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Homeowners get a much needed reality check in the ultimate reno tug of war between wants and needs! With veteran contractor Bryan Baeumler choosing a space based on the biggest need, priorities clash and reno dreams are put on pause. Watch as homeowners are forced to re-evaluate their reno expectations and how Bryan takes their renovations from gut to glory.

Episode 104

Electric Feel Kevin and Leah have lots of renovation ideas, but when Bryan takes on a project he discovers information they failed to consider.

Episode 105

Ants In Their Pants Elise and Pierre are ready to spend big on their first renovation. Bryan shows them that even dream projects have limits.

Episode 106

The Hole Shebang James and Leah want to make James’ grandfather’s house their own. When Leah chooses to stay out of the reno, James has to trust that Bryan will deliver.

Episode 107

To The Window, To The Walls Sara and Trevor need more functional living space for their family. When Bryan gets to work, he shows them that open concept doesn’t always make sense.

Episode 108

Wiggle Room Shannon and Corrie are overwhelmed by their first house. Bryan takes on a major renovation, but the homeowners still need to face the realities of a fixer upper.

Episode 109

The Point Of It All May desperately wants to give Shawn’s bachelor pad a facelift. While Bryan takes on one of their projects, there are some non-­‐construction issues that they can’t leave to him.

Episode 110

Inside The Box Stuart and Yvette want to put the finishing touches on their home. When Bryan takes on a big reno, design obstacles compromise their dream space.

Episode 111

Stone Faced Michelle and Reid need Bryan to take one of their projects off their plate. When the reno delivers a curveball, Reid ends up being not as hands off as they expected.

Episode 112

The Right Stuff Paul and Denise’s disorganization is keeping them from enjoying their house. Bryan faces his own challenges when he takes on a unique project.

Episode 113

Wet Wipe Erin and Karl are ready for their first major renovation. Bryan encounters budget constraints when he tries to make a space that’s both practical and party-­‐ready.

Episode 114

Can’t Feel My Place Nancy wants to create her forever home, but Jennifer questions her mom’s vision. Bryan attempts to turn their quirky reno dreams into reality.

Episode 115

Raw Deal Nicola and Ayman are ready to put down roots and renovate, but they struggle with leaving their wish list at Bryan’s mercy.

Episode 116

Buzz Kill Todd and Whitney want to update their house for the long term. While Bryan takes on a much-­‐ needed reno, the homeowners get caught up with the bells and whistles.

Episode 117

Tri Again Greg and Sheila need more functional living space for their family. Bryan comes up with a storage-­‐gaining solution that the homeowners have difficulty embracing.