custom carpentry and unexpected flea market finds work wonders to bring the space together.

Episode 8 – Anne Marie Sinasac-Roy and Jim Roy

Rumored to be a prize at Expo ‘67, Anne Marie and Jim’s one-of-a-kind cottage, comes with no shortage of renovation challenges, even for the Weekend Reno team. First order of business: to rip up water damaged flooring, but solving the issue proves to be far more work than bargained for. While Anthony works overtime laying the groundwork, Michelle and Merrill revive tired furniture pieces to dress up the space, but setbacks make these cottagers’ dream space seem out of reach in just a weekend. Will the team pull it off?

Episode 9 – Karen, Bill and Andrea Felstead

Bill has a sentimental attachment to the cottage he helped build with his father and is reluctant to change a thing, despite the fact that wife Karen and daughter Andrea feel it’s stuck in a time warp. With Michelle and her team in for the weekend, Bill gets the nudge he needs to finally see the transformation from a dark, dreary basement into a bright, welcoming walk-out.  A collection of worn couches and the putting-green like carpet are replaced with a cozy, modernized seating area, a custom bar and new flooring, which garners a BIG reaction from the cottage owners!

Episode 10 – Norma, Christyn and Ron Oda

Renovation projects stalled over ten years ago due to an illness in the family, which also prompted owners Norma and Ron to spend time enjoying the cottage rather than laboring over it. Daughter Christyn called in the Weekend Reno team to finally complete this work-in-progress. After Anthony takes time out to go fishing, he realizes there are no free lunches and pays for it with extra-long days of flooring and finish carpentry work. And Merrill tackles some special projects of her own, while Michelle scours a local flea market for stand-out pieces to bring the design together.

Episode 11 – Natalie Charlton & Kate Gable

This cottage has been in Natalie’s family for over a hundred years, and despite its rustic charm, it could use a century’s worth of updates, especially the dysfunctional kitchen. Michelle, Anthony and Merrill have their work cut out for them, as they take on a kitchen reno in just 48 hours. Hanging, cabinets, replacing countertops and re-purposing furniture make for what seems like a never ending project list, but well worth it for the team when the see the reaction from Natalie. Overwhelmed by the transformation Natalie is brought to tears.

Episode 12 – Crystal & Trevor O’Keefe

The O’Keefe’s gained a new perspective on life after Crystal’s battle with cancer. Determined to live life to the fullest, they bought a cottage where they could spend quality family time with their four kids. The quaint cottage has some charm, but with every wall a different colour, furniture that has seen better days and an unsafe staircase, their place needs some help. The team puts in long hours to create an amazing, family-friendly cottage for the deserving owners. Crystal and Trevor are thrilled with the results, especially the personal touches.

Episode 13 – Karl Galbraith & Merrilee Loewen

Karl and Merrilee met several years back, and have yet to transform a twenty-year-old cottage addition into the master bedroom of their dreams. Still in the honeymoon phase, this couple is looking for a romantic oasis—a far cry from the storage room it is now. Michelle and Anthony work to find a balance between masculine and feminine and the team battles tight timelines, bad weather and some very big spiders! Can they overcome the obstacles to create the prefect retreat for Karl and Merrilee?