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No-nonsense property expert Andrew Winter brings his popular UK and European series to Australia to show the Aussies how to maximize their profits and achieve a quick sale on one of life’s biggest investments. Today’s unpredictable housing market is not for the faint of heart. Stressed owners whose properties have been stuck on the market for months are desperate for a sale and unable to comprehend why no one wants to buy their home. Winter brings all the parties together to figure out problems of pricing, presentation and communication. After the home makeover, he helps his Australian clients strategize how to bring potential buyers closer to the sale.

21-27 Sep:  Episode 7

Black Hill, SA

What do you get if you cross a chess master with a mouldy old church in the middle of nowhere that won’t sell? ‘Stale’-mate! That’s exactly where chess-mad owners David and Sabrina find themselves, after injury has scuppered their renovation plans. In a Selling Houses first, bushwhackers Winty, Albone and Blaze attempt to modernise a derelict church from the 1800s, two hours from Adelaide.  But location and building makes this no easy sale.. so best start preying for divine intervention!

Episode 8

Bendigo, VIC

You’ve heard of the Little Shop of Horrors. Well this is the BIG one! Antiques collectors Shirley and Steve have spent fourteen years hoarding everything from stuffed alligators to naked mannequins, leaving their unusual Bendigo home looking more Hogwarts than house. Enter Antique-Busters Winter, Albone and Blaze to blast the ‘junk’, dust off the cobwebs and set-free this heritage stunner.

Episode 9

Victoria Park, WA

Car salesman Ryan and his partner Frances live in the swanky Perth suburb of Victoria Park and know all about living the high life. With four property sales under their belt by the age of 25 and boat trips every weekend, what could possibly go wrong? Try a mining industry downturn, a renovation budget out of control, a squalid kitchen and unusable bathroom! Can our trusty trio get these foolhardy property players back on the rungs?

Episode 10

Balgownie, NSW

They say ‘life’s a beach’ but for surf lovers Sarah and Luke and their three daughters, a tiny weatherboard 3-bed in Balgownie, Wollongong is too much of a squeeze! They’ve failed to snare a buyer in 12 months in a hot market, because the house has one too many negatives. This family need to move soon or it’ll be feuding at dawn, in the one and only bathroom!

Episode 11

Silverdale, NSW

A Silverdale property unoccupied and desperate for a sale; another mid-build on the Central Coast, with no money to finish the job and meanwhile the loved-up couple that owns them both, are living with the parents! No wonder paramedics Kayla and Paul are desperate to find a buyer! But how can their 80s-throwback, featuring peach carpet and daggy furnishings, compete with the slick new-builds down the road?

Episode 12

Tahmoor, NSW

After 40 years of marriage, Heather and her husband have parted and sadly next to go is their stunning historic property – ‘Tahmoor House’.  Built in 1824, no buyer is brave enough to take on the historic former inn. The sprawling floor plan, multi-coloured dream coats of paint and terrible street frontage aren’t helping. So it’s down to Charlie to dress up the curb appeal and Shaynna to re-clothe this ‘old dame’ and bring back some of the grandeur.

Episode 13

Little Forest, NSW

It’s the story of a lovely lady called Abigail, a man named Peter and a Tinder romance in overdrive! The love-birds have blended their two families and the whole ‘Brady Bunch’ have moved in together in Sydney. It’s the perfect arrangement, except Peter’s old love, a dilapidated rural acreage refuses to sell.