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The Property Game is hosted by celebrity TV host ProVerb. In each episode he is joined by Sylvia Milosevic, the multi-millionaire property investor and mentor to aspiring property investors. In this documentary series, new property investors tell their stories of how they got started in the industry. They share their journeys on their first property investment deals, we find out what led to each investor’s success, and we get first-hand insight into the highs, the lows and the challenges – and, most importantly, how that deal brought the investor closer to financial freedom.

We also find out that success in property investment is not just strategy and skill. The right mindset is equally important to be successful. Over and above the property investment insights and information shared in the show, Sylvia and ProVerb also present valuable personal development and mindset lessons needed to be successful in property investment. The Property Game is aimed not just at the aspiring property investor but also at anyone who is looking for the skills and insights to be successful in life.

Episode 7

Our featured property investor is Jeff, who grew up in a single-parent household with his mom providing for the family on a domestic worker’s income. He did not want to be defined by his circumstances and knew there had to be more to life. Without realising it, he moved up in life by adopting a wealth mindset and saying yes to opportunities before even knowing where the money or the resources would come from. And, as happens to everyone who adopts such a mindset, finances and opportunities followed for Jeff. He paid for a mentorship programme and achieved success with his first property investment deal, and is now applying the same strategy in every property investment deal to bring him closer to his financial goals.

On the personal development front, Sylvia and ProVerb chat about the scarcity mindset and how to turn it into an abundance mindset. They also explore the importance of gratitude while creating wealth.


Sylvia Milosevic – Riches & Beyond founder, CEO & head mentor

Jeff Mnisi – property investor

Episode 6

Dali and Mamello are engaged to be married. They both worked in industries where income was seasonal, which led them to explore the world of property investing. Their objective was to get a big regular income in a short amount of time. With this in mind, they explored the student accommodation strategy. They upskilled themselves through their mentorship journey and learned everything they needed to know about student accommodation. They were faced with some challenges on their journey, but they persevered. Because they have mastered the art of student accommodation, they are now applying the same strategy with more student accommodations in the area. This will allow them not just to grow their portfolio but also increase their monthly income.

On the personal development front, Sylvia shares some valuable secrets on how the wealthy create, grow and protect their wealth for generations to come.


Sylvia Milosevic – Riches & Beyond founder, CEO & head mentor

Dalindyebo Nyushman & Mamello Meraba – property investors

Episode 5

We meet Thapelo, an aviation mechanic who works 12-hour shifts. Even though he enjoys his job, Thapelo decided to begin investing in property because he wanted his time back. He started his property investment journey at the age of 23 when he acquired his first multi-let with cash flow from day one. He invested in an area where there was huge demand for this type of accommodation. He is now expanding his current multi-let, which will add more income to his monthly cash flow.

On the personal development front, Sylvia chats about how to nurture self-belief and how to not only deal with the fear of failure but also use failure to your advantage when striving to succeed.


Sylvia Milosevic – Riches & Beyond founder, CEO & head mentor

Thapelo Mokau – property investor

Episode 4

We meet Doris, who left the high-paying corporate world for full-time property investing. In her first six months of investing in property, she concluded seven deals. She achieved this by acquiring skills and education, and being present and focused on what she had set out to achieve. Even when she experienced challenges on her journey, Doris remained dealt with these as they happened. Today, her time is her own and she gets to spend quality time with her husband and two daughters, which was one of her main objectives when she started her property investment journey. We find out how Doris achieved these successes in such a short time.

On the personal development front, Sylvia talks about how being present, after you’ve set your intentions, is key to achieving success. We also get insight into the one important skill that we need to nurture if we want to attract anything into our lives.


Sylvia Milosevic – Riches & Beyond founder, CEO & head mentor

Doris Mpela – property investor

Episode 3

We meet Sweleni, who was born and raised in a rural village in KwaZulu-Natal with few economic opportunities. But Sweleni had much bigger dreams and decided to leave her family behind and take a leap of faith by relocating to Johannesburg. While unemployed and searching for opportunities, she stumbled upon an advert for a property investment mentorship programme. With no money of her own, she enrolled. She started her property investment journey as an unemployed person without a good credit score. Her strategy was to source deals for other property investors who had the means to invest but not the time. Sweleni shares her journey of highlights, challenges and learnings, and how it has led to her new abundant outlook on life.

On the personal development front, Sylvia chats about the power of visualisation and how we, as property investors, can turn the challenges that we face into wealth creation opportunities.


Sylvia Milosevic – Riches & Beyond founder, CEO & head mentor

Sweleni Mpisi – property investor

Episode 2

We meet Ronald, a trained charted accountant who has worked as a financial manager in the corporate sector. He gave up the security of a well-paid job to venture into property investment.  With the help of his mentor, his first deal was buying a block of four apartments at an auction. Ronald combined four property investment strategies to make this deal happen. The combination of the four strategies allowed him to complete the deal without a cent of his own money. Ronald takes us through the four strategies, and he shares how he depended on his network to make this deal a success. His goal is to venture into property development and grow his property investment portfolio. 

Sylvia shares how to set achievable property investment goals, and she talks about the importance of having a burning desire in order to be successful in property investment.


Sylvia Milosevic – Riches & Beyond founder, CEO & head mentor

Ronald Mushonga – property investor

Episode 1

We meet Eddy and Emily, a young married couple who jointly ventured into the world of property investment. They concluded their first two property investment deals simultaneously. They followed a multi-let strategy on both deals. These two multi-lets are now adding a “third income” to their household, which allows them to live a more financially independent life. We find out how their property investment mentorship assisted them in taking this giant leap. We explore the challenges as well as the highlights.

Sylvia and ProVerb also discuss the importance of knowing your BIG WHY before you dive into any venture, and we find out how to nurture the right mindset that will lead you on your road to success.


Sylvia Milosevic – Riches & Beyond founder, CEO & head Mentor

Eddy Mokobodi – property investor