The Renovation King

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Barry Du Bois’s 30 years of design and home building experience are winning lottery tickets for lucky homeowners on The Renovation King.  Taking on bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, playrooms, kitchens and more, the man known as “Baz” has plans to turn humblest places into palaces.  By tapping into his clients’ personalities and working within their budgets, Baz and his team aim to create a symphony of function and form, brimming with aesthetic beauty and plain old practicality.

The show also explores the emotional side of the clients’ decision to renovate – how they deal with change, and their hopes and needs of the future.

23-29 Nov: Episode 4

Barry takes a bathroom that’s trapped in the eighties and completely transforms it with only one trolley worth of materials from Bunnings and zero tradies. He has a list of jobs that anyone can do.

Episode 5

This week Barry takes on a living/dining room reno that is as much a feline’s domain as the humans who reside there. Not only does this space have to work for a loving couple and their new baby.

Episode 6

Jed and Nat are new parents to 6 month-old Sebastian and since he came along, Jed’s first love … music has taken a back seat. He loves to jam with his band he’s been banished from the house.

Episode 7

Elissa and Rod have a disaster zone on their hands in the form of the one room they’ve left alone since moving in. The bathroom. It’s up to Baz to bring it up to date.

Episode 8

The 4 to 6 Club is where loving father Scott puts the world to rights with his mates and it’s right in his backyard. It’s time for a spruce up though and Barry knows what’s needed and shows us how to create the ultimate man-cave.

Episode 9

David and Naomi’s landlocked kitchen was all the style in the 1970s – but it doesn’t fit current life for their blended family of five. It’s dark, cramped, lacks storage and divides the house in two.

Episode 10

After moving back into her mum’s house, single mum Alice and young son Xavier are finding things a little tight. Barry and the team show how easy it is to bring the faded façade and front yard of a tired old home back to life.

Episode 11

Life for the Jay family took a turn when Dad, Lyndon, was diagnosed with cancer. Lyndon felt his wife Irene who has kept the whole family together – all amongst a busy workload had rewarded with a brand new living room.

Episode 12

Paul and Therece’s kitchen has a spiral staircase right in the middle of it and working around it is near impossible. They think they have a major job on their hands but Barry has a radical plan to overhaul their home.

Episode 13

Hummingbird House will be Queensland’s only hospice for children and it’s set to open its doors just in time for Christmas. Baz travels to Brisbane to bring a little Living Room love to this state-of-the-art facility.