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Top Million Dollar Agent is an educational & entertaining reality style show based on the lives & careers of four of North America’s top real estate professionals. The show features Mike Donia, Jin Jiang, Daryl King, & Inez Kudryk. Each hosts their own episode with their clientele & the other three agents plus a guest agent provide luxurious listings for them to see.

In each episode, the host has a client who is interested in buying a home & takes them to four different million dollar properties that are provided by the other agents & a guest agent or builder/designer. Some of the city’s finest luxurious houses, condos, & townhouses are showcased on TMDA. Also, there are segments that feature a guest agent, lawyer, builder/designer, &/or mortgage broker who provides information on the current real estate market & neighborhoods while educating audiences on how to purchase, sell, & decorate real estate.

This show is geared towards everyone from first time buyers to experienced investors & gives viewers a glimpse into the personal lives & careers of top real estate professionals. The goal is to entertain & enlighten audiences about the  growing million-dollar residential market. Tune in to satisfy your curiosity!

26 Oct – 01 Nov: Episode 11

Love the Location

Ashley and Ali are ready to take their relationship and living situation to the next level. The young entrepreneurs are ready to move into a house, but the one thing they can’t agree on is where to live. Ashley wants an estate home outside the city that has an outdoor pool and beautifully manicured gardens. Ali, on the other hand, insists on being close to his downtown office and walking distance from restaurants and shops. Danielle knows she can deliver some stunning properties, but someone may have to compromise.

Episode 12 – Big Move

Stephanie is making a big move from BC to Guelph to be closer to her son John and his family. She doesn’t want the move to be a hassle and is looking for an accessible, decent-sized home for her grandchildren and visitors from BC. Good sized guest rooms and a large backyard are a must. As she loves to cook, she would also like a new kitchen. Eve will show Stephanie 3 wonderful homes that fit the criteria. Stephanie is going to have a difficult decision.