Sarah off the Grid

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Sarah Richardson is taking on a brand-new challenge. After working with her husband, Alex, to successfully build their biggest project yet – a 5,000-square-foot, off-the-grid house – Sarah is looking for her next big build and design challenge!  

She’s discovered a historic house in the charming small town of Creemore and plans to convert it into a seasonal rental. Always the optimist, Sarah has given herself a tight deadline and an even tighter budget to transform this small, 19th-century home into something spectacular. But is her dream to give a rundown country house a Cinderella makeover a stroke of genius or adding more marital stress than anyone needs?

There’s real drama at every stage: a big project with a fixed budget, too-tight timelines, the unpredictability of an old building, and weighing out the strong opinions and even stronger personalities of Alex and Sarah’s design partner in crime, Tommy. All will influence Sarah’s new passion project. It’s a whole new season of Sarah off the Grid!