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Escape To The Country

Escape to the Country sets out to find the perfect home for families who are seeking to get away from city living. Each episode features one couple or family who are looking to make the escape and relocate to the country.

Join the presenters on their quest to find a home that fits the bill, whilst exploring the beautiful and unique surroundings of each location. This series invites the viewer to explore what the countryside has to offer, taking them to hidden away nature reserves, captivating historical buildings and introducing them to the local wildlife.

01-07 March: Episode 61


Alistair Appleton is searching for the perfect country escape with a newlywed couple in Exmoor, where among other things; they can be closer to family.

Episode 62

East Midlands

Jonnie Irwin is property shopping in the East Midlands with a retired couple hoping to find a home that will give them the country lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of.

Episode 63


Alistair Appleton goes house hunting in Herefordshire with two brothers looking to trade an urban life for a move to the countryside.

Episode 64


Jules Hudson is in Shropshire house hunting with a couple looking for a family-friendly detached character house they can leave the city for.

Episode 65

North Devon

The hunt is on the for the perfect country pad as Alistair Appleton sets out with his pair of house hunters in North Devon.

Episode 66


Jonnie Irwin goes rural property hunting in Gloucestershire with a couple who want a detached family home with a manageable garden.

Episode 67

South Wales

Nikki Chapman is in South Wales searching for the perfect rural home for a couple who want a property and life with a different outlook.

Episode 68


Ginny Buckley is in Devon trying to find the perfect escape for a couple who are looking forward to living in the same part of the country and a slower pace of life.

Episode 69


The search is on with Alistair Appleton in Herefordshire as he gets on a house hunt with a couple seeking the spoils of living in the country.

Episode 70


Jonnie Irwin is in Somerset searching for the perfect country pad.  They are looking forward to a quieter, more peaceful pace of life.