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Premier property professionals, Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp are back in Location, Location, Location. Armed with the house-hunters’ requirements, laptops and a surgical link to their mobile phones, Kirstie and Phil blitz the market looking for that perfect new place for prospective buyers. From auction houses and agents, to websites and word-of-mouth, they leave no stone unturned in their quest for the best.

21-27 Sept: Episode 7


This week we’re in sunny South Devon where Kirstie’s searching with Vanessa, Warron and their little boy Harry.

They’re looking for their first marital home together in a very small and sought after seaside town where they hope to stay close to family and their beloved beach hut.  But the trouble is- it seems like there’s nothing for sale. With their long wishlist, Kirstie will have to try to broaden their horizons.

Meanwhile, Phil’s searching with Andrew and Margaret who have been living with Andrew’s dad since losing out on their dream home a year ago.  They’re desperate to find the perfect blend of bungalow and garden where they can raise chickens and Margaret can finally get her 60 plus plants out of their pots. But in Devon, these are high in demand and short in supply- and even our unflappable Phil has a few nervous moments along the way.

Episode 8

West London

This week, Kirstie’s searching south of the Thames in Balham and Putney with Hannah and Ben, who after years in rentals are ready to buy and want to be in their home by their 10th anniversary. They have a good budget but first time buying nerves have meant 40 odd viewings and they’re no further forward.  It’s up to Kirstie to give them the courage to seal the deal.

Meanwhile, Phil’s searching along the Thames valley for Hemani and Aussie husband Nigel.  The couple moved back from Melbourne to be closer to Hemani’s family and have been living with her parents for over 18 months.  They’ve also seen over 40 properties, struggling with how little house they can buy with their budget here.  It’s Phil’s tricky task to find them a UK home with Aussie proportions.

Episode 9


It’s the start of a brand new series- and Kirstie and Phil are starting off in the historic walled city of York.

Kirstie’s with young first time buyers, Tom and Timna who are fast tracking family and first home.  They met at university, married soon after and are now expecting their first child. With the lease on their rental almost up, time is of the essence for Kirstie to find them their family home.

Phil’s searching for Yorkshire born Rich and Kirsty, who have been living it up in London but want to move back home to be closer to their family and to start their own.  Keen to maintain a little of their London lifestyle up North, they want a house they can grow into, that’s close to the buzz. But, as ever, Phil has a Kirsty-shaped challenge. His house hunter is proving a little hard to read.

Episode 10


This week Kirstie’s searching around Reading with dad and daughter, Clive and Chloe.  Chloe’s desperate to move out and find her own pad in the trendy suburb of Caversham but as her parents are helping with the purchase, dad Clive wants to make sure they’re making a good investment.  After 2 years of searching and over 60 properties viewed, it quickly becomes clear to Kirstie that the pair don’t agree on very much!

Phil’s with teachers Richard and Jo, who are in a hurry to find a family home before the school term starts.  The couple have been out of the property market for 10 years, while living on school grounds and want somewhere they and their daughters can finally put their own stamp on. However, cracking through head teacher Richard’s practical outlook, to find him a home that he can really get excited about, might be Phil’s biggest challenge.

Episode 11


This week we’re in Bournemouth.

Kirstie’s with Mary Jane and Paul, two single parents looking for the perfect home to bring their families together.  Their priority is equal sized bedrooms for the kids but Kirstie soon finds out that’s not the only deal breaker. A slow moving market makes the search all the more challenging- and there are surprises in store for everyone, including Kirstie, when her first viewing doesn’t QUITE go to plan.

Meanwhile Phil’s searching for Alan and Nora who have relocated to the seaside from Coventry with their 4 teenage kids.  A mix up with their mortgage has left them £100k short of their original budget and they’re feeling stuck in a rental rut. Phil’s challenge is to make them realise it’s time to change that wish list.

Episode 12

S Wales & Wye Valley

This week Kirstie’s with Emma and Lee searching in the West end of Barry. The couple have lost out on 4 properties, leaving them disappointed and disillusioned and in need of some expert help.  However, a lack of stock in the area means Kirstie will have to show them things they wouldn’t normally consider, in the hope of finally ending their lengthy search.

Meanwhile Phil’s in the Wye Valley with Will and Aby, who want a country home for a family, with a garden for their pooch, with enough parking for 2 cars and a camper. The couple have forensically searched for properties online, with no joy, so it’s up to Phil to prove there’s no substitute for viewing houses in the flesh.

Episode 13

Devon and Norfolk

This week Kirstie’s catching up with two sets of house hunters who were both hoping for a home near the coast.

In 2013 Phil helped retirees Peggy and Jon navigate the Norfolk coastline to find a forever home and two years earlier Kirstie was searching along the English Riviera for local couple Jamie and Sam who needed help spending an inheritance wisely.

Now, Kirstie’s back – and finds there’s been huge changes in their homes- and their lives.

Episode 14

West London & Bath

This week Phil’s catching up with two loved up couples with great expectations for the first homes they’re buying together.

In 2013, Phil was quickstepping through West and South London in search of a home to dance in for Keon and Zoe.  And in 2016, Kirstie was taking the plunge into the deep end of the Bath market with Laura and Phil who were fed up flat sharing with 8 others and wanted a home of their own.

Now Phil’s back to find what twists and turns their lives and property hunts have taken.

Episode 15

Seven Oaks & Ashampstead

This week we’re revisiting two sets of house hunters for whom compromise was something of a dirty word.  Both searches took Phil and Kirstie far and wide but nothing made the grade.

In 2014 Phil was helping Lia and Andrew find a home for a growing family in South East London but it would take Kirstie to get to the bottom of Andrew’s reluctance to the search.

In 2015, Phil was helping Sue and Allan, who’d just returned to the UK from Australia and had an ever changing wish list for their home and were searching across Surrey and Hampshire.

Phil’s back to find out what it was that finally hit their sweet spots.

Episode 16

– Letchworth Garden City & Birmingham

This week Phil’s catching up with two professional young couples who were struggling to take their first step on the property ladder in two very busy housing markets.

In 2015, Phil was in Leeds with Charlie and Hayley who had been searching fruitlessly for 9 months unable to make a decision on a home for fear of making the wrong one.

In 2013 Phil was in South East London searching for newly engaged Nicki and Rob; self-confessed geeks, they’d mapped out their search on spreadsheets with graphs but despite the methodical approach they were still feeling overwhelmed by the market.

Now Phil’s back to find what’s new in their lives and their homes.

Episode 17

Letchworth Garden City & Birmingham

This week Phil’s catching up with two young couples. One was relocating to Birmingham from Bristol. The other was looking for their first marital home in Hertfordshire.

In 2016, Phil was searching with childhood sweethearts Rich and Bethan, who were trying to find their first marital home. Having loved and lost a couple of houses they were looking for Phil to give them the confidence to finally seal a deal but circumstances beyond everyone’s control put another purchase in jeopardy.

In the same year Phil was helping Laura and Ben relocate to Brum from Brizzle. Unsure of the areas around the city, the sociable and active couple were afraid they’d end up stranded in suburbia. But with limited time before starting new jobs, they needed Phil to secure the final piece in their moving puzzle.

One year on, Phil’s back to find out how their lives have changed in the last 12 months.