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Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman, present this popular lifestyle series from CBC. Over the course of the series, the duo provide tips, tricks and lively discussions on a variety of topics and offer fun and practical solutions for the ultimate design dilemmas in feature segment, “Ask Steven and Chris”. 

Steven and Chris, along with their roster of experts, are the go-to source for ideas and expertise in home décor, food & entertaining, fashion & beauty, health & fitness, relationships, finance and much, much more.

Episode 1

How to make your home office beautiful, the 80’s are back in home décor, how to get make up ready in 8 minutes, unusual family pets

Episode 2

We display books in a fun way, Kary Osmond has easy lunch solutions and Chris’ Angels test party friendly products

Episode 3

Your Real Estate Questions are answered by an expert, we showcase fashions hot colour trends, and it’s cocktail time for Steven and Chris

Episode 4

Bold chairs that will surprise you / Eat the right foods to stay young / One hot trend, three ways to wear it!

Episode 5

A Daybed goes from Good to Better to Best / Our mom panel tackles toddler tantrums / and a workout that will give you a Ballet Body.

Episode 6

We uncover some common household hazards / we build the perfect breakfast sandwich / and your relationship questions answered

Episode 7

A lesson in finding the perfect counter top /we unveil the biggest culprit in your diet / and the best sales on the web and how to find them.. 

Episode 8

Chuck Hughes make his favourite recipe / Great Laundry tips / and a Booty Busting Joya workout

Episode 9

Hanging Wallpaper the Right Way / Delicious Butternut Squash Tacos / The Art Of Flirting with Hina Khan

Episode 10

Tifanny Pratt gives old shoes a makeover / Makeup to suit your haircolour / Spend money to Save money

Episode 11

Staging Your House to Sell / Chef Skills: How to Braise / Frugalista Tips For Coconut Oil / Mike Mandel shares his Wife Lessons

Episode 12

We show off a modern Dining room/ Homemade pie crust made easy/ Burn Mega calories in 8 minutes.

Episode 13

Good Better Best Floral Arrangements / Easy to Sew Wardrobe Fixes / Fantastic Hair Makeovers / Pet Questions Answered

Episode 14

Designer Tubs for Your Bathroom / Health Benefits of Yogurt / A Viewer Gets a Great Makover

Episode 15

How to Hang Art In Your Space / This Season’s Hottest Handbags / How Shoes Are Hurting Your Feet

Episode 16

How to turn your Kitchen Island from Good to Better to Best / Hina Khan tells us whether to Keep or Tell a secret / Why your Office Job is Bad for Your Health

Episode 17

We take a tour of a Victorian Home that incorporates Modern Style /Sandy Gold puts a Stop to our bad make up habits/ And Our Frugalista gets the most out of Dollar Store Finds

Episode 18

Our newest design blog discovery shows off her adorable space / Some easy changes gives this sectional a whole new look /And Kary Osmond shows us how easy it is to make sushi at home

Episode 19

Laura Morris shows us how to de-clutter that BAD energy / Our Finance Whiz tells us what Bills can wait! / Plus, fun gadgets that can help you save money!

Episode 20

It’s an easy way to add wow to your walls & Frank’s going to show you how to do it. Sexologist Robin Milhausen’s is talkin’ resolutions in the bedroom. If you want to hit the gym Assata will help.

Episode 21

We’re creating a fantastic bedroom any Tween Girl will love / Joshna’s showing us how to turn plain Noodles into a tasty family meal.  And the Angels will do ANYTHING in the name of Beauty!

Episode 22

We are showing you how to add Life to that Dead Space in your house. Rodney shares his Cheap and Delicious Chicken Recipe & Sandy Gold shows you how to get the most out of your old make up

Episode 23

Stefano Faita makes fun & tasty apps, perfect for any party. A bathroom Vanity gets an easy overhaul with a major payoff. Fashion Producer Tara shows off fashion finds that look good while you sweat

Episode 24

If you have a bachelor pad than Lisa Worth has the perfect dual purpose pieces  / Chef Jo Lusted gets the ripe facts on delicious pears / And Mike Mandel has sure fire ways to RUIN a relationship

Episode 25

Designer Andrika Lauren wants YOU to bring some originality into Your space / We learn how to toss around Italian style Pizza dough / And the Angels will do ANYTHING in the name of fitness

Episode 26

We show you how Lisa Worth saved a bathroom from a bad reno / Stylist Erica Wark shows 3 Ways To Wear the Classic Blazer.  Plus…Rubina is putting us all on a Financial Cleanse

Episode 27

We’ll show you how a 5 star restaurant can inspire your space / Not stocking your fridge the right way could be spoiling everything.  And glowing skin can be yours… IF you do what Sandy says

Episode 28

Designer Trish Johnston dresses up a make up table. Chef Rodney brings Italian flavour to a healthy Cod recipe & whether you’re an oval or a triangle, Genny Iannucci has the RIGHT dress for you.

Episode 29

Would you let your 14 year old start dating?..  You don’t want to miss what the Moms have to say / Also, Erin McLaughlin shows us how a small space can pack a lot of design punch and Simon Ho gives a sweet cocktail some spicy flavour

Episode 30

If you want to add some character to your home, Designer Lisa Worth’s got some GREAT tips for you! / Plus…It’s hair makeover time! And our Expert Dee gives some more lucky ladies a GLAM new look / And… it’s a race to the finish with our wacky sports gadgets.

Episode 31

Is YOUR front closet a disaster zone? Well, don’t worry! Our Weekend Warrior will help you clear that clutter  / Plus…We’ll show you how to pick a sofa that’s CAT proof. /  Then LOVE is in the air!  From those first glances, to that special date. We’ve got looks that will have you BOTH saying I DO!

Episode 32

If you’ve got a problem… He’ll “make it right” Mike Holmes is here to test our handyman knowledge!  Plus… if you’ve got an aging dog Our Vet Julia has some GREAT tips for you… And who needs the gym?! Trainer Sarah’s got a workout FIT for TWO.

Episode 33

Designer Jennifer Reid will show you how to get Fabulous design that’s kids proof / Chef Voula is making Beef Stew and then turning it into fabulous leftovers and Robin Milhausen tells us the science behind why women have sex.

Episode 34

Designer Andrea Ford is going to show you how to turns a kids space into one fit for an adult / Plus, Chef Carm gives this pork roast some sweet flavour / And Y&R star Tracey Bregman is here and she’s showing us how to wear beautiful jewels like a soap star!

Episode 35

Designer Andrika Lauren puts together the perfect guest bedroom.  Plus Joshna Maharaj will show us how to cook in this fancy gadget and Fashion Expert Genny Iannucci will show you how to shop your OWN closet for great new looks.

Episode 36

Frank shows you how some inexpensive MDF and a Saw can add wow to your windows.  Plus Chef Jo Lusted will tell us how to Shop for a Date and Chris’ Angels show you how to change your hairstyle in a Snap.

Episode 37

Designer Candice Olson loves wallpaper and she’s showing us her favourites.  Beauty Expert Christine Cho is giving you tips on how to turn Red Carpet looks into Reality and Finance Expert Rubina will tell you how much that Toxic Spending is affecting your wallet.

Episode 38

Designer Trish Johnston shows us how to squeeze the most out of a narrow space.  Theresa Albert takes us on a trip around the world and shares amazing skinny secrets and, it’s time to do the Jive …we try out one of the toughest dances in the ballroom.

Episode 39

Our real estate expert will tell you what you need to do BEFORE you sell.  We’ll tell you which supplements are worth taking and our Web Wonderwoman shows us her fave online gift websites.

Episode 40

We introduce you to another dynamic design blogger, Dee Dee Eustace shows off a stunning family home, Chef Jo Lusted puts the rad in radishes, and Sandy Gold makes us smile with fabulous, free makeup tools!

Episode 41

We give a laminate countertop a new lease on life with a coat of paint (who knew?), Andrika goes antiquing, and nutritionist Theresa Albert answers the age-old question: potato salad or coleslaw? Plus: The Angels’ help Chris do the splits with one of the kookiest contraptions we’ve ever seen!

Episode 42

Designer Lisa Worth is showing off her fresh take on traditional style / Plus we’ll tell you how well you know your man / And Chef Carm is making authentic style Pasta an Italian Mama will LOVE

Episode 43

We’re getting important Fire Prevention Tips From Real Pros / Plus, we transform this dresser for the Best look / And wether you have Keira Knightly’s face shape or Lucy Liu, we’ll show you the right way to wear your make up

Episode 44

We’ll show you how to add personality to create the perfect little girls room / Plus we’re grilling up the ultimate vegetarian burger that even a carnivore can love. / And this new trend is heating up the design world and we’ll tell you how to get it!

Episode 45

Inspiration for a little girl’s bedroom, our Frugalista explains why grapefruit oil is great, three ways to wear the little white dress, and our Web Wonder Woman shares her latest online finds.

Episode 46

How to transform a messy car interior into a pristine oasis, a sweet with a recipe for cream canoes, How to save for retirement at any age, and Simon Ho makes a smokin’ cool cocktail.

Episode 47

3 easy DIY art projects, insider secrets from the world of real estate, and Chef Voula makes a delicious sirloin steak PLUS shares four ways to use the leftovers.

Episode 48

Contractor Frank has an eco-friendly DIY project, Chef Jo has tasty olive recipes in ‘The Ingredient’ and things get crazy when the guys try out backyard carnival games.

Episode 49

Creative ideas for your kid’s playroom, Chris’ Angels test out products seen on TV and the Cocktail Deeva has a cocktail recipe fit for a BBQ.

Episode 50

Designer Jennifer Reid shows us that a modern decor can still be kid-friendly / Mother-of-the-Bride fashion / Steven gets a crash course in Cake Decorating / A fun workout with Gliding Disks

Episode 51

Relaxed living for small spaces / Romantic bedrooms with Lisa Worth / Steven perfects risotto with Chef Carmine / Spring trends with Erica Wark / Dogs with Jobs

Episode 52

Perfect gift wrapping for special occasions / Bathroom Renovation know-how with Frank Di Leo / The best fashion websites / Steven and Chris test camping gadgets