Income Property

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Real Estate Investor and Contractor, Scott McGillivray, leads buyers through the renovation of their vacation home, income property.

Scott partners with homeowners to make their financial dreams a reality. He guides them through designing and renovating their vacation home, and banking the rental cheques.

Income Property reveals Scott McGillivray as a triple threat expert in real estate, renovation, and finance. Every episode delivers an incredible reveal and a financial transformation that feels like a lottery win.

02 – 08 Dec: Episode 10 – Leah & Stew

Leah and Stew made big sacrifices to save a down payment for their first home. Now they’re counting on a rental unit to help them with the mortgage. Scott gives them the option between a 2- or 3-bedroom lay out.

Episode 11 – Roz & Katherine

Roz and Katherine need an escape from the limelight. But to help them afford it, they need to transform their out-dated cottage into an upscale rental retreat. Scott gives them 2 options: one with a high-end master and more luxurious upgrades.

Episode 12 – Rebecca & Stew

Rebecca and Stew left the city to follow their dreams in the country. To make ends meet, they need to cash in on local tourism with a vacation property. Scott gives them 2 options: convert a portion of their country home, or fully convert their freestanding art studio.

Episode 13 – Mike & Andrea

Andrea and Mike need to transform their humble waterfront vacation property into a money maker so they can save for retirement.  Scott gives them 2 options: Both with major interior upgrades, and one with full patio overhaul.

Episode 14 – Anne & Jody

Anne and Jody bought a 2-unit vacation property for their family and need to rent out 1 unit to help pay the mortgage. Scott gives them 2 options: both with full interior upgrades, but one with a higher-end bathroom and patio.

Episode 15 – Rob & Heidi

Rob and Heidi’s foster kids are coming of age. To prepare them for life on their own, they’re building a basement suite where they can be independent but still close to home. Scott gives them 2 options: a 2-bedroom or a 3-bedroom layout.

Episode 16 – Kim & Tracy

Kim and Tracy want to fulfill their dream of someday retiring in Mexico and helping animals by building an income suite in their basement. Scott gives them 2 Options: a spacious 1 bedroom or a 3-bedroom layout.

Episode 17 – Helene

Helene bought a 4-unit home to safeguard her financial future as an Actress. She plans to keep 2 existing tenants, live in one unit and upgrade the other to maximize rental income. Scott gives her 2 options: a 2 bedroom, or 3 bedroom layout.

Episode 18 – Kat & Andrew

Kat and Andrew are struggling to start a family, so they’re counting on an income property to help pay for fertility treatments.  Scott gives them 2 options: a 1 bedroom or a 2-bedroom layout.

Episode 19 – Pat, Kelly & Nancy

Pat wants to retire in her home, but she won’t be able to afford it unless she builds an income suite in her moldy basement. Scott gives her and her adult daughters 2 options: a 2 bedroom, or a 3-bedroom layout.

Episode 20 – Sheri & Dan

Sheri and Dan invested in a 2-unit home and they’re counting on the rental income to afford multiple organized sports for their 3 boys. Scott gives them 2 options for the lower unit: a 2-bedroom or a 3-bedroom layout.

Episode 21 – Dany & Genevieve

Dany’s a Firefighter planning a future career change. To finance it, he and his wife Genevieve invested in an income property. Scott gives them 2 options for the upper unit: a 2-bedroom, or an executive 1-bedroom layout.

Episode 22 – Michael & Kristine

Michael and Kristine are scientists working for the same start up company, so they invested in a 2-unit income property for added financial security. Scott gives them 2 options for the upper unit: A 2-bedroom layout, or a large 1 bedroom.

Episode 23 – Asad

Asad is a Professional Stage Hypnotist. He’s on the road for weeks at a time, so he wants to rent out his condo-short term while he’s away. Scott gives him 2 options: A full upgrade on the existing 1 bedroom layout, or an all-new 2-bedroom layout.

Episode 24 – Ashley & Tyler

Tyler and Ashley were keen to invest in real estate, so when the run-down house next door went for sale, they snapped it up. Scott gives them 2 options: both full gut jobs, one with the existing layout and one with a new powder room.