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George Clarke returns for a brand new series of Restoration Man.  This series takes us up and down the country to new locations, new restorations and amazing stories of people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to build their dreams homes, by restoring and rejuvenating some of Britain’s most cherished but forgotten buildings.

15 – 21 April: Episode 13: THRUM MILL SECOND REVISIT

George revisits an epic Restoration Man project – a 17th century water mill in a picturesque riverside setting in Northumberland. Eight years since they took them on, Dave and Margaret Hedley have never stopped restoring the mill’s enviable heritage. Battling through historic flooding and devastating illness, the couple didn’t rest – hand-building a working replica of the old water wheel and the mill’s internal machinery. In the threshing barn next door, their impeccable restoration standards have now been maintained in every detail, and the water wheel is about to take on a new purpose for the 21st century.