The Expandables

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The Expandables find space where space seems impossible.

Let’s face it – sometimes your dream house ends up being a nightmare. What might have been the perfect home 10 years ago, barely makes the cut these days. Whether a family grows, in-laws move in or someone starts a home business, sometimes there just simply isn’t enough space. So what do you do when you need more space but it’s impossible to make your house larger? That’s when The Expandables take over. From blowing out an entire second floor to overhauling a basement, The Expandables will design and build new spaces that the homeowners would never have believed possible, without adding one extra square foot! The Expandables will do whatever it takes to increase the area of a home to meet a family’s needs. When you can’t make your house bigger, they make it better.

20 – 26 May: Episode 14 – A Horror Show

With in the first few days of moving in to their new house, both Bobbie and Christian wanted to move right back out. The basement is a complete horror show and the main floor is like a rabbit maze. Bobbie & Christian can no longer ignore the issues and need Rob and Mia to reconcile their marriage to their dream home.