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No-nonsense property expert Andrew Winter brings his popular UK and European series to Australia to show the Aussies how to maximize their profits and achieve a quick sale on one of life’s biggest investments. Today’s unpredictable housing market is not for the faint of heart. Stressed owners whose properties have been stuck on the market for months are desperate for a sale and unable to comprehend why no one wants to buy their home. Winter brings all the parties together to figure out problems of pricing, presentation and communication. After the home makeover, he helps his Australian clients strategize how to bring potential buyers closer to the sale.

02 – 08 Dec: Episode 1 – Petersham Salvation Army House – New South Wales

This spacious four bedroom heritage federation home has been in the Salvos family almost 100 years. The house was purchased in 1920 for 1150 pounds by William Bramwell Booth, who was the General of the Salvation Army at the time and the son of the Salvation Army founder William Booth. Over the decades the house has been home to several Salvation Army officers and their families and also acted as crisis accommodation for homeless families in need. The Salvos need to sell this property to raise much needed funds for their homeless services. Trouble is it’s rundown and riddled with water damage, cracked walls and peeling paint. The SHA team are called in to revamp the heritage home!

Episode 2 – Miami – Queensland

Amanda and Matt are gym junkies who own and run ‘Bangin’ Bodz’. They started work on their three bedroom reno project but when funds ran dry, they had to move into the garage. The couple decide to sell privately and are looking for $650,000, but while the makeover looks fabulous – the owners were hard workers! – their expectations aren’t quite as realistic as they need to be in the current market. Andrew must talk to them and level over how much they feasibly can expect.

Episode 3 – Bass River -Victoria

John and Mary are selling a four bedroom farm house on 118 acre dairy farm just over an hour from Melbourne and 15 mins from San Remo and Phillip Island. The couple are asking for about 1.2 million which includes all dairy sheds and equipment.  While the story is incredibly relevant given the dairy industry has been rocked by price slashing – it also means dairy farms aren’t in high demand, and movement in the market is slower that it had previously been. This presents the family and now the team with a huge challenge.   

Episode 4 – Fulham – South Australia

Paul and Josie are a young couple selling their first home so they can expand their family as they’re planning their second child. They’re asking $575,000 for their three bedroom home on a 576 square metre corner block in Fulham west Adelaide. It’s not in bad shape but has an unrenovated bathroom and kitchen and no second toilet, which all buyers prefer. The couple have had the place listed on two separate occasions and are hoping that second time luck will strike.

Episode 5 – Ravenshoe – Queensland

Dina is selling a four bedroom castle located on a hectare of land in the Atherton Tablelands, two hours south west of Cairns. It’s been on the market for two years with the price now lowered to $500,000. Charlie and Shaynna have great plans to modernise and lighten the place without losing the essential castle-ness – but even once it’s looking its shiny best – the market is still tough…castle lovers aren’t exactly thick on the ground.

Episode 6 – Mt Macedon – Victoria

Shaun and Cate are a modern day Brady Bunch with six kids between them. They currently live near each other in Kew but are keen to sell Shaun’s original family house at Mt Macedon and move in together. The house has been on the market for almost a year with no offers. It’s a solid tinker brick house on a beautiful three acre block but it’s dark and dated inside. If SHA can help lighten and modernise the house, the family will be able to accept a realistic price and move on.

Episode 7 – Wangi Wangi – New South Wales

Terri and Paul are selling a main house and guest house on a large waterfront block on Lake Macquarie – and are asking for 1.2 million, four years on with three agents. The house is very dated and in need of a facelift to meet the market standards. The couple are keen to go caravanning while Paul still can, as he’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so they would like to move on as quickly and easily as possible, with the best financial outcome.  

Episode 8 – New Norfolk – Tasmania

Former infantryman, Ben, bought this modest weatherboard in New Norfolk north west of Hobart in 2008.Ben was confident it was an idyllic place to raise his family, but when his wife Claire’s father died suddenly in 2010 they decided to move back to the mainland to be closer to family, and quickly bought in Victoria. New Norfolk was put on the market where it’s remained on/off for five years bringing in a modest rent. With four children Ben is struggling with two mortgages and often works weekends missing out on the kids’ sports etc. With a new agent on the case it’s time to upgrade New Norfolk and offload it once and for all.

Episode 9 – Cobbitty – New South Wales

Maree is a mother of three grown boys who lost her husband 14 years ago before buying a house on half an acre at Cobbitty, an outer western Sydney suburb. It’s a character filled old weatherboard which needs a lot of work to make it market ready. The team suspect it hasn’t been sold because there’s market demand for new and modern these days – so the SHA team are here to save the day, and are especially welcome as Maree has already bought elsewhere and is now desperate for a sale.

Episode 10 – Oxenford – Queensland

Stevie Adams is a real estate agent and still can’t work out why her three bedroom townhouse isn’t selling. The property is located in Oxenford near the Gold Coast theme parks – a place where homes usually sell within 30 days, but the unit she shares with boyfriend Wayne has been on the market for six months without a nibble. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact she’s been there for seven years and hasn’t done much in the way of repairs and enhancements.

Episode 11 – Hindmarsh Island – South Australia

Steven and Theresa own a dated six bedroom waterfront home on Hindmarsh Island near Adelaide. It’s been on the market three years with three agents. The couple have lowered the price from $680,000 to $570,00 but can’t really go any lower as they need to relocate to Adelaide for health reasons. In come the SHA team…

Episode 12 – Casula – New South Wales

This week the SHA look at an incredibly dated 1970s four bed home on an elevated block with a steep driveway. The owners are a lovely family with two kids and they’re preparing to downsize. While the family are at a bit of a loss as to why it’s not selling, the SHA can see that the state of the place is scaring off potential buyers. Hopefully the family will lower their expectations, because even as stands they’re asking for $100,000 over the suburb average.

Episode 13 –  Middle Ridge – Queensland

Three siblings, Amanda, Paul and David, are selling their five bedroom family home on a bushy 12 acres near Toowoomba. They’ve decided to do so after their doctor parents were tragically killed in the MH 17 plane crash over Ukraine in July 2014.  While the place looks pretty shabby, the SHA are here to help. And the family have generously offered to donate a portion of the profits to Medecins sans Frontieres.