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Join the experts as they renovate and restore a typical Australian suburban home. With DIY tips, design and landscaping, The Home Team will help you navigate your next DIY project or renovation. This season is a renovators dream as Leah McLeod, Anthony Scott, James and Julia transform an ordinary run-down 1950s suburban home with affordable DIY renovations.

28 Sep – 04 Oct: Episode 15

Leah meets with the artist and designer Iggy and Lou Lou who make handmade items designed to last forever. Anthony makes a simple bedside table. He turns items found by Leah into a beautiful DIY Pendant Light.

Episode 16

Leah and Anth make a pom pom wall hanging. Leah shows how you can improve wicker baskets and headss out to make over a bedroom. Anthony makes an Oxidised Copper planter.

Episode 17

Anth and Leah head out together to visit Roraima Garden and talk plants. Leah creates a clay lantern and brings to life a tired outdoor area.

Episode 18

Leah visits Stephanie Stamatis of Stephanie Somebody to talk styling. Anthony makes a copper lamp and turns another of Leahs finds into something useful.

Episode 19

Anthony shows an interesting way to hang plants with kokedama balls, Leah hand paints pots. Together they create a concrete vessel planter.

Episode 20

Leah visits Ecoliv to discuss small living and creates beer tin candles. Anth shows how to make a turf block that looks fantastic.

Episode 21

After visiting miniscapes earlier in the season, Anth and Leah try their hand at making their own Terrarium. Leah gives another tired room a makeover, this time she’s fixing up a study.

Episode 22

Leah is in the workshop to craft a concrete stool while Anthony is out visiting Lump Design Studios who create art for outdoor spaces. Leah visits Mel to see how her makeover turned out.

Episode 23

Anthony visits Veg out to discuss their community gardening project and Leah’s using skills she’s gained from the series to make clay trinket bowls.

Episode 24

Leah visits Cantilever Interiors who work primarily in the most important room in any home, the kitchen. Anthony shows Leah to you start and bonsai tree and Leah gives Shibori cushions another go with a different method.

Episode 25

Leah visits Sarah Schembri to learn how to make pinch bowls and shows how to add flair to a casual lounge. Anthony shares tips with Leah on growing orchards and creates an air plant holder.

Episode 26

A man after her own heart Leah meets Harry of Ignis Inception whose salvage inspired creations are sure to impress her. Anthony brings a bench back to life with a touch of fur.