Sarah off the Grid

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Sarah Richardson takes on her most ambitious project yet: building and designing an off-the-grid family home in the country.

Follow Sarah and her family – husband Alex and their two young daughters Fiona and Robin – as they build a family home in Creemore, Ontario meant to last for generations to come. Together, they marry off-the-grid living with Sarah’s signature style, resulting in a sustainable dream home filled with the greatest design hits from her 25-plus year career.

Offering an unvarnished look at Sarah’s life, the six-part series dives deep into the designer’s day-to-day as she juggles being a mother, a business owner, and now, the unique challenges of sharing the role of general contractor with her husband Alex on this latest build. Taking the lead on designing each room, Sarah enlists her co-conspirator and longtime collaborator, Tommy Smythe, for support as she takes on this year long project. Tommy, or as the kids call him “Uncle Tommy,” helps Sarah find design solutions that stand the test of time while staying true to her classic and casually elegant design esthetic. Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., and Colin Hunter also make guest appearances throughout the series providing Sarah and the family with much needed advice to finish their forever home.

Building a home off the main power grid which can service the needs of an entire family requires clever design decisions and innovative materials.  With a bigger build, higher stakes and unprecedented access, this series allows viewers to discover a brand new side of Sarah Richardson.

03 – 09 Dec: Episode 4

After months of construction and the house well underway, Sarah and Alex take a much-needed vacation. After making major changes to the floor plan of the “principal suite,” everything is on track. Leaving Tommy in charge of design decisions and site supervisor Ed in charge of the build, the couple feel secure in the knowledge that the build will move forward in their absence. Once the trip is over, Sarah confronts the cold reality that labour delays mean the dream of moving in by Christmas is over. With a new, extended timeline Sarah and Alex work hard to complete the den, master bedroom and bath in their “principal suite”.

10 – 16 Dec: Episode 5

Sarah finds lots of inspiration in the historic details she plans to incorporate into the home’s main floor. After celebrating Christmas with her design team, Sarah and Alex hope the remaining work will go smoothly. But one mistake after another has Sarah feeling frustrated. The hard work pays off when every detail in the finished spaces, including the Sunroom and Living Room, reflect Sarah’s design aesthetic to a “T.” .

17 – 23 Dec: Episode 6

As spring nears, Sarah, Alex and Tommy have not only the kitchen and dining room to complete, but the installation of the solar panels on the brand new barn. Between surprise spring snow storms, manufacturer’s mix-ups and unrelenting rain, it’s one challenge after another. After completing a kitchen worthy of being called Sarah’s Command Centre, the solar panels go up and the house is fully off the grid by the time Mike Holmes arrives to inspect and admire the final result. .