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In the backyards of Britain are some of the most stunning, intriguing, and sometimes eccentric gardens.  Behind each one of these gardens is a passionate green-fingered owner, proud of the plot they’ve created – so proud that they are willing to compete with two other gardening enthusiasts in their local area to prove that they have the best garden in town.

In this new 6 part series, we meet some of the country’s most dedicated gardeners; people who believe their plots are so special they are willing to hold them up to the scrutiny of their peers in the hope that their outside space will be crowned the winner.

In this programme we look at the gardens of London.  As one of the largest cities in the world, London is home to over three million private gardens. Thanks to its own micro climate, Londoners can grow tender, semi tropical plants as well as the usual hardy species.  But with space in the urban jungle coming at a premium, which of our 3 passionate gardeners will put on a good enough show to win £500 and the ‘Show Me Your Garden’ golden trowel?

18 – 24 March: Episode 2 – Sussex

Our first visit is to retail entrepreneur Alan. As a self-confessed lover of Marbella, fast cars & gambling, Alan is not what you would expect of a typical gardener, but the singular design of his beach side garden tells a different story. With a 6ft deep pond surrounded by over the top statuary, dramatic tree ferns and borders stuffed with an abundance of temperate and hardy planting, Alan doesn’t waste any time in making an instant impression!

Next up is young mum Vanessa who has swapped the fast lane of British fashion for the peace & quiet of the Sussex countryside and it has taken all of her creativity to shape her 300 square meter space into distinct areas. With a Georgian home as a backdrop, Vanessa has created sweeping lawns, topiary hedges and an unusual windbreak screen fashioned from espaliered medlar trees.

The third garden belongs to horticultural heroes Jane & Nick.  After falling for Nick when she discovered the then student had a collection of African violets on his mantelpiece, Jane has spent the past 50 years creating a garden to be proud of – and a garden Nick can cherish!  With an impressive glasshouse containing their most loved specimens, Jane & Nick can survey their self-planted woodland and stunning herbaceous borders. But will this be enough to win them the top prize?

Episode 3 – Essex

Our first garden belongs to retired science teacher Ray who, with the help of partner Richard, has created an extravagant tropical paradise on the Essex coast. Ray has packed his private retreat with over 1000 different exotic species, from towering tree ferns, and beautiful bamboo, to tender vines from which he harvests grapes for his home-made wine.

Next up are design conscious estate agents Alan & Lesley.  Describing themselves as ‘more catwalk than compost heap’, Alan & Lesley like the good things in life – which includes a beautiful but low maintenance garden. With ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ ethos, Alan & Lesley’s garden is all about controlled beauty – a plant must do their bidding if it is to take its place around one of their two magnificent circular lawns.

And third in our list of horticultural heroes are retired engineer Andy and his ex-mayoress wife Jane.  Their old English landscape garden straddles the counties of Suffolk & Essex; indeed, they need to use their own bridge across the river Stour to access both parts of their garden.  With a stunning backdrop of black poplars and weeping willows, Andy & Jane believe wholeheartedly in the power of foliage.  There may be 50 shades of grey, but there are hundreds of shades of green!

Episode 4 – Midlands

Our first garden belongs to self-taught plantaholic Kathy. Where most women collect shoes & handbags, Kathy is at her happiest when collecting plants! Combining a range of gardening styles, Kathy has densely planted her vibrant organic cottage garden with an incredible horticultural hoard, all looked after by the residents of her home made ‘bug hotel’.  Dedicated to plant perfection, let’s hope no one checks out before a winner is chosen!

Garden two belongs to retired nurses Tony & Nancy. Their garden is an urban space that embraces nature.  Filled with ancient apple trees and aged honeysuckle as well as plants donated by friends, family and past patients, Tony & Nancy’s garden is a personal space filled with memories.  But it is the surprise at the bottom of the garden that they are most proud of – Tony’s honey producing bees.

Nestling in the Leicestershire countryside is our third garden, the unique space belonging to Graham & Jenny.  Big on design, the garden is a very modern celebration of the colour green. Filled with a manmade woodland, flower meadow, formal beds and a shaded orchard, the most striking features of the garden are the gently curving hornbeam hedges. Add to this some crown lifted silver birch trees and a circular pond and you have a clever and distinctive haven for wildlife.

Episode 5 – Ireland

Our first garden belongs to housewife and garden fanatic Bee who has the grounds of an 18th Century rectory to play in! With stunning herbaceous borders to ensure year-round colour, Bee has created a peaceful haven that includes a sheltered wall garden, an avenue of carefully trimmed lime trees and a spectacular box hedge parterre that complements the majesty of her Georgian home.

Next up for analysis is the tropical paradise belonging to mental health worker and plantaholic Bruno.  Behind the garden walls of his suburban semi lies a space that Tarzan would feel at home in.  Made up of a multitude of big leafed exotic plants, Bruno has created his own world, comprised of flowers and plants collected from all around the world. As a man who propagates from seeds & cuttings, Bruno is a purist who has created an exotic hideaway from the rigours of his busy world.

Our third garden belongs to legal consultant Harry and his property manager wife Erika.  Carved from a windswept and desolate hilltop, Harry & Erika have fought the elements side by side to create a beautiful elevated country garden by using trees and a limestone wall to protect their tender space. Lovers of rockery planting and ponds, Harry & Erika have created an organized oasis of calm in a country setting.

Episode 6 – Scotland

Our first garden belongs to University academic Carey from Fife.   Her unique garden has been carved from a disused 10-meter-high railway embankment and has been six years in the making.  Despite the extreme gradient and tough terrain, Carey has created a serene and relaxing garden with separate levels – a 6-meter-high herbaceous bank; an enclosed secret garden and a view point from where she can look out over the magnificent river Tay.

Next up is the beautiful garden of retired lawyer Margaret. When buying her property, Margaret and her husband chose it, not for the house, but for the magnificent outside space.  Over the past 7 years Margaret has created a sheltered walled garden & mirror pool, overflowing herbaceous borders, a Japanese water garden and a sundial lawn that is also home to her pride & joy – her 7 ft tall standing stone!

For our third garden we travel to the Highlands and the challenging outside space of property manager Caroline and husband Donald. Their garden, which was originally commercial woodland, is now a beautiful space, consisting of organic shaped lawns, gravel pathways, beautiful borders and a stunning pond.  But creating this idyll has been no mean feat.  Because of the extremes of the weather, achieving this cottage garden look has been the result of many years of hard work, but they have achieved diversity in colour and planting in spite of the rigours of the Scottish weather!