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TV Mall

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Every Saturday and Sunday between 7 and 8 am


Africa’s first live shopping channel, TV Mall is now available on The Home Channel every Saturday and Sunday between 7 and 8 am

In the age of digitization, just about everything has gone online and shopping is certainly no exception. TV Mall promises to entertain viewers, while educating them on product innovation that is sure to get jaws dropping. Rather than rushing about the mall, searching for specials and comparing products from shop to shop, TV Mall allows viewers to sit in their favourite chairs and gain the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions seamlessly, in the comfort of their homes.
So much more than a collection of infomercials, TV Mall is about genuine storytelling, a platform for sellers to engage with their audiences by having a conversation. Using a talk-show host format, the channel will allow entrepreneurs and innovators the chance to chat about their products, giving them the opportunity to be heard in today’s noisy market place. It is an interactive and highly visual platform, meaning that sellers can really get into the nitty-gritty of their products, highlighting just what it is which makes their offers unique.

Source: https://www.tvmall.co.za/index.php/home/legal/about