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In today’s housing market, there’s a marked contrast between the houses that sell in a heartbeat and those that languish on the market.

The home that’s properly staged for the market clinches the deal while also maximizing the sale price. Cluttered, dirty, dark and old fashioned homes struggle to get noticed while in the same street better presented example are being snapped up in days. Cue the energetic, stylish, fun-loving House Doctor, Tracy Metro, whose goal is to prove that with a minimum investment, simple home-styling can turn dodgy décor into unrecognisable, show-home material.

19 – 25 Aug: Episode 8

Worcestershire couple Davina and Craig feel trapped in their current home, with no sign of a buyer to take it off their hands, so Tracy Metro steps in to improve their sales pitch.

Episode 9

Tracy Metro helps a man who wants to move to Australia – but first he has to sell his West Yorkshire home, which has no shortage of space but needs tidying up to attract buyers.

Episode 10

Tracy Metro meets couple Peter and Sharon, who have spent four years trying to sell their property in Southport, Merseyside, and need advice on brightening up the decor.

Episode 11

Tracy Metro helps the owner of a canal boat to make her narrowboat more attractive to would-be buyers, with the vessel having been on the market for five years.

Episode 12

Tracy Metro tries to help couple Rob and Nikaila in Jarrow, who have already tried to jazz up their house, but now need to take things to the next level.

Episode 13

Tracy Metro advises globetrotters John and Tonette, who cannot sell on their charming Cotswold cottage in the Oxfordshire village of South Newington, because its busy, patterned interior is deterring buyers from making an offer.

Episode 14

Tracy Metro meets a Manchester man whose distinctive ceiling seems to be putting off potential buyers, and helps change his decor so he can move on.

Episode 15

Clutter consultant Tracy Metro helps West Midlanders Joe and Nobuko, who need a quick fix to sell on their digs.

Episode 16

Tracy Metro tackles a Tyne & Wear property that has seen better days, and shows amateur artist Alistair and his partner Sue how to revive it.

Episode 17

Tracy Metro tries to help Birmingham homeowner Omer, whose vocal parrot has put off prospective buyers from bidding for his property.

Episode 18

A property owner is ready to set up a new family home with his fiancee, but is reluctant to sell his existing premises due to the influence of his teenage children.

Episode 19

Tracy Metro meets a Southport woman whose dark wallpaper has left her downstairs looking dreary, so she tries to brighten up the home to make it more welcoming to potential buyers.

Episode 20

In Braintree, Essex, Tracy Metro visits Linda and Vince, who are adrift in a sea of clutter, and helps the retirees get things shipshape.