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Quail Necklace Kit

Pearl finished, glitter & transfer flowers, swarovski crystal chain with gold necklace and caged pearl drop.

List of supplies


  1. Strengthen the egg by pouring PratleyGlo into the egg, use a syringe for this.
  2. Prop the egg with the whole to the top, place a toothpick inside the hole, to serve as an eggholder once the glue has set.
  3. Sand your egg only if necessary, to remove any uneven spots.
  4. Draw design on egg by hand.
  5. No need to give egg a basecoat, paint your egg with two different colours. I suggest painting one colour at a time, let it dry before doing the other colour. Let it stand for a while (an hour or two) to allow the paint to harden.
  6. After cutting out individual flowers from the transfer design, soak the flowers in water for a minute or so, until transfer slides off the cardboard backing.
  7. Position the flower on the egg, carefully dry off most of the water with paper towel, leave to dry.
  8. Do the same on all 4 sides.
  9. Spray a varnish over the paint to protect it from dust and give it a gloss finish.
  10. Blow glitter onto wet varnish on preferred colour. Ideally let it dry overnight.
  11. Mark the top and bottom centers of the egg again after painting. This is where the up-eyes need to be attached.
  13. Use E6000 to glue swarovski string onto egg, start with the line separating the two colours.you can glue one continuous line at a time, remember to wait at least 20min in between to prevent jewels from sliding. Leave enough space at the top to place your up-eye.
  14. Tip : I would not recommend using superglue, but test your superglue on one stone first, depending on the brand, it might leave a frosted layer over the stone, which will have to be removed afterwards with toothpick by scraping it off.
  15. Round off the design by gluing fine gold braid on either side of the swarovski string, using E6000 or wood glue.
  16. Prop the egg upright and use Rapid Epoxy to glue the up-eye attached to caged-pearl with jump-ring, to the egg.
  17. Allow to dry for at least 20min.
  18. Prop the egg the other side up and do the same with up-eye attached to chain necklace.

Your necklace should now be finished, make sure all the glue has set and dried properly before handling it too much.
Instructions for this kit supplied by Erika’s Egg Art, Cell 083 566 7777, activelife@triconet.co.za