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Join the experts as they renovate and restore a typical Australian suburban home. With DIY tips, design and landscaping, The Home Team will help you navigate your next DIY project or renovation. This season is a renovators dream as Leah McLeod, Anthony Scott, James and Julia transform an ordinary run-down 1950s suburban home with affordable DIY renovations.

Episode 26

See how far the house has come in the season finale. Anthony fires up the charcoal BBQ and the gate goes in. Julia reflects on the colour scheme of the house. Julia, Anthony and Leah go on a final walk through of the house.

Episode 25

The pool regulations issues get attended to and the inspector is back to check Anthony’s work. Leah looks at how the house’s temperature can be control through an app. The pool can finally be completed and filled.

Episode 26

See how far the house has come in the season finale. Anthony fires up the charcoal BBQ and the gate goes in. Julia reflects on the colour scheme of the house. Julia, Anthony and Leah go on a final walk through of the house and admire their handywork.

Episode 24

One week left and the pool and the formal lounge room is all that remains. Leah heads out with the hopes to find finding a treasure for the fireplace. The lounge gets it’s skirting boards installed. Anthony paints the mantelpiece. Julia checks out the glasswork in the bathroom. Anthony heads to the nursery to look and climbing plants.

Episode 23

Julia assembles the legs on the salvaged shed door dining table. Leah heads out to do some shopping for the formal living room and the family room. Anthony and Leah stain the deck. Leah meets with a real estate agent for some tips on getting the most out of your renovation. Anthony checks our fences are up to scratch before filling the pool.

Episode 22

Leah finds a calm place in kitchen and places the bar stools and talks about keeping it simple, heading into the pantry she measures up for a DIY pin board project. Anthony has handy tips for watering the garden. Leah shows of some innovative blinds. Julia does the final reveal of the kitchen and pantry.

Episode 21

Anthony installs the turf out the front of the house and salvages the front porch with a solid clean and a few patches. Leah explores storage options, bench tops and appliances for the kitchen and seals the front porch. Julia heads out to discuss styling with colour.


Episode 20

Julia heads out to get some inspiration and comes back with a project for Anthony. James stains the back deck and looks at smart split systems. Leah looks at the rumpus room and shows of it’s practical bathroom. Anthony sets to work on the stripping the stumps, then Leah takes over for sanding and painting. Anthony has gizmo to make sure the automatic irrigation system doesn’t go on in the rain. Julia has tips on choosing your grout.

Episode 19

Anthony reuses the steal mesh from the driveway to make a passion fruit climbing garden. Leah heads out to find the perfect wardrobe. Julia heads into the master bedroom and greats a reading nook with some extra space and places the finishing touches and reveals the Ensuite. Julia has some tips on how to make a vignette in your home. Leah installs a water filter on the shower head. Anthony seals the driveway.

Episode 18

Leah takes in on her self to install the vertical garden while Anthony is busy in the backyard. Anthony heads to the nursery to talk screening plants and has advice on protecting your outdoor tiles. Julia heads out to find discuss how to making shelves look interesting and beautiful. Leah checks in on the completed laundry room and goes to find the right furniture for a study area. Anthony plants the vertical garden.

Episode 17

Leah discusses the importance of finding a stud to hang your shelves and shows us the right tool to use, and then puts the tools down to hang art work a different way. Anthony’s back at the nursery to discuss making a Tuscan Mediterranean feel in your garden and places out his trees before he plants them. Julia looks at ways to fully utilise cupboard space in the kids room

Episode 16

Julia decorates the teen room. Anthony picks out a garage door. Leah brings an old terracotta pot back to life with a paint. Anthony shows how to build a simple deck using concrete stumps.

Episode 15

James installs the cavity sliding door. Leah heads out to look at dining chairs, takes a look at how the Ensuite is taking shape and has some more painting tips. Anthony helps with the fireplace install, gives an update on the front yard, heads out to the nursery to pick some more plants and installs the cabinets for the outdoor kitchen. Julia has some advice to bring greenery into your house.

Episode 14

Leah and Vinnie dig holes for the parapet – the digger comes in and does the job in a fraction of the time. James talks maintenance and protecting your guttering to get more years out of your investment. Julia gives some tips on selecting tiles for bathrooms. Leah gets excited about the design and layout of the Laundry and cleans a wall prior to painting. James starts to install the parapet wall while Anthony and Leah pick the cladding.

Episode 13

Anthony tries to decide the colour of the exterior of the house and gets some sample pots to try on the house. The kitchen starts to transform with the installation of the bench tops. James shows Leah how to do the render on the house. Leah unpacks the Hot water system and oversees it’s installation. Anthony talks Garden Design.

Episode 12

Anthony hand selects rocks for the house and adds some logs and rocks to his fire pit. James discusses kitchen finishes. Julia has tips on how to choose a couch. Anthony shows James the boulders he choose and the two of them figure out how to get them from the front garden to the back garden.

Episode 11

Leah finishes her chair project, sealing the wood and re-upholsting it. James talks about the importance of double checking measurements and he’s got an easy tool to help. Julia has helpful tips for arranging a living space. Anthony has a handy tool to help water your garden.

Episode 10

Leah hits the second hand stores again and picks a chair to up-cycle and shows how to reupholster and bring it back to life. Anthony heads out to choose a roof tile and later on some plants for the garden and he’s got plenty of advice for you. Julia discusses choosing the right stools for the kitchen. James installs the timber ceiling.

Episode 9

Anthony lays out his plans for the sections and makes gates to make his fire pit even more inviting. James discusses how to organise your worksite to maximise you’re results. Leah heads to the Salvos to find some treasures and finds inspiration for a project. Julia gives advice on turning your shelving into art.

Episode 8

Today on the Home Team, James makes an up-cycled coffee table from saved bits around the house. Leah shares some electrical safety advice. Anthony rips up the floor in the garage and the drive way and has some tips about picking the right equipment

Episode 7

James shows us the right way to redo the floors, Leah shares how to get past issues that bound to arise in any renovation and some tips on how to pack a skip up best. Julia gives us her hints and tips on how to work with open plan spaces and Anthony tells us the importance of sarking when building a roof.

Episode 6

Today we see Anthony’s progress on the pool, from framing to cementing the foundations, as well as some extra tips and hints of how to do it the right way. Leah and Julia work together to find the right colour scheme for the house, while James drops by to help Anthony with the pool.

Episode 5

Leah shows us how to restore a gorgeous old chandelier and James shows us the ways of guttering installation  and removal. Anthony sheds some light on the backyard plans while Julia gives us the run down on art placement.

Episode 4

On today’s show James takes us through the demolition of a wall to rebuilding and insulating another. Anthony and Julia share their tips and secrets for both inside the house and outside the house.

Episode 3

Learn how to fence your house the right way with Anthony and let Julia share some tips on how to style a bed. While James demolishes the bathroom, Leah makes a trip to recycle the leftover metals from the house.

Episode 2

Today’s episode is jam packed with some timber tips, when to recycle it and how to recycle it. Anthony calls in an Arborist expert who shares some useful information on the backyard trees. Later Anthony shows us the tips and tricks of DIY tree removal.

Episode 1

Leah, Julia, Anthony and James kick off a brand new season of The Home Team with a walk through the classic suburban home. After a quick look-over of the house plans and a thorough building inspection, the host get right into the first steps of turning this suburban home into a suburban dream. Learn how to fully prepare and tackle the obstacles that can come your way.