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The Renovation King

Every home is a castle, whether it’s taken a few knocks, desperately in need of expansion, or crying out for a little TLC. Barry Du Bois is the man with a plan to turn the humblest place into a palace.

Barry takes on bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, playrooms, kitchens – even a school staff room; working within client’s budgets and personality, to create a symphony of function and form, brimming with aesthetic beauty and plain old practicality.

The Renovation King also explores the personal and emotional side of his clients’ decision to renovate – memories attached to the old and the hopes and needs of the future. Get set for some right royal makeovers that won’t cost a king’s ransom.

Episode 1 – Family Kitchen

With four young kids to feed and a small business to run, the Albanies have neither the time nor energy to drag their hideously outdated and impractical kitchen into the 21st Century. Barry and the team to the rescue.

Episode 2 – Bedroom Master Suite

Paul and Deb’s master suite has lost that loving feeling. They need Barry’s help to bring the romance back to their bedroom and ensuite, with some Hamptons-style elegance and a lot of hard work from Paul.

Episode 3 – Bachelor Balcony

Fun-loving Greg loves hanging out with friends in his inner city bachelor pad, but his balcony is way too small to take the party outside. Can Barry come up with a way to open up the space and create an alfresco entertaining area?

Episode 4 – Make an Entrance

Conservative homeowners Helen and Paul want to transform their massive hallway into a more welcoming, versatile space. But will their attachment to tradition prevent them from embracing Barry’s bold vision of their future?

Episode 5 – Dangar Island Studio

Artist Mel lives with her twin boys in a river island paradise. She wants to transform her old tree-house granny flat into an artist studio that doubles as a guest retreat. Barry is going to have his work cut out to convince her that she can’t have it all.

Episode 6 – Toilet Sanctuary

Heidi is a very busy mum with three kids under the age of eight. Her hideaway is the downstairs toilet, which is in dire need of some TLC. While husband Basil is away at work, Barry and the team help her feminize the space and give her a privy to be proud of.

Episode 7 – Man Cave Theatre

After a hard day at work, devoted Dad Patrick yearns for a place to escape and watch movies, but with four kids to contend with, he finds himself at the bottom of the TV food chain. His loving wife Renee thinks it’s high time Pat had his own piece of the lights, camera and action. Cue Barry and the team.

Episode 8 – Unloved Laundry

When Pete and Helena moved into their beautiful heritage home, the only fly in the ointment was the unsightly laundry. Several unsuccessful attempts to renovate later, it still looks like a bombsite. Its now up to Barry to bring it into line with the rest of the house and make the most of the limited space.

Episode 9 – Open Plan Living

Kerry and Jeremy both stand at over six foot, so their 80s style arches are design features they could do without. Then there’s the matter of the ugly cocktail bar stealing valuable real estate from the living room. Something’s gotta give!  Barry’s quest is to open up the space.

Episode 10 – Toilet Training Toddler

When it comes to renovating, Dean and Shannon are still on their L-Plates and haven’t yet found the courage to confront the issue of their outdoor convenience. But with a toddler needing to be toilet trained, it’s time to tackle the task of bringing their privy inside and renovating the bathroom. Lucky they’ve found just the man for the job.

Episode 11 – Hip Hop Kitchen

Rapper Eamon and his girlfriend Jenny are itching to take the sledgehammer to their ramshackle kitchen, but if they want to bring the job in on budget, they’ll need to show some restraint. Creative recycling and clever re-use of existing materials will form the basis of this ambitious renovation.

Episode 12 – Family Barbecue

David and Bindi make bringing up four kids look like child’s play. But one part of the family home that has been neglected is Dave’s beloved BBQ area. Bindi and the children jump at the chance to help Barry create the outdoor dining space their dad deserves.

Episode 13 – Ensuite Retreat

With two children, a full-time job and a small business to run, Kate is on the go from 6am to midnight. All she wants is an ensuite bathroom where she can relax and unwind at the end of the day. Devoted hubby Shane is on hand to help Barry transform their rundown junk room into the luxurious retreat of her dreams.