Save my Reno

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Cash-conscious homeowners finally catch a break when Sebastian Clovis, the savvy contractor, and Sabrina Smelko, the resourceful DIY designer toss out overpriced reno quotes and make dreams come true. Together, they give homeowners the reno they want on a budget they can afford.

19-25 Oct: Episode 3

Sarah and Jon bought their first home and knew it needed some fixing up, but didn’t realize how much time and money it would take to get it family friendly.

Episode 4

Joel and Kera have a basement straight out of the 70s. Sebastian and Sabrina will breathe new life into the space through salvaged items and cost effective solutions.

Episode 5

Karen and Matt crave an open concept main floor. Sebastian and Sabrina use their expertise and completely transform the space with upcycled materials and repurposed cabinetry.

Episode 6

Andrew is a single guy who loves to entertain family and friends, but his kitchen is too small and closed off. He wants open concept with a large island.

Episode 7

Eric and Rebecca are engineers by day, and home brewers by night. They love to have friends over to try new ales, but their 60s kitchen isn’t equipped for their entertaining needs.

Episode 8

Jamie and Marcus want to take on a kitchen reno but money is tight. With broken drawers, doors that won’t fully open, and a hazardous stove, they’re desperate for a new kitchen.

Episode 9

Lisa and Kenny’s kitchen has been left unfinished. Sebastian and Sabrina use their upcycling know-how and repurpose tricks to save this reno.

Episode 10

Rob and Caitlin have four kids and one on the way. When they moved into their family home, they personalized the kids’ rooms, but never completed their own bedroom and bathroom.

Episode 11

Jason and Nikki have a great home, but their kitchen is letting them down. Sebastian and Sabrina turn used cabinets and repurposed furniture into a stunning design.

Episode 12

Raj and Riva have a large family kitchen. But after 11 years, the brown cabinets, laminate counters and lack of organization, have them pushing the reno button.

Episode 13

When Ken and Elisa purchased their family home, they knew it needed work. They found a contractor and began to renovate, but their contractor left them mid-reno.

Episode 14

Brian and Lainie’s narrow galley kitchen is simply too small and they’re tired of cramped living. They want to open everything up, including the entire main floor.