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Sarah Richardson is taking on a brand new challenge. After working with her husband Alex to successfully build their biggest project yet — a 5,000 square-foot off-the-grid house – Sarah’s looking for her next big build and design challenge!

She’s discovered a historic house in the charming small town of Creemore, and plans to convert it into a seasonal rental. Always the optimist, Sarah has given herself a tight deadline and even tighter budget to transform this small 19th-century home into something spectacular. But is Sarah’s dream to give a rundown country house a Cinderella makeover a stroke of genius or more marital stress than anyone needs?

There’s real drama at every stage: a big project with a fixed budget, too-tight timelines, the unpredictability of an old building and weighing out the strong opinions and even stronger personalities of her husband, Alex, and Sarah’s design partner in crime, Tommy – all will influence Sarah’s new passion project. It’s a whole new season of Sarah: Off the Grid!

28 Sept – 04 Oct: Episode 4

A Tale of Two Houses

Sarah’s off the grid house is coming together as she and Tommy turn their attention to the main floor of the addition. With a new entryway and a powder room, it’s the perfect space to greet vacationing guests. But after Sarah sinks all of her design dollars into an expansive (and expensive) wall of windows leading to the back yard, the rest of the room has to be pulled together on a budget giving Sarah’s team the perfect reason to practice the three Rs: reduce, reuse, relax! While work continues, a national charity pairs Sarah with a design-savvy teen client to create the bedroom of her dreams.

Episode 5

Agree to Disagree

With all the rooms in the addition completed, Sarah turns her attention back to the original structure of the century home. After demolishing a few walls, and demo’ing the dismal kitchen she has a clean slate for assembling an extra-large kitchen and dining room. But Sarah finds herself at odds with her design partner Tommy Smythe at every turn, from the layout of the space to the bold colour choices Tommy champions. The heart of the home is on life support while these design dilemmas are hashed out but the final result is a feast for the eyes with a side of class.

Episode 6

Design Twice Build Once

This house came with a gift with purchase: a small two storey barn in the backyard. A major makeover barn wasn’t part of the original plan or budget so Sarah will have to use every thrifty trick in the book to create an indoor playground for rainy days and an al fresco dining oasis. Alex puts his finishing touches on the money saving off the grid elements in the home, and Sarah and her mom take on the landscaping.

The local community has taken a huge interest in the project since day one and they are dying for a look at the finished product! As the house is finally ready to hit the rental market, it’s time for Sarah to host an open house for her new neighbours.