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Premier property professionals, Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp are back in Location, Location, Location. Armed with the house-hunters’ requirements, laptops and a surgical link to their mobile phones, Kirstie and Phil blitz the market looking for that perfect new place for prospective buyers. From auction houses and agents, to websites and word-of-mouth, they leave no stone unturned in their quest for the best.

15 – 21 Oct: Episode 1

Kirstie and Phil are battling the lightning-quick property market as they help house hunters across the country find and bag their dream homes. Britain’s favourite property duo will roll up their sleeves once again, as they take on the highs and lows that come with searching for that perfect property.

This time Kirstie and Phil are in the popular commuter county of Kent, helping two couples find their dream first homes. Its proximity to the capital means the Kent property market is super-speedy; Phil & Kirstie will need to have their fingers on the pulse if they’re to win the race and get their house hunters into new homes.

Robin & Gemma have recently returned to the UK after three years living in Singapore. Back on British soil, they want to settle in a family home where they can bring up baby Beatrice, closer to family and friends. Whilst in Asia they dreamt of a quintessential English home with character and a garden… all within an hour of London. Even with their generous budget of £550,000 Phil’s got a challenge on his hands – can he coach this couple into their dream home as they realise just what their money can get them now they’re back in Blighty?

Episode 2

This time Kirstie and Phil are preparing for a challenge of epic proportions as they search in East London, where many properties are selling in a matter of days, often at open days, and for well over the asking price. They will need to call on all their years of expertise if they’re to get their house hunters into new homes, in what are some of the most competitive market conditions they have ever seen.

Phil is searching with couple Katy & Victoria who have been looking for a first home together for almost a year in the popular area of Walthamstow. They have certainly fallen victim to the fast market and have previously lost out on a number of properties in the final stages. With a generous £425,000 to spend, they are looking for a 2 bed home. A modest ask it may seem but, as Phil dips his toe into the east London market, it soon becomes clear he’s in for a rough ride especially when a property sells right before he’s about to show it to them. It’s up to Phil to help Katy and Victoria to stay calm in a frantic market – not to mention keep his cool himself…

Episode 3

This week Phil and Kirstie are in London where they are covering popular suburbs in the west and the north, in a bid to find homes for some desperate house hunters.

Kirstie is with thrill seeker Davy who works hard and plays hard; he snowboards, he skateboards, he travels all over the world with his work as a Wine Buyer. He’s got it all going on, apart from one thing – he can’t find a home. After falling foul of the competitive market in the capital, it’s Kirstie’s task to unearth Davy a place of his very own in west London. With a budget of £340,000 made up of inheritance from his Granny and his Father, its all the more crucial Kirstie helps Davy spend his money wisely. But will Davy be accepting of what his budget will buy him in this popular part of town? And when it comes to the crunch, will he have the bottle to make the right decision under pressure?

Episode 4

In this episode of Location Location Location, Kirstie and Phil hit metropolitan Manchester where last year house prices rose faster than anywhere else in the UK, including London.

Kirstie is searching with Katherine & Andrew who are looking for a property they can renovate into the home of their dreams. Having outgrown their previous property which they also completely transformed, this energetic couple – along with their beloved pooch Dexter – are in need of somewhere bigger so they’re rolling up their sleeves once again. They have a budget of £185,000- but money is far from Kirstie’s biggest challenge this week. For prime properties with renovation potential, she’s facing a competitive race against developers, and will need Katherine & Andrew to decide quickly when they see the one they want… something which, it turns out, isn’t a problem…

Episode 5

In this episode of Location Location Location, Kirstie and Phil are sleuthing South London for those perfect properties.

Phil is helping childhood sweethearts Cleo & Ben find their first home together in one of south London’s most popular areas – Brixton. Thanks to inheritance money Cleo received, they have a budget of £500,000 for a 2 bed flat, preferably with a garden – something which is important to Ben. But unbelievably, it’s still a challenge to find what they want in this pricy part of London town- even with their healthy budget. It’s up to Phil to help these first time buyers spend their inheritance wisely- but he also needs to act fast. With dozens of would-be buyers clamouring for each property, there’s a lot of competition out there…

Episode 6

In this episode of Location Location Location, Kirstie and Phil are in the stunning county of Yorkshire.

Kirstie is searching with newlyweds Graeme & Anna who have relocated from Oxfordshire to Yorkshire. They imagined their 170-mile move north combined with their £250,000 budget would mean a big property with lots of space in their dream rural location. But the reality of the market in the popular area close to the Peak District has meant their dreams have been shattered. Kirstie needs to keep this couple’s expectations in line with a rising property market if they’re to find a home, but when she shows them a wildcard property, it seems Graeme & Anna’s perfect home may be very different from the one they asked her to find…
Episode 7

In this episode of Location Location Location, Kirstie and Phil are house hunting in the ever-popular county of Hertfordshire.

Phil is searching for Carl & Liz, newlyweds who are leaving behind their life in London to start the next chapter of their lives out in the sought after spot of St Albans. For their £425,000 they want a home with more space, but they also want to be close to facilities; a tricky combination in this competitive and expensive market, giving Phil the ultimate challenge. And when encouraged to think about the future and whether they plan to have a family, they dramatically change the goalposts of their search leaving Phil with an even bigger challenge than he was originally facing

Episode 8

In this episode of Location Location Location, Kirstie and Phil are house hunting in West London with two couples who are moving into the capital.

Phil is searching for a first home in London for professional rugby player Alex and his teacher wife Sarah. Both with new jobs in the capital, they have sold their 3 bed home in Penarth, south Wales and relocated 150 miles to west London. But with all the change in their lives, they haven’t yet viewed a single property in London. With a £410,000 budget from the sale of their previous home, they are desperate to recreate the life they had in Wales. But these newlyweds are in for a reality check when they realise the speed of the market and what it takes to secure a home in this desirable part of London.