Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

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The homeowners get the chance to snoop around each other’s houses before going head-to-head in competition for one buyer. Having sized up their rivals’ properties they then get one week, one thousand pounds and top-notch advice from Amanda Lamb on what home improvements to make, before the buyer comes round to select their favourite.

01-07 June: Episode 13

Greater London

Three competing homeowners in Greater London snoop around each other’s houses looking for inspiration on how to improve their own. Armed with what they’ve learned and expert advice from Amanda Lamb, they’ll get a week and £1000 before buyer Danny comes to view. Dad and son team Stefan and Pani bring a feminine touch to the lounge and hall of their blokey home. Patrick and Deborah whip up the wood to bring Scandinavian cool to their kit-built eco home. And Kate and Chris have to make their cluttered bedrooms as stylish as their elegantly presented lounge.

Episode 14


In Derby, three competing sellers snoop round each other’s houses searching for inspiration on how to improve their own.  Amanda arrives with design ideas and a thousand pounds, but the homeowners only have a week to make changes to impress newly married buyers Lou and Steve.  Divorcing couple Jo and Darcy have to tone down the lurid colours in their town house, Peter and Jessica have to turn a redundant second lounge into a bedroom and Mary and Liz have to turn their chintzy detached, with its tapas restaurant look-a-like kitchen, into a sophisticated modern living space.

Episode 15


Three rival sellers in Ipswich take design ideas from Amanda Lamb on how best to improve their homes to try and clinch a sale from buyers David and Yumiko.  First they snoop around each other’s houses in search of inspiration, then they have a thousand pounds and a week to make changes.  Kathryn and Ramin need to turn a dance room back into a bedroom and give their kitchen a car style spray paint. Theresa and Bradley need to make big changes in their bedrooms, and give their unappealing hallway a warmer welcome, and John and Susan, who always eat off their laps, need to install a proper dining room.