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Location, Location, Location – Season 22

No floorboard is left unturned as dynamic property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help house hunters find the perfect home in the perfect location.

In this brand-new season of Location, Location, Location, the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever. Britain’s choosiest home hunters are looking for just the right spot and expert realtors Kirstie and Phil are up for the challenge. 

Catch them on each episode as they face new challenges in a lightning-quick property market. They’ll take on the unpredictable housing market; searching all over the country – from the rural countryside of Cheshire to the super-speedy London market. No matter how small the budget or how big the expectations, Kirstie and Phil are on hand to match hopeful house hunters with their dream homes.

Nevertheless, sometimes sacrifices are required and the customer isn’t always satisfied, but no floorboard is left unturned on Location, Location, Location as Kirstie and Phil pull out all the stops to make property dreams come true.

Episode 1

Kirstie and Phil are searching for homes for two couples, Rachael and Mark, and Indu and Jason, who each have a toddler already – as well as a baby on the way.

Episode 2

Kirstie and Phil are hunting across four counties. For Beccy and her mum, Lucy, who want a first home, and for Tom and Sue who want a forever home.

Episode 3

Kirstie and Phil are searching around Brighton and Hove.  Kirstie’s hunting for a flat for Dani, and Phil’s helping young first-time buyers Katy and Charlie.

Episode 4

Kirstie and Phil are searching in the North of London and Hertfordshire.  Kirstie’s with first-time buyers Emily and Dustin, while Phil’s trying to find a home for three generations of females.

Episode 5

We’re catching up with two couples whose searches took some unexpected turns: Brian and Helen who had relocated from Essex, and Mike and Sorrel who were looking for a home in the Tyne Valley.

Episode 6

We’re catching up with two couples who were both looking to settle in York. Kirstie was helping young couple Tom and Timna, and Phil was searching with Kirsty and Rich.

Episode 7

We’re catching up with two couples who were in a race against time to find homes. In Croydon, Phil was helping local couple Cherelle and Leon, and searching close to Pangbourne, for Richard and Jo.  

Episode 8

Kirstie and Phil are in Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire, searching for a couple who wants the best of both worlds and an expecting couple who are after a family home.

Episode 9

Kirstie and Phil are searching in the West Midlands for two sets of house hunters seeking to leave their rental life behind. Kirstie is with Emma and Paul while Phil is with Kate and Dan.