Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers

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Featuring two pivotal real estate moments, double the stress, and twice the manpower, Buying and Selling is a property series where homeowners take their next step up the property ladder, with the help of the property brothers.  Desperate to move out of their current home and into a new one, homeowners enlist the help of twin brothers and real estate property experts, Jonathan and Drew Scott, to help with buying a new home and selling their current one.

Firstly, the property brothers divulge the reality of Buying and Selling as they evaluate the house in its shabby state against what’s on the market and what they hope to get from it.  And then, contractor Jonathan Scott gets down to staging the property for a sale.  Not only will he completely transform it into a home that potential buyers will aspire to live in, he’ll up the value of the house so much, the owners will get top dollar when they sell!  Meanwhile, realtor, Drew Scott, sets out with the homeowners to find a property that not only meets their wish-list, but suits their needs far better than their current home does, and is within budget.

20 – 26 Jan 2020: Episode 11 – Ilca & Fernando

When Ilca and Fernando bought their starter home it was just the two of them. But 10 years and three kids later, they’re juggling childcare, an in-home salon, and a long list of unfinished DIY.

Drew sets out to find them a sprawling new home in their current neighbourhood, but warns that their budget will only stretch so far. Meanwhile, Jonathan promises that his renovation will have buyers lining up for a one-of-a-kind home. That is, until Fernando starts swinging a sledgehammer in the wrong places.

Episode 12 – Lisa & Dave

Newlyweds and empty-nesters Lisa and Dave are ready to downsize, and they’re looking for an open-concept suburban palace where they can entertain their big blended family in style.

Drew leads the hunt for the ideal property with enough space downstairs for an in-home spa, and the search results improve dramatically when the budget gets a major boost. Meanwhile, Jonathan is determined to transform the couple’s dated home into a showstopper.

Episode 13 – Jessica & Taylor

Siblings Jessica and Jason bought their Nashville home 16 years ago. Then Jessica met Taylor, he moved in, they had three kids, and it’s now a full house.  It’s time for everyone to move into two separate family homes.

In order to sell the property for top dollar, Jonathan tackles a budget-friendly reno, but bad news from the permit office has him scrambling for a solution. Meanwhile, Drew leads the hunt for a suburban home that checks all the boxes, but it’s still not clear whether he’s looking for one property or two.

Episode 14 – Lisa & Chris

Lisa and Chris bought their Nashville home six years ago. But now with four kids and grandma all squeezed under one roof, it’s time to overhaul their log-cabin interiors so they can afford a bigger nest.

Once the family has moved into an RV on the driveway, Jonathan gears up for a radical renovation. Meanwhile, Drew kicks the house hunt into high gear, but soon warns the family that their wish list must be trimmed.

Episode 15 – Julie & Jason

Julie, Jason, and their kids don’t really want to move, but since their school zone redrew its boundaries, they’ve got mere months to find a new home just a few streets over.

Jonathan is determined to transform the family’s dog-eared home into one of the coolest on the block, and that includes turning their backyard wasteland into an oasis. Meanwhile, with time running out, Drew scrambles to find the perfect family home in a very limited search area.

Episode 16 – Novella & Terry

Soon-to-be-empty-nesters Novella and Terry are downsizing from a sprawling five-bedroom home to a single-story property. But first, their current home is bland and sparse and in desperate need of an overhaul.

Determined to transform it into a showpiece, Jonathan tackles an ambitious reno. Meanwhile, Drew leads the search for the perfect retirement property closer to Nashville.

Episode 17 – Lee Roy & Lisa

Nashville musicians Lee Roy and Lisa want to blend their families and move in together. But before they can buy their dream home, they need to transform his tired old property into a number one hit.

Enter the Property Brothers. A proper gut job leaves Jonathan with a blank canvas to update the home’s seriously dated décor. Meanwhile, the search is on for the ultimate live-work space.

Episode 18 – Missy & Jay

With three growing kids, Missy and Jay are looking for a sprawling forever home. But before they go anywhere, they’ve got to transform their current home into a showpiece.

At first, Jonathan and Drew pull a prank on their superfans, but no one is fooled by the switcherhoo. Later, Jonathan comes up with a plan to update the interiors and significantly increase the home’s sale price. Meanwhile, the budget for their new home keeps increasing as Missy and Jay aim to get more of what they want.