Leave it to Bryan

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Bryan is best known for fixing unhandy Do-It-Yourselfers disastrous attempts at home renovations. Leave It To Bryan features homeowners calling on Bryan who need a kick-start on their dream renovation.

With an ultimate goal of teaching homeowners how to manage their own future renovations, Leave It To Bryan showcases inevitable construction chaos and the feisty personalities of the couples themselves.

Homeowners will reveal their want – which will be their ultimate dream reno, while Bryan will choose their NEED – which is a more practical reno they need to do first based on their resources. Trusting Bryan is key as the couple gets expert advice on managing a renovation from start to finish.

See how what renovation Bryan picks in order to save homeowners from unsuspecting disaster!

26 Oct – 01 Nov: Episode 8

Over the Honeymoon

Linda and Mike are newlyweds who are ready to settle in and start renos on their home. When Bryan’s faced with choosing the best space to start their life off right, their big gamble might not pay off.

Episode 9 – Shock and Roll

Tremayne and Adama were thrown into the deep end of first time home ownership after leaving their brand new condo behind. Adapting to bigger bills and a lot more home maintenance has been tough, but when Bryan takes over it’s not the only shock they’re in for.

Episode 10 – Kill Drill

Joy and Mahmood are finally due for some renos in their old home. With Mahmood positive he can help Bryan take on any task, being overly confident could cost him big!

Episode 11 – Gold Meddle-ist

Tracy lives in her big sister Laurie’s old home and knows it’s time to make it her own. While Laurie can’t help but input on design, Bryan can’t help but wonder if the old adage about there being too many cooks in the kitchen, should be changed to too many designers on site!

Episode 12 – Paddle Tale

Mark is admittedly not the most handy guy to the dismay of his wife Elaine. Desperate to get some help from Bryan, this couple puts it all on the line in an ultimate do or die competition.

Episode 13 – Doubt and About

After years of inaction on updating their home, Fraser and Angela can’t deny they need someone like Bryan to help kick them into gear. But the road to complete one reno gets pretty bumpy when Fraser finds it difficult to be a passenger.