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Get it done – KIDDIES TOY CART

Shopping List

Tool List



  1. Draw out pattern for cutting side panels to shape
  2. Transfer this on to the panel.
  3. Cut out the shape for the sides.
  4. Draw lines on inside edge where the bottom will join on the side panels
  5. Draw lines on inside edge where the front and back panels will join the side panels.
  6. Drill pilot holes in side these lines
  7. Join Bottom and front panels with glue and screws
  8. Draw out front panel design and cut to shape (repeat on back panel if needed)
  9. Draw out templates for design on sides and front.
  10. Cut out designs on 3mm hard board/masonite with Trio.
  11. Varnish with clear coat and leave to dry.
  12. Make handles
  13. Measure and cut dowel to fit
  14. Drill holes in each handle for dowel to fit
  15. Fasten handles to wagon
  16. Drill holes for wheels to fit through.
  17. Sand everything
  18. Spray with coloured varnish 
  19. Fit wheels.
  20. Glue masonite design pieces onto the