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Join Property Virgins host and real estate expert Egypt Sherrod as she guides rookie homebuyers in search of their first-ever home. And while the househunt doesn’t always result in a sale, these property virgins definitely dive in headfirst, and learn to tailor their first-home visions to fit the market and their budget.

Episode 6: Scott & Kelly

Molecular biologist Scott moved back in with his parents so he could save enough money for his first home. But after three years, he’s still there and is desperate to leave the nest for good. Property expert Egypt Sherrod promises to get his house hunt back on track, and the search is on for a vintage starter home in Marietta—a charming community just north of Atlanta. Scott knows he may have to dial back his expectations, but then surprises Egypt when he tells her he wants to see homes that are in even rougher shape.

Episode 5: Stephanie

Atlanta architect Stephanie is looking to buy an upscale townhouse in a swanky urban neighbourhood. But while her tastes are high-end, her budget isn’t. Property expert Egypt Sherrod steps in to keep the image-conscious buyer in check and help lead her to the starter home of her dreams. But while Egypt is confident she can find Stephanie a modern no-maintenance property with all the bells and whistles, she explains that compromise is the name of the game.

Episode 4: Dominique

Schoolteacher Dominique is itching to buy his first home so he can get out of his parents’ house. But while the notoriously indecisive property virgin has big plans for a supersized suburban property, he’s got sky-high expectations and won’t settle for anything but the best. Determined to put an end to his three-year house hunt, property expert Egypt Sherrod decides to show Dominique the massive mancave of his dreams and move on from there. A course correction leads to a luxury townhouse where Egypt gives her client a lesson in real estate 101. But just when it seems like things are falling into place, Dominique starts throwing a series of game-changing curveballs.

Episode 3: Codi & Travis

Desperate to get out of their cramped apartment, Codi and Travis are torn between midtown Savannah and a nearby suburb. But with a modest budget and neither one willing to bend, their two-year house hunt is going nowhere. Enter property expert Egypt Sherrod. She promises to find the couple a family-friendly home where they can put down roots, but it will take all her negotiating skills to get them there. She starts by showing them homes in both of their preferred neighbourhoods. But it’s not until Egypt asks them where they ultimately want to raise their family that the couple hatches a compromise on location and increases their budget to match.

Episode 2: Michelle & Craig

While her husband Craig is deployed with the military, property virgin Michelle is back home in Savannah where she’s under tremendous pressure to find a home before the couple’s financing deal falls through. Real estate expert Egypt Sherrod agrees to take on the especially tricky mission. Because aside from the tight deadline, being in the army means Craig could be relocated without notice, so any turnkey property needs to rental-ready from the start. There are few listings in the couple’s ideal neighbourhood. But when Egypt narrows the field to two great choices at opposite ends of Michelle’s budget, the heat is on.

Episode 1: Susan & Joseph

A straight-talking Savannah couple, Susan and Joseph are desperate to get out of their rental nightmare and into the family starter home of their dreams. Property expert Egypt Sherrod steps in to help, and starts by steering them away from an out-of-range beachfront community towards a suburban neighbourhood with top-notch schools. At first, getting the DIY-shy couple to see beyond aesthetics proves tricky. And showing them what they say they want provokes a surprising reaction that steers the house hunt in a new direction.