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Every home is a castle, whether it’s taken a few knocks, desperately in need of expansion, or crying out for a little TLC. Barry Du Bois is the man with a plan to turn the humblest place into a palace.

Barry takes on bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, playrooms, kitchens – even a school staff room; working within client’s budgets and personality, to create a symphony of function and form, brimming with aesthetic beauty and plain old practicality.

The Renovation King also explores the personal and emotional side of his clients’ decision to renovate – memories attached to the old and the hopes and needs of the future. Get set for some right royal makeovers that won’t cost a king’s ransom.

19 – 25 Feb’18: Episode 3

The exterior of Sandra’s old 1930’s workers’ cottage is letting down the street. She’s now at a complete loss for how to tackle the crumbling front façade.

Episode 4

Barry takes a bathroom that’s trapped in the eighties and completely transforms it with only one trolley worth of materials from Bunnings and zero tradies. He has a list of jobs that anyone can do.