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Sarah Richardson is taking on a brand new challenge. After working with her husband Alex to successfully build their biggest project yet — a 5,000 square-foot off-the-grid house – Sarah’s looking for her next big build and design challenge!

She’s discovered a historic house in the charming small town of Creemore, and plans to convert it into a seasonal rental. Always the optimist, Sarah has given herself a tight deadline and even tighter budget to transform this small 19th-century home into something spectacular. But is Sarah’s dream to give a rundown country house a Cinderella makeover a stroke of genius or more marital stress than anyone needs?

There’s real drama at every stage: a big project with a fixed budget, too-tight timelines, the unpredictability of an old building and weighing out the strong opinions and even stronger personalities of her husband, Alex, and Sarah’s design partner in crime, Tommy – all will influence Sarah’s new passion project. It’s a whole new season of Sarah: Off the Grid!