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Square Frame Lamp

With the right lighting you can achieve the desired mood in your home. This week Peter and Annalien build a stylish easy to build lamp in a few easy steps. Be inspired to build your very own lamp..

You will need

Tools Materials
Compound Mitre Saw Pine 20mm
PST 18 Jigsaw Base 300 mm x 60mm – 2 pieces
GMR 1 router Base 260mm x 60 – 2 pieces
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver Base insert  260 x 260mm – 1 piece
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Square frame top/bottom sides 450mm x 60mm – 12 pieces
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Square frame sides 450 x 60 – 6 pieces
Glue gun Lamp shade frame 250mm x 20mm x 20mm – 12 pieces
POF 1400 router lamp shade base 250mm x 250mm – 1 piece
  Globe holder (type that can be screwed down to a base)
  Globe to fit holder
  ripcord/2 core wire – 2 mtrs (clear type)
  material for lamp shade 1.2 mtr x 300 mm (must be able to let light through)
  Cut screws 3x 30mm
  Cut screws 4 x 40mm
  wood glue
  wood filler
  varnish with dark stain
  3 pin plug

Steps to follow:

Decide on the length of wood you need to make your lamp. You will need to make the frame of the lamp out of laminated pine so you will need 3 x times the length of the outer frame you decided on. Therefore glue 3 pieces of timber together for the frame. Whilst drying we make the base.

 Get the plans

Square lamp [1]