Show Me Your Garden

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In the backyards of Britain are some of the most stunning, intriguing, and sometimes eccentric gardens.  Behind each one of these gardens is a passionate green-fingered owner, proud of the plot they’ve created – so proud that they are willing to compete with two other gardening enthusiasts in their local area to prove that they have the best garden in town.

19 – 25 Feb: Episode 1

We look at the gardens of London. The first garden is 40 years in the making. How does it compare to Edwina and Nigel’s three-year old garden? We also visit an urban oasis of calm, based on the Italian idea of formality and symmetry.

Episode 2

We visit Sussex. Our first visit is to retail entrepreneur Alan; not what you would expect of a typical gardener. Next up is Vanessa who has taken all of her creativity to shape her outdoor space into distinct areas.

Episode 3

We visit Essex, the driest county in England. Our first garden is an extravagant tropical paradise on the Essex coast. Followed by a beautiful but low maintenance garden.
Episode 4

We visit the fertile soil of the Midlands. We visit an urban space that embraces nature. Followed by a garden that’s a very modern celebration of the colour green.

Episode 5

Our three gardens are to be found in Cork in the south west of Ireland. Our first garden belongs to housewife and garden fanatic Bee who has the grounds of an 18th Century rectory to play in.

Episode 6

In this programme our three gardens are to be found in Scotland, where temperatures can climb up to 32 degrees in summer and below minus 27 in winter.