Property Wars

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The housing auction market booms in the Phoenix desert. Savvy buyers have just minutes to look at a house and determine its value and what they are willing to bid for it. Using their gut instincts, experience, and existing rivalries, buyers square off with the hope of claiming their own piece of the Phoenix market. Doug Hopkins, Scott Menaged, Lou Amoroso, Ed Rosenberg, Steve Simons and John Ray compete in their search for the deal of a lifetime by flipping the homes and selling them for a profit.

11-17 Jan: Episode 2

Scott arrives late to a home with a low opening bid. Meanwhile John Ray gambles that a three bedroom home is larger than it appears, and Doug fishes through trash looking for clues to a property’s true value.

Episode 3

Will Scott Menaged’s unusual inspection technique help him drive away with a vital win in Phoenix? Ed Rosenberg and Doug Hopkins square off in Doug’s territory.

Episode 4

John steps up in the highest bidding war he’s ever fought in attempt to win a rare, million-dollar home. The Phoenix natives help LA buyers Ed and Steve learn a lesson about scorpions the hard way.

Episode 5

Will Ed’s inexperience with the Phoenix market’s natural quirks cause him to make a bad business decision? John bids strong on a colorful historic house. Stuck in traffic, Scott bids on a house blindly.

Episode 6

Scott invades Doug’s neighborhood and causes chaos. Ed and Steve make a bold bid on a high-risk property, and Doug makes a power play to settle a score with Scott.