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Reno My Reno dives into the world of cottage reno projects gone wrong. In each episode, top notch contractor Dave Depencier and his team turn disaster reno projects into a little piece of cottage perfection. Along the way they right all the wrongs and teach the culprit behind the reno project how to do things properly. In just a couple days, Dave and his team whip these misguided DIYers into shape to create outstanding transformations, leading to jaw dropping reveals.

19 – 25 Aug: Episode 4 – Smoked Out

Rob and Karen bought their dream property from a couple who were heavy smokers, but they didn’t anticipate the smell of smoke would be next to impossible to remove. In a last ditch effort to rid the place of the odor Rob ripped the place apart – floors, ceilings and walls all came down. It worked, but what was left was a complete disaster with no game plan on what to do next… Karen knew what to do – she called Dave and his crew to show Rob how to get it done.

Episode 5 – Botched Bedroom

Todd and Marie were blindsided by a flood that destroyed carpets and paneling. Todd ripped everything out to prevent further water damage. When he tried to repair the mess, he quickly realized renovations weren’t his strong suit, leading to three years of stalled projects. Marie is done living in a construction zone and is hoping that with a little schooling from the pros, Todd will actually learn how to finish what he started.

Episode 6 – Gutted, No Glory

When brother and sister duo Brad and Lindsay bought their lakefront property their goal was to live there full time. But the place needed work so Brad, being a pretty handy guy, gutted the place. Problem is that’s as far as he got. After years of living in a construction zone, Lindsay’s had enough so she’s no longer waiting for her brother. She’s taking things into her own hands and is ready to get it done, with a little help from Dave and the team.

Episode 7 – Crooked Cottage

Val and Shelley’s weekend retreat was as crooked as they come. And when Val decided to lift the cottage to level it, his attempt to fix the problem only made things worse resulting in a crooked door and a torn-up porch. So Dave and the crew got the call to come in and straighten Val and the cottage up, but with only two days and a pile of projects to tackle the team has a lot of work ahead of them.

Episode 8 – Enter At Your Own Risk

Ross bought this property years ago as a party pad for him and his friends. Poor heat flow resulted in Ross’ attempt to fix it with a shoddy reno that just made things worse. Fast forward eight years, now married to wife Kaitlin, Ross wants to make this a retreat for their growing family; however his un-handiwork has left the place unsafe for his young daughter. In order to make it family friendly, Dave and the team will have to show Ross how to fix his mess.

Episode 9 – Raising the Roof

David and Judy saw the potential in this fixer upper. Despite David’s lack of reno know-how, he decided to dive right into Judy’s number one project on the to-do list: raising the ceiling. He also decided to make a rustic stone feature wall. Problem is, he used two-way tape to adhere it – you can imagine the results. It wasn’t long before he realized he was in way over his head. So Dave and the team are here to save the day, overhaul the space and get David and Judy on the right reno path.

Episode 10 – Luck be a Log Cabin

Lisa and Garry bought an abandoned, dilapidated log cabin at an estate sale. When they started cleaning up the property they stumbled across some serious treasures hidden in the walls and floors, but this good luck didn’t last when they decided to tackle the renos. Garry’s lack of DIY know-how resulted in cobbled together framing, spray foam oozing out of every cavity and a living space that resembled a lumber yard. After years of living in this mess Lisa decided to try her luck again and call in Dave and his team to rescue this reno gone horribly wrong.

Episode 11 – Behind the Curve

Rami’s small deck is completely unstable with supports scabbed together by bits of wood. Not only that, this square deck is butted up to a round pool making it look incredible odd. The step is so wobbly and unsafe, his wife, Suzanne won’t use it. Suzanne even gave Rami a deck-building book as a guide, but after seeing the results of his work she knows he never read it. It’s time for Dave and his team step up to teach Rami the proper way to build stairs and turn his disaster deck into a stunning outdoor space.

Episode 12 – Junkie Bunkie

For over fifteen years, Guy has been using the bunkie as a storage space for wood, tools, vehicles and a lot of unusable cottage junk. His wife Suzanne is tired of him using the guesthouse as a man-cave junk depot and wants it converted into a cozy, usable space for visitors. It’s packed to the rafters, has an unsafe entranceway and could not look less like a guesthouse. Dave has his work cut out for him if he’s going to turn this junkie bunkie into a comfortable living and sleeping area.

Episode 13 – Basement Blunder

Kevin considers himself somewhat handy, but you wouldn’t know by the look of the cottage basement.  Concrete floors, exposed insulation and an over-abundance of tuck tape tell a different story. Though he gets points for creativity—making a guest room out of bed sheets—his wife Chantal is tired of the unfinished mess. It’s the first space visitors see when they come from the lake, and Chantal wants something warm and welcoming rather than dungeon dreary. This is a massive space that’s going to take a monumental effort to complete, but Dave and the team are up for the challenge.