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Sammy & Bella are on a mission to help everyday Australians overhaul their recipes and rescue their disorganised kitchens. Each week, we meet a new guest in need of a makeover.

Follow Sammy & Bella as they share fast and easy recipes, handy kitchen hacks and get down to business rearranging and rescuing kitchens across Australia.

18 – 24 March: Episode 10 

Fussy Eaters This week, Sammy and Bella rescue food blogger and father of two, Simon. While he loves experiencing new cafes and cuisines, his daughters are fussy eaters. Sammy and Bella devise some sneaky but clever tricks to get more veggies into their family meals. They even get the girls involved in helping their dad, Simon to make colourful homemade pasta! Back at Simon’s house Sammy and Bella are bringing in some additional storage solutions to help make the family kitchen a little bit more organised and functional.

Episode 11

Leftover Lovers This week we meet time poor, working parents Kimberley and Jonathan. This meat loving couple, with two children who are both picky eaters, want to find ways to add more veggies into their meals without compromising on flavour. With Sammy and Bella’s help, they’ll discover some flavour packed, time saving recipes the whole family will love. Plus we explore the food culture of Jonathan’s Malaysian/Indian heritage for inspiration.

Episode 12

Let’s taco ‘bout it! Betty and Lisa are teeny tiny sisters living in a teeny tiny house. Lovers of both healthy and on trend cuisine, they’re hoping Sammy and Bella can help them reduce their weekly takeout bill. At Kitchen HQ Sammy & Bella get the fiesta started with some healthy fish tacos, a bubbly kombucha apple spritz and lean green tofu Buddha Bowls with a southern Asian-inspired pesto. They also solve the girls’ teeny-tiny problem of having no space in the kitchen and stock the fridge with delicious treats.