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In the backyards of Britain are some of the most stunning, intriguing, and sometimes eccentric gardens.  Behind each one of these gardens is a passionate green-fingered owner, proud of the plot they’ve created – so proud that they are willing to compete with two other gardening enthusiasts in their local area to prove that they have the best garden in town.

In this new 6 part series, we meet some of the country’s most dedicated gardeners; people who believe their plots are so special they are willing to hold them up to the scrutiny of their peers in the hope that their outside space will be crowned the winner.

In this programme we look at the gardens of London.  As one of the largest cities in the world, London is home to over three million private gardens. Thanks to its own micro climate, Londoners can grow tender, semi tropical plants as well as the usual hardy species.  But with space in the urban jungle coming at a premium, which of our 3 passionate gardeners will put on a good enough show to win £500 and the ‘Show Me Your Garden’ golden trowel?