The Renovation King

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Every home is a castle, whether it’s taken a few knocks, desperately in need of expansion, or crying out for a little TLC. Barry Du Bois is the man with a plan to turn the humblest place into a palace.

Barry takes on bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, playrooms, kitchens – even a school staff room; working within client’s budgets and personality, to create a symphony of function and form, brimming with aesthetic beauty and plain old practicality.

The Renovation King also explores the personal and emotional side of his clients’ decision to renovate – memories attached to the old and the hopes and needs of the future. Get set for some right royal makeovers that won’t cost a king’s ransom.

16 – 22 April: Episode 11

Life for the Jay family changed when Lyndon was diagnosed with cancer. He felt his wife Irene who has kept the whole family together had to be rewarded with a brand new living room.