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With moving house often being described as one of the most stressful days of our lives, Moving Day is a programme that helps people get through their house move as smoothly as possible.  Each programme features one person’s house move, with presenters on hand to offer some good advice and a helping hand, while Jim the handyman is available to carry out those niggling jobs you don’t get time to do on the day, from plumbing in that washing machine to changing the locks. 

Episode 30

Presenter Sunita Shroff hopes to offer some good advice on de-cluttering today, she meets a family that’s moving home and being involved with amateur dramatics have the odd bit of theatrical clutter that can be chucked out. The main culprit is secretary Kim, who lives with her partner Tim, who’s an audio visual technician and her 2 children Russell (16), Katie (13) in their temporary rented, 2 bedroom council house in Slough. Things got cramped when Daughter Katie moved back in a couple of months ago after living with her grandparents. Now there’s 4 people squashed into a 2-bedroom house. Which means Katie has to live in a curtained off part of the lounge! The move means that Kim and Tim will now have more space and Russell and Katie both get their own rooms.

Episode 31

Presenter Sunita Shroff lands a hand to movers Frank and Zilda Martingale, from London. They met in Zilda’s native Brazil during Frank’s time with the Merchant Navy. He fell in love with her irrepressible personality. They bought their current house 28 years ago for just over £17k; they’ve now sold it for £194k. As their children, Daniela and James, are now grown with families of their own, Frank and Zilda want to downsize to a smaller Victorian terrace, in the more rural Sundridge in Kent. Another reason is to be closer to their grandchildren, being at sea Frank missed his own children grow up and he sees the move as a 2nd chance. A big surprise happens after Sunita calls in an art expert to valuate a painting Frank found on a skip, which turns out to be worth a few bob.

Episode 32

Today’s movers are engaged couple, Elizabeth Ponting and Ross Hanway who are currently renting a 2 bedroom flat in Bedford. Ross is a Met Police officer and Elizabeth has just finished her MA from Bangor University and has a new job as a Marketing Executive. The couple plan to get married next year, so are buying this 2 bedroom house together in Church Langley in Essex. It wasn’t until after they’d made the offer that they found out they were moving to ‘Copland’. No-one seems to know why but there are a high number of police living in the area.

Episode 33

Today’s movers are Lloyd Pitcairn and Debbie Mclean who have been together for 5 years. Lloyd is a Probate Genealogist (which means he finds long lost relatives of the deceased) and has a passion for motor bikes. Debbie works in medical publishing, and loves music. So much so she can often be found in the middle of the night singing or playing the sax. They bought a 3 bedroom Oast house apartment, in a converted brewery 3 years ago. Instead of buying straight away, they have opted to rent this isolated 3 bedroom converted Dairy Farm for 12 months to give themselves plenty of time to find their ‘dream home’ with the advantage of being a cash buyer.

Episode 34

Today’s movers are Stephen and Susan Butchers who have been married for 7 years, both work at Southampton General Hospital. Susan has lived in this house for 21 years, it has seen her through her previous marriage, her 2 sons growing up and Stephen moving in 8 years ago. This has been their first home together, Stephen also has a son from a previous marriage, but as there are no longer any children at home they have decided that it’s time to downsize and they want to reduce their mortgage with view to their grand retirement plan. Which is too buy a holiday home in France. So they have sold there current home in the village of North Baddesley and bought a furnished ex rental property in Dibden Perlieu, close to the New Forest. Handyman Jime Bellieni is around to help fix those niggly DIY jobs.

Episode 35

Presenters Sunita Shroff and Jim Bellieni are around to help yet another move go smoothly, Today it’s John and June Weeks, who have lived in there current  bungalow in the village of Bethersden for the past 35 years. John has lived in the village all his life and this is where John and June have raised 2 children Claire and Stephen. June was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy 30 years ago and both she and John feel it’s time to move to somewhere less isolated. 35 years ago John and June had to scrape together the £3,700 to buy the bungalow. It was a good investment though as they have now sold it for £292,000. They have bought another bungalow in Kennington much closer to amenities with a smaller more manageable garden. John and June will be saving their profit for a rainy day.

Episode 36

Today’s movers are former journalist Jill Skinner and her husband Peter, who runs his marketing business from their home on this seaside estate in Middleton-on-Sea. Jill and Peter moved to Sussex four years ago from Surrey.  Because they had sold their old house so quickly they bought in a hurry, without knowing the exclusive estate they were moving to. They’ve never settled down here, the house is also home to Peter’s 81 year-old father Mick, and 25 year old Rupert Marks, one of Jill’s twin sons by a previous marriage. Jill and Peter bought the home 18 months ago, and having spent about £80,000 thousand pounds renovating it, they are selling for £535,000 thousand, to move to a home Jill can really get excited about. Their new property is just four miles inland in the village of Warburton.

Episode 37

The Richardson family from Windsor in Berkshire is the subject of today’s Moving Day. Peter and Sue, along with their six month old baby, are moving to Newbury. Peter bought the first floor flat in 1998 for £120,000, then Sue moved in just a year later. They’ve both done a considerable amount of work to the place, which has included a fantastic loft conversion. Although they like the flat they do need more space and Peter wants to be nearer to his 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. They have bought a five bedroom Victorian detached house, as they both expect to have more children all those extra rooms should come in handy. Presenter Sunita Shroff and handyman Jim Bellieni are around to help the day go just that bit smoother and offer some handy advice on making the new home safe for small children. 

Episode 38

Today’s movers are the Macleod family, 18 months ago dad Andy was knocked off his motorbike by an articulated lorry.  He made an amazing recovery, and doctors rebuilt his left leg. But the accident left him unable to carry Megan his young daughter upstairs in the two storey family home.  Although Ali hates moving, the couple decided they had no alternative. The Macleods bought their present home for £57,000, and have sold it 8 years later for £149,000.  To make life easier for Andy they have bought a bungalow in nearby Totton. Handyman Jim Bellieni is on hand along with presenter Sunita Shroff to help the day run as smooth as possible.

Episode 39

East Croydon is the location for today’s programme which features the move of a family from South Africa, the Carby’s. They emigrated to the UK 3 years ago because of South Africa’s political climate and to be near their 29 year old son Gavin and his family, with little more than suitcases. Since 2000 they’ve moved a staggering five times and currently rent a 2 bedroomed ground floor flat for £770 a month. But they now have a home of their own to look forward to in Merstham, Surrey. It’s a 1950’s two bedroomed terraced house with a front and back garden which cost them £145,000. Presenter Sunita Shroff helps the family settle into a place of their own at last while Jim Bellieni gets to work on re-shaping their new kitchen.

Episode 40

Presenter Sunita Shroff and handy man Jim Bellieni help out with the move of  Silvana and Garfield Allen from Forest Hill in South London. They’ve lived in their current three bedroomed Victorian terraced home for 20 years, but have decided to take a risk by purchasing a second property rather than selling up, so they can rent out their current one for £1,200 a month as a pension plan. The Allens’ new home is a smaller three bedroomed bungalow in Surrey. As they are not taking all of their furniture to the new home they decided to move themselves, things start to go wrong though when they bring in large furniture into the new home, Sunita is on hand to help avoid a disaster.