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Reno My Reno dives into the world of cottage reno projects gone wrong. In each episode, top notch contractor Dave Depencier and his team turn disaster reno projects into a little piece of cottage perfection. Along the way they right all the wrongs and teach the culprit behind the reno project how to do things properly. In just a couple days, Dave and his team whip these misguided DIYers into shape to create outstanding transformations, leading to jaw dropping reveals.

21 – 27 Oct:  Episode 13 – Basement Blunder

Kevin considers himself somewhat handy, but you wouldn’t know by the look of the cottage basement.  Concrete floors, exposed insulation and an over-abundance of tuck tape tell a different story. Though he gets points for creativity—making a guest room out of bed sheets—his wife Chantal is tired of the unfinished mess. It’s the first space visitors see when they come from the lake, and Chantal wants something warm and welcoming rather than dungeon dreary. This is a massive space that’s going to take a monumental effort to complete, but Dave and the team are up for the challenge.