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The Decorating Adventures of Ambrose Price

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Ambrose Price, is a vibrant, enthusiastic designer from Fortune Bay Nfld; population 2000.  His dream is to make it in the “big city” and become Canada’s Martha Stewart. Ambrose is coming to Toronto to temp and learn from the biggest and best in the design industry.  In every half hour episode, Ambrose will face a different (and somewhat daunting) decorating challenge. Of course, getting to the top is going to take a lot of hard work and training.

That’s where the fun comes in.

Will he accomplish all of his decorating dreams?  Playing on his naivety over the course of thirteen different jobs, and thirteen different adventures, viewers are guaranteed to enjoy the ride. And perhaps, like Ambrose, they’ll also learn a thing or two about design from the best of the best.

For Ambrose, this is a journey of decorating and self-discovery and a step closer to becoming the master decorator he’s always dreamed of being.  For viewers, it’s an all-inclusive behind-the-scenes pass, full of hilarious and unexpected surprises.

13 different jobs.  13 different adventures.  1 Fish Out of Water.


Any designer worth their salt can handle the traditional makeover spaces. Kitchens! Bathrooms! Living Rooms! They are all a dime a dozen when thumbing through a designer’s portfolio. For Ambrose Price, he’s conquered all the typical rooms a designer is faced with and is ready for an outside the box challenge. Every home has an odd or quirky space that requires a keen eye and creative imagination to design and decorate. Ambrose will see three quirky spaces in this episode and fearlessly take on the odd challenges that they present. Can he conquer a unique room and create a fabulous before and after? With the help of three designers and their tips and tricks, Ambrose will face this challenge head on!

Episode 2 – Textiles

Ask any designer and they’ll tell you that textiles are key to adding depth and a sense of luxury in a room. Pillows! Throws! Carpets! Fabric!  Depending on the textile choice, they can transform a space entirely and can be instrumental in getting a luxe look for less. Ambrose, for his next portfolio project will visit three homes that are at a loss with textiles and utilizing all of the skills he learned last season, he will attempt a breathtaking makeover that is sure to make the cut.

Episode 3 – KITCHENS

They are the most important room in the home and the first thing clients assess when buying a property.  Kitchens are considered the great albatross of interior design and you cannot consider yourself a real designer until you’ve conquered at least one. For novice designer Ambrose his first kitchen is not just an albatross, but considered the great white whale of his design career. Kitchens are serious business and with limited experience, time and money the deck may be stacked against this first time decorator. To help him along the way are three design mentors who will showcase their top-end kitchen makeovers for inspiration and provide some valuable tricks of the trade to ensure that Ambrose has all the tools he needs to cook up a fabulous portfolio shot.

Episode 4 – FIREPLACES

There’s no arguing that fireplaces provide a bevy of opportunity for a designer’s imagination. From propping the mantle, to showcasing artwork or becoming a strong focal point in a room, the potential for a fabulous fireplace makeover is endless. For Ambrose, the next step in becoming a professional decorator is undertaking a fireplace themed makeover. How will he treat the space? Will he maximize the design potential? With the help of some key designers Ambrose hopes to create a fabulous before and after that will set his career on fire!

Episode 5 – NURSERY

When it comes time to decorating a nursery, most parents have dreamy ideas for their baby’s room. While the design possibilities are endless, the nursery should definitely follow the “function first, form second” rule. As a designer Ambrose will have to tackle this directive when considering his three potential clients. Safety and practicality are paramount when putting together a nursery. You must also be aware of the necessities of the room i.e. sleeping, changing area, nursing area etc. and be able to incorporate all of these zones into a beautiful baby friendly room. Will Ambrose be able to juggle the rules of nursery design and still complete a fantastic makeover? With some helping hands from some top notch designers he’ll have the essential training he’ll need to deliver a fierce portfolio shot.

Episode 6 – Eco/Sustainable Design

Eco and sustainable design has gone from trend to staple in the design world. From reclaiming old pieces of furniture to eco paint and recycled wallpaper; this aspect of design has blossomed into a fundamental for all designers. For beginner decorator Ambrose Price this is a whole new world of design that he must explore. What makes a product “eco”? What are the challenges of creating a room that is sustainable? Ambrose will embrace his inner “environmental diva” when it comes to his next makeover project; tackling one room with the directive to make it as environmentally friendlyand as stunning as possible. Can Ambrose create beauty and limit the ecological footprint of the space? With some top notch designers to help guide his way, he’s sure to create a makeover to sustain not only the space but his career as well!

Episode 7 – Outdoor Design

Designers are not just confined to the four walls inside a house. Curb appeal! Backyards! Front Porch! All are opportunities for a stylist to make their designer mark. In this episode, Ambrose is taking his inner decorating and design diva outside to create a backyard makeover, complete with landscaping, flowers and getting down and dirty.  Can Ambrose succeed in making an outdoor space shine to its fullest potential?  Or will the perils and obstacles of nature challenge our novice designer? If he can create a fabulous before and after backyard design there is no doubt that Ambrose’s design career will be in full bloom!

Episode 8 – Drapes/Windows

Windows can be key design features in a room. How they are dressed, how the light is treated and what fabrics and textiles are used all contribute to the overall look of the space. Armed with his drapery knowledge from last season, Ambrose will tackle a condo bedroom makeover that has a full wall of windows! It will take all his skills and tricks to master this challenge and create a stunning look for his portfolio.

Episode 9 – Entertaining

Homes have long been places for families to gather and celebrate milestones in their lives. From bridal showers to christenings to birthday parties various social gatherings take place in the home. What goes into creating these get-togethers? How can you transform your space into something suitable for a celebration? It’s not easy; you have to accommodate for more people, come up with a proper layout all the while being a gracious host.  Ambrose will face this challenge head on when he takes on a client with a very important milestone to celebrate. Can he keep his cool and create a wonderful fete that will impress the guests and the host? If he can, he’ll open his design firm to a whole new world of client possibility!

Episode 10 – Colour

Colour is the first step to great design. It defines space, affects moods and sets the overall tone of the room. For his next big makeover Ambrose will tackle a room that is colour clueless, turning a dreadful paint choice into the perfect palette. Utilizing his skills from last season and with some help from some expert colour consultants along the way, Ambrose will make a splash in his portfolio with this next room transformation.

Episode 11 – Window Store Front

Retail stores love dressing their windows in an effort to increase traffic and sales.  It’s a very big deal and it is big business. In an effort to expand his portfolio from residential to commercial, Ambrose will undertake a before and after window transformation to prove that he has the designer chops to do it all!

Episode 12 – Storage

It is what every designer hears when doing a consultation, “we need more storage”.  From mudrooms, to home offices, rec rooms and kids play areas; every homeowner is in need of storage options to simplify their hectic lives. The challenge for a designer is meeting this need with affordable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. This challenge is even bigger for novice designer Ambrose Price, who with the help of three storage conscious design mentors and a shoestring budget, attempt to makeover a cluttered chaotic room to secure a fantastic portfolio shot!

Episode 13 – Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house and are considered a rite of passage for any designer. From cozy powder rooms to fabulous spa bathrooms these spaces have huge “wow” factor potential.  These small spaces can also pose specific challenges for any designer; tiles, plumbing, moisture, venting! Bathroom makeovers are not to be taken lightly. For Ambrose with his first bathroom makeover he must address the challenges of re-decorating and refreshing with a limited budget and time. Will he be able to pull it off? With the help of some established designer mentors he is sure to create a fantastic before and after.