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Best Gardens Australia is unique televisions series that takes its audience on an exciting journey through some of the most innovative and exciting landscape designs in Australia.

With high end gardens ranging from the small and clever urban backyards to spacious tropical paradises in far north Queensland. Join us on the adventure that will help viewers gain insights into the creative minds and hearts of Australia’s finest garden designers and professionals.

Hosts Steve Taylor and Bettina Waller discover the essence of every garden design and provide tips and ideas viewers can implement in their own garden space.

23 – 29 Sept: Episode 11

Tropical Paradise is the idea of tonight’s episode. With ideas galore for the children, with an incredible playground nearby Sydney, to a home and garden that is a child’s fairytale.

Episode 12

This episode starts off on the rooftop of the ritzy Chapel street with special guest host Gary Takle, Steve tours through one of his own masterpieces. At the climax of the show we get a very special tour through the Shrine of remembrance in Melbourne.

Episode 13

We take a look back at some of the best gardens from this season; take a step into our favourite designs of the year. From the gardens that were established 15 years ago to the most contemporary practical ideas you could imagine.