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Four teams of skilled competitors join forces on an extraordinary renovation. They’ll demo, reno and transform four run-down condos into move-in ready show pieces…all while living amidst the construction dust! In the end, the team that gets the highest bid for their condo unit at auction, minus what they spent from their design budget, will win the $50,000 prize. Host Josh Temple and behind-the-scenes reporter David Bromstad will talk you through all the action, and reno experts Scott McGillvray and Nicole Curtis will help and critique the contestants along the way

15 – 21 Oct: Episode 1

In the series premiere, four teams arrive on The Block to find a dilapidated condominium complex and are given the challenge of renovating it for resale in just eight weeks. Assigned the daunting task of renovating and redesigning the Master Bedrooms first, the contestants’ skill, creativity, and determination are put to the test. From demolition to do-it-yourself, this challenge will truly test the competitors. Scott McGillivray comes to The Block to judge and award this week’s prize of $5,000 toward the next week’s renovation.

Episode 2

In the bathroom renovation challenge one team decides to play dirty causing tension on The Block. The weather slows things down making everyone nervous about finishing both of the bathrooms on time to present to this week’s judge Nicole Curtis and to win this week’s prize a day of work with David Bromstad.

Episode 3

The competition heats up when the four teams take on their biggest challenge yes, to renovate their kitchens. Labor estimates cause tension on The Block and the contestant bond together to make their feelings known to their General Contractor. Judge Scott McGillivray returns to award one team $10,000 cash to take home for the best kitchen on The Block! And in the end, one team will be the series winner and take home $50,000!

Episode 4

The contestants take their demolition and renovation skills to their patios with a consultation with David Bromstad on the line. The Twins hope to finally finish a challenge and while blood, sweat and tears have been spilled on The Block before, this week one contestant is sent to the hospital. Nicole Curtis returns to judge these amazing outdoor transformations. The Contestants are one step closer to one team winning the $50,000 Grand Prize.

Episode 5

In the second bedroom renovation challenge the teams are put to the test by transforming not only their Guest Rooms, but also the upstairs landings in only three short days. While Anicka and Shauna go out of their comfort zone, Amanda and Curtis are broke and resort to dumper diving to complete their room. Scott McGillivray judges and awards one team $5,000 towards their next renovation. .
But only one team will walk away with the Grand Prize of $50,000.

Episode 6

The four teams renovate the living room, the last space in the condo. They also repair past mistakes and complete unfinished projects in order to bring their units up to code in preparation for the final auction. With hardly any money left Amanda and Curtis resort to a risky design choice, while John and Whitney get custom work done with all their winnings. Nicole Curtis returns to The Block to judge the teams Living Rooms and to sign off on the Contestant’s fix it projects. One team’s Living Room wins them a night of luxury at an LA hotel. But it’s still anyone’s game to win the $50,000 Grand Prize.

Episode 7

The contestants work together on their final renovation, The Block’s common spaces and curb appeal. Josh Temple and David Bromstad surprise the Teams when they roll up their sleeves and get dirty along side them to transform the outdoor areas to the most beautiful building on the Block. Judge Scott McGillivray returns to review everyone’s hard work and to give the Teams advice on how to shine during their open houses in an effort to get the highest bid at auction. The Contestants are only one week away from one Team winning the $50,000 winner take all prize.

Episode 8

In the finale of Flipping The Block the contestants prepare for their open houses by creating a flyer to showcase their individual condos. The teams then hug good-bye and leave The Block for a month while Real Estate Experts market their condos. A month later they return to The Block and host their own open houses for potential buyers. All that is left after their open houses is the auction where all four condos go up for sale to the buying public. The team that gets the highest bid at auction will walk away with the $50,000 Grand Prize.