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Featuring two pivotal real estate moments, double the stress, and twice the manpower, Buying & Selling is the property series where a duo of renovation and real estate experts helps homeowners take their next step up the property ladder. First, the family’s home is staged for a successful sale, and then the real estate agent steps in to hunt down the best options for their next property. With all the drama of big moves and big decisions, this show is packed with entertaining, aspirational, and informative real estate action!

This week: Episode 13 – Paula & Isabel

After two decades in their builder basic starter home, single mom Paula and daughter Isabel are ready for a step up. And though they need to renovate their current property to get top dollar, Paula’s faith in contractors is at an all-time low. Drew and Jonathan step in and their first job is winning Paula’s trust. Super-stressed and losing sleep, Paula needs a last-minute pep talk before the walls come down, and then it’s up to Jonathan to transform the lackluster interiors into a design-savvy showpiece. Meanwhile, Drew is determined to find his clients the perfect turnkey home near school and family.

Episode 12 — Lara & Seth

Nine years and two kids later, Lara and Seth’s suburban starter home is bursting at the seams. And though they agree it’s time to move on, they’re in a standoff over location.
The Property Brothers step in to broker a solution. And while Jonathan transforms their builder’s basic townhouse into a showpiece, Drew tackles an ambitious house hunt. There are plenty of great options at both ends of the spectrum. And while an urban home for Lara will mean paring down the family’s wish list, a country home for Seth will mean a brand new start for everyone.

Episode 11 — Mary & Paul

With rambunctious twin boys, Paul and Mary desperately need a bigger home. They’re hoping to stay in their exclusive neighbourhood, but their outdated home is holding them back.
The Property Brothers have a solution and it starts with overhauling the property’s gaudy exterior. Inside, Jonathan’s strategic reno may even push the price beyond the couple’s expectations. Living in the basement during construction proves challenging for the family of four. And when Paul and Mary agree to expand their search to the suburbs, Drew is determined to find them a fully loaded forever home.

 Episode 10 — Chandra & Dan

Chandra and Dan’s starter home was plenty big when they were on their own, but with two growing kids, they’re desperate for more space. The couple is eager to make a move and concerned that if they don’t act fast, they’ll be priced out of the market for good.
The Property Brothers step in with a real estate intervention, and in order to get top dollar for their current home, Jonathan tackles an ambitious overhaul. Meanwhile, Drew takes charge of the house hunt, but his biggest challenge is getting Chandra and Dan to agree on location.

Episode 9 – Melanie & Derek

Melanie and Derek bought their house three years ago and while the kids love the backyard pool, Mom and Dad have been struggling with a poorly designed kitchen and a basement that’s become a DIY-disaster.
It’s time for the family to move on, and the Property Brothers are determined to make it happen. Overruled by his clients during the demo, Jonathan tackles a bigger overhaul than expected. Meanwhile, Drew is faced with a long list of must-haves as Melanie refuses to compromise. An on-the-spot decision to increase the budget has Derek breaking a sweat, and the search is on for a forever home with all the bells and whistles.

Episode 8 — David & Siobhan

David and Siobhan are desperate to find a new family home, but in the city’s red-hot real estate market they keep getting outbid. The couple is now determined to create a bidding war of their own, and the Property Brothers are on board from the start.
Jonathan tackles the couple’s current home, but with David’s traditional aesthetic he faces an uphill battle to update the dark interiors. Meanwhile, Drew leads a house hunt in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in town and comes up with a surprise twist that finally works in his clients’ favour.

Episode 7 — Paul & Julie

Ever since their baby girl arrived on the scene, Julie and Paul have been feeling the squeeze. And though they need to find a bigger house fast, they don’t want to get saddled with a bigger mortgage. The Property Brothers step in with a real estate intervention. Jonathan takes charge of the couple’s current home and is determined to transform the dated interiors into a masterpiece of contemporary living. Meanwhile, Drew takes charge of an ambitious house hunt that takes
Julie and Paul to the suburbs and back.

Episode 6 – Blanca & Teddy

Blanca, Teddy, and their three kids live in a tiny home with too few bedrooms and just one bathroom. And they’re desperate to find a bigger budget-friendly home that meets their growing needs.
Enter Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. They’ve got a plan to net top dollar from the couple’s current home, but the makeover hits a major snag with a costly repair no one saw coming. Meanwhile, Drew leads the couple on a tricky house hunt and ultimately dazzles them with a move-in ready home with serious investment potential.

Episode 5 – Danielle & Steve

Danielle and Steve bought what they thought was the perfect suburban home. But then their jobs shifted, they had two kids, and now they’re ready to move to a sprawling house even further from the city. In order to net top dollar from their current property, Jonathan vows to overhaul the cluttered kid-centric interiors. But a costly fix in the kitchen threatens to derail the budget. Meanwhile, Drew leads an ambitious house hunt that yields a home so good it has Danielle crying on the spot.

Episode 4 – Michelle & Danielle

Michelle’s starter home was the perfect size when she was single. But then along came Danielle and their three little ones. And now the cluttered and chaotic house is bursting at the seams.
The Property Brothers step in with a real estate intervention, and since Michelle bought the house at the top of the market, it’s all hands on deck to ensure she recoups her investment. Jonathan undertakes an indoor/outdoor reno to showcase the home’s unique character. Meanwhile, Drew leads the hunt for a spacious suburban home, but getting the couple to compromise on location is job number one.

Episode 3 –  Sheryl & Frank

Sheryl and Frank’s suburban neighbourhood was a welcome change when they were looking to grow their young family. But with two soon-to-be-teens, they’re ready to leave their starter property behind and find their forever home at last.
The Property Brothers are determined to make it happen, but their biggest challenge may just be dealing with Frank. He’s been burned before and doesn’t trust agents or contractors. Superhero agent Drew pledges to be honest—even if it hurts—and is confident the results will speak for themselves. Meanwhile, Jonathan gets Sheryl and Frank on board for a budget makeover, but getting them to pitch in proves more difficult than he’d imagined.

Episode 2 – Neil & Jenna

Nurse Jenna and firefighter Neil are ready to settle down in a home of their own, but first they have to flip his frat house. It’s a fixer upper that never happened, and now Jonathan’s stepping in to transform the bachelor pad disaster into a showstopper.
A crew of firefighters pitches in to tackle the demo, but there’s shocking news for the budget when the electrical upgrade proves worse than expected. Meanwhile, Drew is determined to find a move-in ready house that checks off every item on the couple’s wish list.

Episode 1 – Frank & Diana

A few years ago, Frank and Diana got into their million-dollar neighbourhood with a three-bedroom fixer-upper. But four kids later, the walls are closing in and they haven’t even started renovating.
The Property Brothers step in to give the family a new start. Jonathan is determined to transform their tired old property into a luxury home buyers will love, and comes up with an ingenious plan to reclaim wasted space in the kitchen. Meanwhile, a cheeky Drew shows the kids what their over-the-top wish list looks like in real life, but finding the family’s dream home will require a major compromise.