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Featuring two pivotal real estate moments, double the stress, and twice the manpower, Buying and Selling is a property series where homeowners take their next step up the property ladder, with the help of the property brothers.  Desperate to move out of their current home and into a new one, homeowners enlist the help of twin brothers and real estate property experts, Jonathan and Drew Scott, to help with buying a new home and selling their current one.

Firstly, the property brothers divulge the reality of Buying and Selling as they evaluate the house in its shabby state against what’s on the market and what they hope to get from it.  And then, contractor Jonathan Scott gets down to staging the property for a sale.  Not only will he completely transform it into a home that potential buyers will aspire to live in, he’ll up the value of the house so much, the owners will get top dollar when they sell!  Meanwhile, realtor, Drew Scott, sets out with the homeowners to find a property that not only meets their wish-list, but suits their needs far better than their current home does, and is within budget.

Experience the drama of big moves and big decisions on Buying and Selling.

19-25 July: Episode 6

Kim and Tim

With two growing daughters who desperately need more space, Kim and Tim are ready to trade in their eclectic Nashville property for a sprawling new home. And it’s up to the Property Brothers to make it happen.

Determined to reveal the full potential of the family’s current space, Jonathan tackles an ambitious renovation, but hits a snag when trimming back the seriously overgrown garden. Meanwhile, Drew is on the hunt for a dream home that delivers more for less, but that may take Kim and Tim further from town than they’d anticipated.

Episode 7

Kylah & Jon

With three girls under the age of 10, Kylah and Jon have been too busy to move, but they desperately need a bigger house.

The Property Brothers step in with a plan, and it all starts with an overhaul of their builder-basic finishes and college dorm interiors. Meanwhile, when the house hunt hits a snag, Kylah and John are faced with a choice—expand the search area, revise the budget, or reevaluate their wish list.

Episode 8

Michelle & Rob

Michelle and Rob’s starter home was perfect a decade ago, but with three kids and an in-home daycare it’s now bursting at the seams.

They’re more than ready to move, but first they’ve got to overhaul their confused floor plan and kid-centric interiors. Jonathan sets out to reconfigure the entire main floor and is determined to make the tiny home look like a million bucks. Meanwhile, compromise proves essential as the couple’s ambitious wish list gets a reality check.

Episode 9

Dana & Terry

Dana and Terry’s home needed renovations when they first moved in as a family of four. Seven years later, they’ve got two more kids and are desperate for more space.

Drew and Jonathan step in with a plan that starts with a complete transformation of their awkward and dated interiors. And during demo, Jonathan discovers a cost-saving surprise in the walls. Meanwhile, Drew promises to find a turnkey property, but his biggest challenge is nailing down a location that everyone can live with.