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Featuring two pivotal real estate moments, double the stress, and twice the manpower, Buying & Selling is the property series where a duo of renovation and real estate experts helps homeowners take their next step up the property ladder. First, the family’s home is staged for a successful sale, and then the real estate agent steps in to hunt down the best options for their next property. With all the drama of big moves and big decisions, this show is packed with entertaining, aspirational, and informative real estate action!

23 – 29 April: Episode 6 (Daniel and Vanessa)

Daniel and Vanessa have outgrown their starter home.  With a baby on the way, they’ve got just two months to find a larger home where they can put down roots for good.

16 – 22 April: Episode 5 (Naom and Ela’)

With the arrival of their baby girl, Naom and Ela’s suburban party pad no longer suits their lifestyle. They need a house that better suits their growing family.

09 – 15 April: Episode 4 (Krystal and Cam)

Expectant parents Krystal and Cam are eager to swap their century home for a turnkey property. Their home has plenty of character, but a long list of renovations also.

02 – 08 April: Episode 3 (Nyahsa and Hezekiyah )

Nyahsa and Hezekiyah bought their current home at a great low price intending to spend their savings on updates and repairs. But shoddy workmanship and half-completed repairs have turned their dream home into a reno nightmare.

26 March – 01 April: Episode 2 (Lori & Michael)

With two growing daughters and a jam-packed home, Lori and Michael are drowning in clutter. A self-proclaimed packrat, Lori has filled every corner with stuff. And though they’re desperate to move to a larger home, the couple’s disastrous interiors would send any potential buyer running for the hills or to the nearest dumpster.

19 – 25 March: Episode 1 (Julie & Rob)

It was just the two of them when Rob and Julie moved in to their cozy home in a lakeside community. But two kids and a decade later, they’re desperate for more space. The couple tried their hand at home improvement over the years, but their poor design choices ended up lowering the value of their home and now it’s holding them back.