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Square Frame Lamp

With the right lighting you can achieve the desired mood in your home. This week Peter and Annalien build a stylish easy to build lamp in a few easy steps. Be inspired to build your very own lamp..

You will need

Tools Materials
Compound Mitre Saw Pine 20mm
PST 18 Jigsaw Base 300 mm x 60mm – 2 pieces
GMR 1 router Base 260mm x 60 – 2 pieces
PSR 10.8 Cordless drill Driver Base insert  260 x 260mm – 1 piece
PSR 18 Cordless Drill Driver Square frame top/bottom sides 450mm x 60mm – 12 pieces
PEX 220 Eccentric/Random Orbital sander Square frame sides 450 x 60 – 6 pieces
Glue gun Lamp shade frame 250mm x 20mm x 20mm – 12 pieces
POF 1400 router lamp shade base 250mm x 250mm – 1 piece
  Globe holder (type that can be screwed down to a base)
  Globe to fit holder
  ripcord/2 core wire – 2 mtrs (clear type)
  material for lamp shade 1.2 mtr x 300 mm (must be able to let light through)
  Cut screws 3x 30mm
  Cut screws 4 x 40mm
  wood glue
  wood filler
  varnish with dark stain
  3 pin plug

Steps to follow:

Decide on the length of wood you need to make your lamp. You will need to make the frame of the lamp out of laminated pine so you will need 3 x times the length of the outer frame you decided on. Therefore glue 3 pieces of timber together for the frame. Whilst drying we make the base.

  • Mark out sides and cut out half lap joint on either side do that the final sides lock into each other. (one join with the middle cut out and the other join with the sides cut out)
  • Assemble the four pieces together with screws
  • Cut to size the base top and slide into the frame you just made
  • Router edges
  • Plane laminated frame to size and cut the pieces to size
  • Join the pieces together to make the frame
  • Cut frame (smaller pieces of pine) for lamp shade to size and assemble
  • Mark off and drill holes for lamp holder and electrical flex
  • Assemble frame, lamp shade and base
  • Fill all holes
  • Sand and varnish according to your preferences
  • Attach lamp shade material by cutting thin frames out of masonite first, then cut material and glue to the frames
  • Slide frames into the lamp shade and use glue to secure
  • Insert wire, switch, 3 pin plug and lamp holder
  • Insert bulb and switch on!

 Get the plans

Square lamp