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Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer continue with a brand new series of Location, Location, Location and this time the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever. Britain’s choosiest home hunters are looking for just the right spot and expert realtors Kirstie and Phil are up for the challenge. They will help these house hunters secure the right home in the desired location.

Catch them on each episode as they face new challenges in a lightning-quick property market. They’ll take on the unpredictable housing market; searching all over the country – from the rural countryside of Cheshire to the super speedy London market. No matter how small the budget or how big the expectations, Kirstie and Phil are on hand to match hopeful house hunters with their dream homes.

Nevertheless, sometimes sacrifices are required and the customer isn’t always satisfied, but no floorboard is left unturned on Location Location Location as Kirstie and Phil pull out all the stops to make property dreams come true.

19 – 25 Aug: Episode 3: Glasgow

This week we’re helping two sets of house hunters find homes around Glasgow.  In a market where properties can achieve bids more than 10% over the asking price, our couples have been struggling to compete.

Kirstie’s searching for Steph and Nick who are still living with their parents and are desperate to buy a home that will bring them together.  Cutting out the starter flat, to go straight to the future proof family home they’ve saved hard for their deposit. Kirstie’s challenge is to manage expectations of what they can afford but will they go for the sensible choice or the showstopping showhome? There will be tears!

Meanwhile Phil’s searching around Bearsden, for Ranald and Marjorie, who are looking for a bungalow to retire to but rather than downsizing, they’re upsizing! This fun loving pair of grandparents needs more space to entertain family and friends, not to mention space for a vintage rally car. Phil thinks he’s got in the bag but when Ranald starts to take measurements, he realises it has to be inch-perfect.

Episode 4: Lancashire & Cumbria

This week we’re in the North West of England searching around Cumbria and Lancashire.

Kirstie’s in Blackpool with Matthew and Kieran, who sold their much loved home in search of somewhere bigger to start a family but 9 months later they still haven’t found the one. But Kirstie realises she may be staring an impossible search in the eye, when she’s challenged with finding this very particular pair their perfect quirky pad.

Meanwhile Phil’s in the Lake District with Diana, a climber who has fallen for the charms of one of Britain’s most beautiful spots. She’s relocating from Scotland, which brings her closer to family but she’s been sofa surfing with her sister and living out the back of her car for a year, while struggling to find a home.  She’s torn between rural living and being close to amenities and it’s up to Phil to find her the right balance so she can finally put down roots.

Episode 5: London & Kent Borders

This week we’re searching for two families, each sleeping 3 to a room in their cramped London flats.  They’re desperate for more space to grow their families.

Kirstie’s with Chantelle and Eliza who are looking for a house with a garden for their son Shaheem. Each of them will be the first in their families to buy a home- but a mortgage miscalculation knocked their budget- and now they really need Kirstie’s help.

Meanwhile Phil’s with Chimdi and Olivia whose financial caution has meant they’ve viewed 40 houses without finding the one. This family are still stuck in what was once Chimdi’s bachelor pad- and Phil’s job will be to find them a house they can feel confident about spending their money on. It becomes a matter of how close to perfect a home has to be to get this couple moving.

Episode 6: Leicestershire & Northamptonshire

This week we’re searching in the East Midlands with two sets of first time buyers for whom time is of the essence.

Kirstie is in Leicester with Karen and Mike, who need to find a home for them and chocolate Labrador Harley. The pair need Kirstie’s help to find them a home that’s a good investment for Mike’s inheritance but time is running out as Karen’s rented home has gone up for sale and Mike’s rental doesn’t allow pets!

Meanwhile in Northamptonshire Phil is searching for Tom and Claudia, who are expecting a baby in only 4 weeks. The creative couple need a home big enough for them to start their family, work from home and even keen a dwarf goat in the garden.

When Phil meets them, craft-loving Claudia presents him with some of her handiwork. Sufficed to say, it is the closest anyone has come to making muppets out of him and Kirstie.

Episode 7: Glasgow & Surrey’s Thames Valley

This week Phil’s catching up with two couples who had each seen a staggering 40 plus properties without finding the perfect home.

In 2014 Kirstie was searching the popular West End of Glasgow for a classic tenement flat with Anna and Mikey.  One of them was desperate to buy and get on with living but the other was struggling to commit to anything less than perfection.

In 2017 Phil’s couple, Hemani and Nigel were just back from Australia and trying to settle close to Hemani’s family. But they were struggling to adjust to the size of UK homes and what they could afford, even with their budget of £425k.

Now Phil’s back discovering the twists and turns their lives have taken since we last saw them.

Episode 8: Somerset & Hertfordshire

This week Phil’s catching up with two couples who had struggled to find a house they could both agree on.

In 2016 Kirstie was scouring Hertfordshire’s market towns for a home for transatlantic lovebirds, Lauren and Paul, whose conflict was US dimensions vs English country character.  Kirstie would soon find out it wasn’t just a house fit for the couple she had to find but something that would also fit their supersize sofa!

In the same year Phil was searching for Dave and Kerrie who, unable to agree on anything, had found their search grind to a halt.  One of their many differences in opinion was to go for another project or something already done.  For Phil it became more like marriage counselling than house finding.

Now Phil’s back to see how things have changed over the years- and whether the couples have managed to stay on the same page.

Episode 9: South London & London Southbank

This week we’re dropping in on two independent city girls, who were both determined to find their first homes in London.

In 2010, Phil was searching the bustling Southbank of London for his youngest ever househunter with the biggest ever budget.  Eighteen year old student Claire was seeking a wheelchair accessible flat, with a River Thames view and had over £1.7 million from a personal injury settlement to spend on the perfect pad. Phil was feeling the pressure of finding her a home and the best investment for such a large sum of money.

And in 2012, Kirstie was searching for Liverpool born Jen, who had been saving hard for her first home while working in Afghanistan.  She’d recently moved back to the UK and wanted to buy a flat near friends in south London.  Kirstie would soon find out that Jen had spent much of the year in Kabul meticulously planning for her first home and had high expectations of what she would like for her budget.

Now Phil’s back- and finding out that there have been exciting changes in both their lives.