Save my Reno

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Cash-conscious homeowners finally catch a break when Sebastian Clovis, the savvy contractor, and Sabrina Smelko, the resourceful DIY designer toss out overpriced reno quotes and make dreams come true. Together, they give homeowners the reno they want on a budget they can afford.

18 – 24 Jan: Episode 17

Michael and Elise

Elise moved into Michael’s house 3 months after their first date and were married and pregnant within a year. Michael is a teacher and Elise is a Social worker on mat leave. Michael has torn down the ceilings and a wall that divided the living and dining rooms, but nothing is complete. There are holes in the floor, no ceiling has been replaced, and it’s simply not baby friendly for when little Dylan starts crawling and walking. With the new baby, and recent wedding and honeymoon, they are hoping that 100k will get them everything they need from their home.

Episode 18

Nancy and Erick

Nancy and Erick have a basement that has brought them nothing but trouble and bills bills bills. Now that expensive waterproofing and mould abatement has been completed they’re left with a super limited budget to turn the basement back into much needed living space for their family. It’s up to Sabrina and Sebastian to deliver the multifunctional basement complete with games area, office for Erick, media unit and laundry all on their tight budget.

Episode 19

Charlotte and Michael

Charlotte and her best friend Michael have known each other since University. 20 years ago, Charlotte bought this old house, and had a tenant on the top floor. Fairly handy herself, she’s done quite a bit of work, mostly in the kitchen. Now with the place to herself, she wants the house to feel even more like home and has recruited her BFF Michael to swing a hammer or two.

Episode 20

Erin and Richard

Richard and Erin are parents of three children under the age of five, and a main floor that doesn’t work for them.

They have had the house for seven years and have worked on a few things, including knocking down part of a wall to create a half wall. They desperately want to have a cohesive space between the kitchen, breakfast table and dining area.

Episode 21

Ashlea and Graeme

Paramedic Graeme and new mom Ashlea fell in love with their new home the moment they saw it. It had a featured they had never seen before though: a 2-story garage with an unused second floor. With the baby getting bigger and Ashlea going back to work soon, they are hoping to use the long-abandoned space into a home office and recreational/exercise room.

Episode 22

Nader and Raj

Nader and Raj are best friends who are happy to be living back in Toronto after their first property out in the suburbs. They bid on a townhouse in Cabbagetown not thinking they would get it, but they did. The house has great bones but needs some work. They hate the impractical kitchen with dated cupboards and not enough storage. They also want to open it up to the dining room to make the main floor feel larger.

Episode 23

Maria and Alex

Maria and Alex bought their home while pregnant with their first child. Now with two little ones, they don’t want to wait any longer to do the bathroom renovation they’ve been wanting to do since they moved in. Stuck in the 80’s, the pink walls and black and white tile in the bathroom needs a serious refresher.

Episode 24

Natalie and Adam

Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Natalie Spooner and her husband Adam, a retired Calgary Dino, just bought their first home together in Mississauga and realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew. Their first immediate need is in the basement. Half of it feels like a dungeon, and they want to make a laundry oasis as well as a home gym. Between all of their hockey gear, they do laundry exponentially more than the average home and want to spend all of those hours in a bright and cheery space, and also work in a workout while the laundry is going too.

Episode 25

Christine and Michel

Christine and Michel have been living in their home for three years, and the most they’ve done is instal a sliding barn door, poorly. Hoping to have another child, they want space in their basement for parents and guests to stay in, and for their future teens to move into. They both also work from home and currently have their desks in what should be the dining room.

Episode 26

Melina and Emma

Melina and her family have recently moved into a gorgeous large home with a stunning pool in the backyard. However, the kitchen is a huge sore thumb that needs immediate love. Stuck in the 80’s with appliances that don’t even work, Melina’s teenage step-daughter Emma doesn’t even like showing the kitchen to her friends when they come over to see the place. Her dad Derek does all the cooking, and the layout forces him to stare at a wall while he cooks instead of the dining area or out into the backyard.

Episode 27

Amanda and Lauren

Amanda and Lauren are newlyweds with their first baby on the way. They have purchased their first house and have already done quite a bit of work to it, but are stuck with the rec room downstairs. It’s dated, ugly and impractical for their future. They want a baby and kid friendly space where they can play, not worry about making a mess and and watch their family grow.

Episode 28

Mariana and Andy

Mariana and Andy have been living in their home for nine years and hate their kitchen. Mariana is a stay at home mom who loves to cook and also entertain, but their kitchen is not conducive to meal prep. Mariana even kicks people out of the kitchen while she’s making dinner! There is very little counter space and even less storage. The pantry is down the hall and around the corner, which she needs to do several times during each meal.