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Sibling Rivalry is a passionate and entertaining documentary series which follows Dan Hall and Nikki Hall – a charismatic twin brother and sister whose relationship – and expertise – is put to the test as they simultaneously design and build their own investment dream homes.  Their life savings are on the line.  And, as anyone who has undertaken a major home renovation knows – things aren’t likely to always go smoothly.  This series chronicles their family dynamics and interpersonal relationships during one of the most stressful – but exciting – times of their lives.

04-10 Jan: Episode 3

The walls come crumbling down

Finally after months of making change after change the twins receive their demolitions permits and successfully tear down both their houses. Dan readies himself to excavate and move on to his next phase, while Nikki’s excavation becomes more and more treacherous to the point of putting her neighbor’s property in jeopardy

Episode 4 – What goes up, doesn’t go down

Nikki’s life isn’t getting any easier – time is her pregnancy grows, her house is at a standstill. The excavation isn’t finished and in fact, the soil has completely stunted her progress. Dan realizes his life is way too busy to oversee the build and that he needs someone to oversee the job. Will Dan’s longtime friend be able to forego friendship to live up to Dan’s high standards?

Episode 5 – A couple of new creations

Nikki’s build continues to cause unforeseen distress – in fact, she’s now hit panic mode and turns to Dan to help solve the latest crisis. They’ve got to come up with a solution to a major water problem that’s threatening her build. And to top matters off, Nikki’s baby’s due in just 2 weeks. What’s her plan of action while she’s out of action? Meanwhile inspired by his amazing views on a non-approved roof-top deck, Dan embarks on challenging the city’s permit processes once again.

Episode 6 – The race is back on!

Unfortunately, Dan’s permit isn’t granted for his rooftop patio. Undaunted, he decides to take it to the next level – The Committee of Adjustments. While he’s waiting to see if the Committee will make his wish come true, he starts pushing Rob into doing a little more than just ‘overseeing’ the work on his property.
On the other side of town and just days after giving birth to her daughter Charlotte (Charlie), Nikki is chomping at the bit to check out what’s happening at the site while she’s been ‘out of commission’.

Episode 7 – On your mark, get set…

With the bulk of the big work done (framing and roof), Nikki happily says good bye to Paul Stevens and Steve and embraces the ‘ol familiar role of being her own general contractor. She did it at her last house and she will gladly do it again for this one.. but this time the stakes are a little higher with a newborn and a 2 year old to contend with.
Feeling ever-so-confident, Dan’s getting ready to go on a well-deserved holiday with Ali. But before he that plane takes off, he’s piling on the workers and piling on Rob’s responsibilities. .

Episode 8 – Let the good times roll!

Post-baby and post-building disasters behind her, Nikki’s zooming ahead on her build and is almost at the same point in construction as her brother. Unfortunately, Dan’s post-holiday positive vibrations are threatening to disappear unless he can solve his roof issue as well as gain some time lost (while he was on holidays) back at his place.

Episode 9 – Inspiring Experiences

At this stage of the game, Nikki and Dan are happily progressing with their respective builds. Inspired by her surrounding, Nikki’s thoughts are starting to focus on the design of her space . Dan too, is at the stage where he is thinking more and more about design but his inspiration comes from a different source. End of the ski season is here which means the annual Hall family get-together is happening. Up at the ski resort, the ‘ski-nangians’ features loads of family filled activities including Nikki and Dan’s yearly slalom race…this time however, the stakes are much higher.

Episode 10 – Colour Our Worlds

Dan is moving along, his house is pretty much built…now it’s time to figure out what goes inside – choosing paint colours, the hardware/ doors and wood floors…Nikki, meanwhile, is rushing to get her house to the stage that she too can start applying paint, lay down her floors and it’s not just because she wants to ‘beat’ Dan…her rental house has sold and she has the added pressure of having to move out the temporary digs in just 30 days! The twins are at the sourcing stage – their styles are remarkably different – Nikki is quite methodical and takes the time to source and really thinks about what her overall theme and look will be; while Dan (not feeling intimidated by tile choices anymore) makes quick and determined decisions.

Episode 11 – Moving And Grooving

The countdown is really on now…10 days until Nikki HAS to be out of the rental. It’s into the new house whether it’s ready or not…Nikki and her family aren’t moving into another temporary dig, it’s one more move and one move only. In order to make sure that that is going to happen…she is wasting no time; every available minute she’s at her site making sure that she wants and needs to get done is happening. And with any precious left-over time, she’s out sourcing last minute items. Will she be ready to move in time?
Dan, as per usual, is making good tracks. He’s much more chilled than Nikki; there aren’t any fast and firm deadlines – other than his finishing-before-Nikki deadline. He’s confident that everything’s coming together –at this stage is sourcing out his bathroom vanities, meeting with his landscaper and overseeing final touches on his build.
Finishing off the house means finding a beer fridge to fit that one-of-a-kind beer tap.. Essential to her guests (and Don’s happiness)…while Dan is trying to finish off his house, his installer does a runner…

Episode 12 – One In, One To Go…

Although not quite ready for occupancy, Nikki moves from the rental to her under-construction home. She’s managed to get everybody into the new house, now all she has to do now is finish it while climbing over her furniture and family.
Ironically, while Nikki’s madness seems to have abated, Dan’s is ramping up.
He’s working to complete his home (they take possession very soon) while taking on new clients and working on their projects. He thought he was busy before, but it seems he’s jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. With all of the last minute decisions, and supervising the final installations, he is even busier than before and the stakes are even higher—He’s not working for someone else, this is his own business–and he wants to make a name for himself.

Episode 13 – The Heat Is On…Bring It!

This is it! Nikki is in her gorgeous dream home attending to last minute finishes. She is getting ready to host an intimate dinner party with her husband Paul, Dan and Ali. It’s been quite the journey to get to this stage but at last, she’s ready to proudly show off the results of all her blood, sweat and tears!
Meanwhile Dan’s life is becoming more and more hectic. He’s got a new career, new clients and his moving date is imminent. And to top it all off, he’s anxiously waiting for the Ontario Municipal Board’s decision of whether or not he’s allowed to finish his fabulous rooftop patio or will he have to close it all up?! He’d love to host a fabulous over the top roof party, but those plans may be thwarted and he’ll have to settle for a gorgeous lake view one instead!