Wall Clock

This week the team builds a clock with a profile of a persons face as the clocks face. See how they do it step by step to inspire you to make your own personalised clock and find out the best tools and materials to use.

You will need

Tools Materials
PTD 40 drill Press 20mm pine
PST 18 JigSaw Clock frame 100mm x 300mm – 4 pieces
spray gun clock top 100mm x 300 mm – 2 pieces
PSR 1800 Cordless drill hook 150mm x 230mm – 1 piece
PSM 18 Cordless Sander wall bracket 100mm x 150 mm – 1 piece
PEX 300 Sander dowel stick
PKS circular saw plus guide Clock face 3mm masonite 270 x 270mm – 1 piece
Compound Mitre saw 3-6mm ply wood 250 x 250mm – 1 piece
GMR 1 Router plus parralel guide perspex 3mm 270 x 270mm – 1 piece
Perspex/plastic jigsaw blade wood glue
Dremel vesatip 4 x 40mm screws
  4 x 30mm screws
  wood filler – pine
  clear varnish 
  clock mechanism

Here are the step:

1. Cut the frame plank to 100 mm

2. Router the wood before you assemble

3. Router the groove for clock face on all 4 sides

4. Router the groove for the perspex front

5. Router all the outer edges

6. Cut frame plank to size.

7. Cut out the top hangers for clock – use a plate or round object to create curves

8. Router the top edge for the perspex and attach the top hangers

9. Cut out the clock backing out of masonite by using a router and parallel guide

10. Drill out a hole in the centre for the clock mechanism using a hole cut saw

11. Cut out a profile of an animal or personbirds (NB drill small hole for clock mechanism before cutting birds)

12. Glue the profile onto face backing.

13. Assemble clock sides and face using screw.

14. Paint or spray the varnish on

15. Attach clock mechanism onto the back of the face

16. Attach the clock hands


 Here’s the plan

Download the plan