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Best Ever Potato Skins

In this episode, Tom’s serving up some great crowd pleasing dishes, perfect for sharing with mates at a party.  However, there are no canapes on this menu – Tom likes to make proper hearty food for his guests that you can eat in your hands, packed full of flavour. To start he transforms ordinary filled […]

Income Property

Scott partners with homeowners who want to purchase an income property to make their financial dreams a reality.  He guides them through the entire process; buying the house, building the suite, and banking the rental cheques. 03 – 09 Dec: Episode 1 Cliff and Thyrza need a basement apartment in their bungalow but can’t agree […]

Property Virgins

Join Property Virgins host and real estate expert Egypt Sherrod as she guides rookie homebuyers in search of their first-ever home. And while the househunt doesn’t always result in a sale, these property virgins definitely dive in headfirst, and learn to tailor their first-home visions to fit the market and their budget. 03 – 09 […]

Grand Designs Australia

Grand Designs Australia shares the stories behind some of the country’s most interesting builds, with compelling tales of inspiration, focus and dogged determination. Hosted by leading Australian architect Peter Maddison, Grand Designs Australia reveals the highs and the lows of taking on the biggest single investment of most people’s lives – creating their ideal home. […]


Fix It and Finish It

Antonio Sabato Jr., travels to different locations, surprising lucky homeowners and helping to “fix and finish” their homes. Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, dining room, deck or even restoring a beat up old RV, Antonio and his team are ready to tackle it all… in ONE DAY! To pull this off, Antonio has enlisted […]

    Health & Lifestyle
Real Health

The series is presented by seasoned television personality and health and fitness guru, Stacey Holland. During the course of the series we don’t just explore how diet, exercise and lifestyle all contributes to a healthier mind, body and soul, but by delving a little deeper we go to the root of what happens on a […]

Escape To The Country

Escape to the Country returns with a new series to find the perfect home for families who are seeking to get away from city living. Each episode features one couple or family who are looking to make the escape and relocate to the country. Join the presenters on their quest to find a home that fits the […]

    Chef Michael's Kitchen
Harvest Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Discover a new way to bring salmon to your table with Pan Rushed Salmon with Three Tomatoes and Pan Rushed Salmon with Bacon Clam Chowder.  Learn a new twist on classic house salads; Salad and Harvest Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette. Ingredients For the croutons: 1 whole baguette, torn ¼ cup of water ¼ cup of olive oil For the pumpkin […]


Chef Michael’s Kitchen

Chef Michael Smith is going back to basics with a twist!  Welcome to his kitchen where he’ll share his favourite home-style recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques while stirring in freestyle ideas that’ll add a twist or two to your cooking.  See how easy it is to impress yourself in your own kitchen because once you […]

Sarah off the Grid

Sarah Richardson takes on her most ambitious project yet: building and designing an off-the-grid family home in the country. Follow Sarah and her family – husband Alex and their two young daughters Fiona and Robin – as they build a family home in Creemore, Ontario meant to last for generations to come. Together, they marry […]



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