Trends with Dave Nemeth

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Keeping up with the latest home décor trends is almost essential to give you the latest stylish look without breaking the bank. Trends with Dave Nemeth, is an eight part series that focuses on the latest trends when it comes to décor, design and style.

Episode 1 – Hand Crafted Design

With the rebellion against mass production and cheap imports, hand crafted furniture pieces are a firm favourite amongst consumers. From dining tables, chairs, sofas, tables etc. People do not mind spending a little bit of money for furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Episode 2 – Hand Made Craft

It has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between craft, art and design. These three décor elements seem to be merging to provide unique products that cater to every aspect of your home.

Episode 3 – Industrial Revolution

This trend is taking the property world by storm where we see the use of tactile materials such as face-brick, concrete, steel, kick-plate and rusted metal. This is the rebirth of tactile!

Episode 4 – Lighting Design Trends

The re-emergence of the Edison globe from harsh LED lighting has taken the home lighting décor world by storm. The styling, design and type of lighting that one puts in their home space is essential to determine the mood that they want to create.

Episode 5 – Retro Trends

Designers are looking back to the past for inspiration and consumers have an affinity and appreciation for past styling. Furniture that is inspired by the retro feel allows us to tap into the past whilst providing a modern look.

Episode 6 – What are trends

When it comes to keeping up with the latest style, the buzz word is ‘trends’. But what are trends? How can we keep up with the latest trends and who determines what is trending?

Episode 7 – Upcycling

One mans trash is another mans treasure. One no longer has to throw away old unused items but they can give them a different function in the home space.

Episode 8 – SA contemprorary

With more and more consumers supporting local talent, more proudly South African products are being manufactured. These products pay attention to detail and provide you with great African flare when it comes to your home décor.