The World’s Greenest Homes

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Think it’s impossible to be green and glam?  Well, think again…  Because The World’s Greenest Homes prove that luxury and ecology can exist under the same roof!
From temples of glass and steel, to palaces made from pressed earth and recycled blue jeans, these one-of-a-kind residences from around the globe are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  Featuring top-notch green credentials and an array of mind-blowing innovations, these homes don’t sacrifice comfort or elegance to be eco-friendly.
Visually stunning, informative, and inspiring, each of these magnificent structures is a testament to ingenuity, determination, and conservation.  Hear their stories — and meet the fascinating people who live in them.  Feast your eyes on this!

Episode 1.

A visit to a California beach house with a unique family-friendly design that’s making the most of the ocean breeze.  The home boasts four separate living areas connected by walkways. A home that’s so unique even Hollywood has noticed. It was the location for Californication starring David Duchovny.

A home nestled in the hills of Greece just outside Athens that combines contemporary design with natural and eco friendly features that are as old as the hills.

Episode 2.

Just outside of Aspen, Colorado, where the rich and famous come to play, we visit a 7-thousand square foot home with a small carbon footprint.  It’s a home designed for relaxed family living that’s getting 85 per cent of its energy from solar panels.

A tour of a home in a Boston suburb made from the scraps and leftovers from the old interstate freeway.  Thirteen slabs of recycled concrete and 30 steel beams hold up this 42-hundred square foot home.  The gold-flecked countertop was quarried from the base of Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

Episode 3.

We visit a stunning and lavish home in San Francisco’s Mission District. It’s not just the striking design that sets this house apart from its neighbour’s. It’s a study in how to take wind power to a new level in the city.

West Sussex is a prosperous English county on the commuter belt of London, where a home without Tudor beams is a blasphemy.  Lodged amongst that tradition sits a very untraditional home built around the trees.  It’s a home that had all the neighbours talking.

Episode 4.

In south London, we explore a timber frame home that is nothing like the Victorian-terraced homes surrounding it.  The house is a rework of an old woodworking shop on a site that no one imagined.  The result is a striking design of glass and wood that’s making the most of the sun and the wet English weather.  It’s hard to find but harder to forget.

In New York a couple convert a rundown building in Harlem into a beautiful green town home.   And they did it by recycling anything they could find from the former crack house.  They picked through metal, wood and stone and found a way to reuse what would have ended up in a landfill. Old stones from the roof became paving stones in their new Zen garden.

Episode 5.

A visit to a tiny 1920’s bungalow in Venice Beach, California that’s been renovated into the latest in modern design and green features.  Solar panels provide 70 percent of their energy needs.

In an up and coming area of London, we see what a lot of imagination can do.  An architect and an artist convert an old condemned milk depot into a showcase home.  A translucent wall turns the entire house into a light lantern at night but traps heat for energy savings. The garden walls are made of old milk bottles.

Episode 6.

A Chicago couple built their second home a hundred miles West of the Windy City, and called it ‘Kickapoo’ after the native-American tribe.  The 2200 square foot Arts and Crafts-style home features a dramatic 18-foot ceiling, and plenty of green features including solar panels, a wind turbine, and an interior sun-heated rock wall.
Just ten minutes from Sydney harbour, two architects created their ultimate tree house without harming a single tree.  With breathtaking views of the mangrove swamp below, the home features two stories of glass and steel cantilevered over a rock face, locally sourced materials, and a majestic sandstone boulder that helps to cool the house in summer.

Episode 7.

A Houston architect transformed a derelict downtown site into a block of sumptuous green townhomes…  And created a cool, slick and sustainable neighborhood in the process.  Designed to withstand the most severe weather, the homes feature recycled and sustainable materials, including a light-reflecting zinc-tiled roof, and windows designed for maximum light and minimum heat gain.

Named after a Scottish whisky, Tomintoul Station is a sumptuous 680-acre holiday home outside Melbourne, Australia.  Nestled between three national parks, the property features a lake, a herd of cows, and a sustainable, ultra-glam, energy efficient home that recycles rainwater, stays naturally cool in the heat of summer. The house also boasts a moveable deck system that doubles as an impenetrable security system.

Episode 8.

Only ten minutes from the White House, green pioneer and architect, Travis Price, cantilevered his four-storey steel and glass dream home over a cliff so it barely touches the forest below. The breathtaking, copper-clad structure is supported by a series of metal rods and two 5,000 pound-counterweights, and features soaring ceilings, passive solar lighting, and a master bedroom that doubles as a tree house.

Episode 9.

A mechanical engineer and inventor, Brian Beaulieu designed his unique home to blend into the foothills of the Sonoran Desert.  Nestled between the boulders, the structure is divided into a series of hexagonal pods.  Among the home’s features are an outdoor living room, disguised solar panels, and an ingenious cooling system that uses water and hockey-rink technology to beat the desert heat.

Episode 10.

This spectacular, earth-friendly, adobe-brick solar-powered castle is home to retired punk rock singer, David Buxton. Entirely off the grid, the home features solar panels, a roof design that collects every precious drop of rainwater, and an ingenious picture window and black wall combination that traps the sun’s heat.

Episode 11.

Faced with a derelict 3000 square foot warehouse, a Chicago couple transforms it into a luxurious home, filled with unique green technology.  Preserving 90 percent of the building’s original brick shell, they installed solar panels, wind turbines, and an ingenious underground cooling system drilled into the bedrock. The sprawling home also features a lush central courtyard, a greenhouse, and a living roof.

Episode 12.

In Austin, Texas, one couple took an already green dream home and remodeled it to create a luxurious green oasis with a breathtaking view.  Designed to stay cool naturally, the home features local limestone walls, recycled paper insulation, a heat-reflecting metal roof, and rolling aluminum shutters to help keep out the midday heat.

In northern Sweden, two architects designed a very unusual off the grid house in one of the country’s nature reserves.  It’s called Accordion House because it expands accordion-style over a stream and folds up into itself during the cold weather. Its cutting edge design and open concept all the way – with reindeer pelts lining the walls and a giant bathtub on the deck.