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Tatiana has survived two years of running her own real estate agency and, despite the economic downturn, managed to carve out a niche in the city’s cutthroat property market. With her girlish charm, undeniable business savvy and her growing team of hungry agents, Tatiana has made The Property Shop an undeniable success. Now Tatiana must keep up the momentum while she faces growing pains and big decisions for her – and the agency’s – future.

Episode 1 – Good Advice

The Property Shop’s success keeps growing and Tatiana’s got some big decisions to make – whether it’s to take up an offer to move to LA, to sell The Property Shop or to keep growing what she started. With agents who rely on her and mixed opinions from family, Tatiana turns for advice to someone in the real estate industry who’s been there, done that… and made millions.

Episode 2 – Being a contender

Tatiana has plans to take over the city from the ground up… literally. With the number of condos on the rise, Tatiana wants her agency to be the first choice for condo developers and buyers alike. Tatiana starts training some of her agents to be part of her “condo squad”… but she can’t prepare them for everything. While pitching for new condo projects, Tatiana receives some unexpected curveballs from developers that have her questioning her new strategy.

Episode 3 – Lessons Learned

Tatiana’s hopes are high after she gets a call from experienced flippers with a property in a hot neighborhood… but frustration mounts when she discovers the property isn’t quite what she’d hoped for. Will Tatiana take on the listing and teach these flippers how to do it right or could this be a complete waste of her time? Clients aren’t the only ones Tatiana wants to teach a thing or two – she’s been approached to open her own real estate school! Is Tatiana ready to take her training to a whole new level?

Episode 4 – Deal or No Deal

Tatiana thought the sale of Murray and Johanna’s condo was a done deal  – and so did Murray and Johanna. At the last minute, the buyers backed out, leaving Murray and Johanna with two mortgages and desperate to sell… again. Tatiana hopes she can turn their bad luck and sell this place once and for all. Dale also thought he had a quick sale on his hands but just as he’s about to give his sellers the news, they reveal news of their own that could mean a double commission for Dale… or nothing at all.

Episode 5 – Second Chances

After a disastrous first attempt with a lackluster agent, Sasko has turned to Tatiana to make up for lost time and sell his loft. Tatiana must restore Sasko’s faith in agents because she really needs him to trust her — he lives over 2000 miles away! Rhonda is getting a second chance to sell her friend Philippe’s condo. This time, a more-experienced Rhonda tries to convince a reluctant – and procrastinating – Philippe to fix up his loft, something she wasn’t able to do last time.

Episode 6 – Calculated Risk

Tatiana is seeing red… literally! Dr. Lana believes it’s in the cards for Tatiana to sell her unique Russian-themed loft but Tatiana predicts otherwise — the price, the décor, and the seller are all over-the-top. It’s a battle of wills as Dr. Lana challenges Tatiana every step of the way. Tatiana’s not the only one dealing with particular tastes — super-duo Florence and Elise landed the listing for a million dollar boutique hotel… but can they get visitors to see past the hotel’s eclectic décor?    

Episode 7 – Parental Guidance

Tatiana switches roles and goes from agent to buyer. Tatiana and Oren want to find an income property so they go to the best man for the job – Roberto, Tatiana’s father! Roberto has an eye for good investments but the best deals sell quickly. Can Roberto get Tatiana and Oren to agree on a property before they miss out? Is this a case of father knows best? According to David’s clients, it is. David’s new buyers Amanda and Erfan want to make an offer almost everything they see, which would be great for David except that Erfan’s father has the final say and he’s not easy to please.

Episode 8 – Making Amends

Things are going well at The Property Shop. Tatiana is so busy signing new clients, interviewing eager agents and closing deals that some of her older listings have fallen through the cracks. Developer Salomon wants Tatiana to focus her energy on selling more of his condo units while Gordon is wondering why his large townhouse hasn’t sold yet. Tatiana needs to make amends and sell these places quickly – or she’s out a few lucrative clients!  

Episode 9 – West Side Stories

Tatiana is thrilled with her two new listings.  They’re both in Westmount, one of Montreal’s posh neighborhoods. These could be her ticket into taking over the area… but first she has to sell them, which proves harder than expected. And someone is making it clear they’re not happy that Tatiana is on their turf. Meanwhile, Negar is searching for the perfect luxury condo for clients who live almost 3000 miles away.

Episode 10 – Pet Projects

Tatiana’s interior decorator friend Eros wants her to sell his loft… but he has strong opinions about how she can sell it and to whom. Normally Tatiana sells condos with ease but this is proving to be her toughest one yet. Unable to advertise, Tatiana tries to work her contacts and do the impossible – sell an invisible listing.  Tatiana also needs to stop agent Sudha from promising the impossible. Sudha’s first listing is over a million dollars but both seller and agent may be in over their heads with unrealistic expectations and rookie mistakes. Can Tatiana get Sudha to listen to reason? 

Episode 11 – It’s complicated

Tatiana has a beautiful condo to sell… again. Months ago, Tatiana sold Meghan’s upper triplex with the condition that the building is divided into separate condos. But the paperwork took too long and the buyer walked away. Now, paperwork in hand, Tatiana is ready to sell this unit once and for all so her client can move on.  Tatiana’s young agent Dania is also trying to sell so her client can move on – but Dania’s client is her own grandmother and wants her house sold while she’s away for the winter.

Episode 12 – Taking the Leap

Tatiana’s new client is a first-time flipper with the last unit of a triplex to sell. Though the property looks great in photos, there’s more to it than meets the eye. It requires more money down than the comparables and the seller has a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve that make Tatiana question his loyalty.  Tatiana knows her agent Amelia could be top notch in the industry, but she must take the leap and quit her other job. So Tatiana makes Amelia an offer she can’t refuse – and now it’s up to Amelia to live up to expectations.

Episode 13 – Here we grow again

With new agents joining The Property Shop daily and the launch of a marketing campaign, it’s time for Tatiana to open a second office to keep up with her growing business. Things keep getting better when she’s offered two properties to co-list. One is a $1.6 million-dollar mansion handed to her from a new agent and the other is from her first Property Shop agent, Mikey! But bad news arrives that could put all her plans in jeopardy.