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Backed up (and occasionally backed down) by the sobering influence and steely-eyed determination of no-nonsense QS Lisa O’Brien, Dermot sets out to create dream homes for a diverse range of clients in locations from the Dublin suburbs to the wilds of Donegal on Room to Improve.

There will be high expectations to meet, dreams to conjure, builders to placate, budgets to massage, clients to calm and visions to sell, as one single-minded architect comes face-to-face with seven of his most demanding builds yet.

Seven designs for life, but you know what they say about the best laid plans!

19 – 25 Aug: Episode 6 – Katie and Padraig

Dairy farmer Padraig and schoolteacher Katie are hoping to create their ‘forever’ home by renovating a century-old farmhouse on a half acre of land recently inherited from Padraig’s uncle.
But delivering this dream won’t be easy for their architect. Dermot’s problems begin when he presents his initial design and Katie announces that she has no time for ‘open plan’ living. Awarding Dermot ‘zero out of ten’, she promptly sends him back to the drawing board.
After four months and multiple redesigns, demolition begins and the entire interior of the house is gutted…but Dermot still has a battle on his hands, trying to convince Katie to abandon the wall she has insisted must separate the living room from the rest of the house.
As the build approaches completion, Dermot’s clients re-order a staircase… threatening both the budget and their architect’s design.
Meanwhile, the battle for the wall is far from over.

Episode 7 – Lorna and Rory

At first glance, there’s not much wrong with Lorna and Rory’s home in the south Dublin suburb of Stillorgan. Well appointed and tastefully decorated with a large sloping back garden, it is – as their architect observes – ‘perfect for the 1960s’ but not the contemporary dream home his clients want.
Promising an initial ‘20 per cent upgrade’, Dermot returns from the drawing board with an elaborate full width ’Malibu’ style extension topped off with a floating wooden-clad ensuite, linking the old and the new in an “alien” manner!
When Dermot’s clients opt to replace an unused external balcony with additional bedroom space, the already tight 17-week schedule comes under pressure and the budget spirals.
Meanwhile, Dermot finds it increasingly hard to defend his vision as he clashes with Lorna over a candy-coloured kitchen island and the location and style of the front door.
In a bid to define his client’s taste in décor, Dermot visits the refurbished Stella Cinema in Rathmines only to realise that Lorna and Rory have no interest in the ‘Bond-movie’ aesthetic Dermot has suggested.
Ultimately, despite Dermot’s elaborate vision of California style, the build turns out to be all about practicalities. As work continues beyond the hall door, the look and location of the hall door itself becomes the focus of a design battle royale.