Rubix Cube Drawers

You will need:

Tools Materials
PCM 7 Compound Mitre 16mm supa wood
PST 18 JigSaw bottom and top 508 mm x 540 mm – 6 pieces
PSR 18 Cordless drill sides – 508mm x 148mm – 6 pieces
PSM 18 Cordless Sander backs 540mm x 180mm – 4 pieces
Pex Sander Drawer fronts 537mm x 177mm – 2 pieces
Glue gun 7.2 drawer sides 130mm x 505mm – 2 pieces
  drawer bottom 506mm x 506mm – 1 piece
  drawer back 130mm x 474mm – 1 piece
  brown masonite squares 150 x 150 – 55 pieces 
  3-3.5 x30mm screws
  wood glue
  paint 3 colours PVA – primary colours
  paint 4 colours spray paint
  16mm hinges flush type x 2 pieces
  magnetic door catch – 1 piece

Follow these Steps

Rubik cube Steps

The bottom cube

  • With all your wood cut to size join all 6 pieces, the four sides, front and back together to create a box.

The middle cube

  • Repeat the process for the middles cube as you did for the bottom cube.  
  • Make the drawer that fits into the cube. Make sure that the drawer is the rights size so as to slide into the cube.

The top cube

  • Build the box for the cube in the same way you did the first cube.
  • Cut the door for the cube to cover the front of the cube
  • Give all the cubes a light sand to get rid of any uneven patches
  • Spray the cubes with an undercoat and allow to dry, then apply your top coat

The Squares

  • Having cut out all your squares to size, sand the edges to get rid of any rough edges.
  • Lay the squares out and spray on an undercoat and allow to dry, then apply the different colours of your choice.
  • Attach the door and hinges to the top cube
  • Insert the drawer 
  • You can now stick the squares onto the cubes using a glue gun and make sure that they are evenly spaced.
  • If you want the drawers to be fixed to each other and turn, then you must use a “lazy susan” mechanism between each of the cubes.

Download the Plans

Plans – rubix cube drawers