Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

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The homeowners get the chance to snoop around each other’s houses before going head-to-head in competition for one buyer. Having sized up their rivals’ properties they then get one week, one thousand pounds and top-notch advice from Amanda Lamb on what home improvements to make, before the buyer comes round to select their favourite.

18-24 Jan: Episode 30


Three rival sellers in Newport take design ideas from Amanda Lamb on how best to improve their homes to try and clinch a sale from buyer Anthea.  First they snoop around each other’s houses in search of inspiration, then they have a thousand pounds and a week to make changes.  Matt and Vicky need to conceal the kiddy clutter and bring contemporary colours to their bland house. Roger and Kath need to bring a unifying art deco theme to their mismatched décor. Jodi and Alex must create a third bedroom and strip the bright orange from their kitchen to make it a cool and modern space.