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In today’s housing market, there’s a marked contrast between the houses that sell in a heartbeat and those that languish on the market.

The home that’s properly staged for the market clinches the deal while also maximizing the sale price. Cluttered, dirty, dark and old fashioned homes struggle to get noticed while in the same street better presented example are being snapped up in days. Cue the energetic, stylish, fun-loving House Doctor, Tracy Metro, whose goal is to prove that with a minimum investment, simple home-styling can turn dodgy décor into unrecognisable, show-home material.

28 Sept – 04 Oct: Episode 39

Tracy Metro helps a Mansfield family inject a bit of character into their first home, so they can work their way up the property ladder.

Episode 40

Tracy Metro helps a couple in the Tyne and Wear region who are in serious need of a downsize, but six months after going to market are still without a buyer for their home.

Episode 41

Tracy Metro visits a sales manager who wants to climb the property ladder, but her modern three-bed, end-of-terrace in Sunderland has not had a single viewing in three months.

Episode 42

Tracy Metro helps ex-policeman Keith who wants to sell his home in Sutton-on-Trent, but his untidy rooms and cluttered corners, along with the smell of dogs, are putting off buyers.

Episode 43

Tracy Metro tries to help a man in Mansfield who wants to sell his home of 43 years to be with his partner in Lincolnshire, but a dated living room is proving unappealing to buyers.

Episode 44

Tracy Metro visits Keith and Christine in Warrington, whose home is right next to the motorway and has several unfinished DIY projects that are driving potential buyers away.

Episode 45

Music lovers Laura and Steve want to buy a home together, but need to sell Laura’s property first. Her modern, three-bed semi has been on the market for two years, but its tatty and unloved decor is turning buyers off. Tracy Metro offers her advice. Last in the series