Tackle My Reno

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In TACKLE MY RENO, pro-football player turned handyman Sebastian Clovis teams up with overwhelmed homeowners to right their renovation wrongs.

In the world of Doing It Yourself, it’s easy to take on more than you can handle. It takes a fed up loved one to say ENOUGH! That’s where Sebastian comes in. Like any good coach, he’s got the skills and motivational attitude to see anyone through the construction process…however lacking in skill they may be. With humour, hijinks and plenty of fumbles along the way, Sebastian and the DIYer tackle the reno like it’s a championship game.

18 – 24 June: Episode 7 “Honeymoon Hopes”

Rod can’t deliver on his wife Susan’s lofty wish list for their master bedroom and ensuite. Host Sebastian Clovis teams up with Rod to create their dream space.


Episode 8 “Girls Just Wanna Have Rooms”

Melissa and Thom had professionals renovate their Episode -year old home, but saved their little girls’ bedrooms to do themselves. Host Sebastian Clovis shows these naïve homeowners how to build while preserving the character of their home.

Episode 9 “True Blue Rookie”

Scott is sick of bailing his wife Tracey out of her DIY projects. Host Sebastian Clovis takes Tracey under his wing and they tackle her son’s bedroom renovation.

Episode 10 “Backyard Bargain”

Jody and Matt don’t see eye to eye on their backyard renovation – he wants luxury and she doesn’t want to pay the big bucks. Host Sebastian Clovis teams up with this couple to complete an outdoor space they’ll both love.

Episode 11 “Skimming the Surface”

Sharon’s fear of demo has kept her from making much-needed changes to her kitchen. Host Sebastian Clovis steps in to push Sharon’s boundaries and give her the functional space she needs.

Episode 12 “Distracted DIYer”

Sarah is fed up with husband Jason’s “work in progress” kitchen. Host Sebastian Clovis gives Jason the skills he needs to complete the job.

Episode 13 “Pet Project Priorities”

Ray and Jennifer put in a pool two years ago but have yet to enjoy the backyard due to Ray’s half-baked projects. Host Sebastian Clovis shows Ray how to prioritize and renovate in a timely manner.

Episode 14  “Unsanctioned Reno”

Kelley is frustrated when her husband Dirk starts a basement renovation without a plan or her consent. Host Sebastian Clovis gets the project under control and helps Dirk unleash his inner builder.