Property Wars

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The housing auction market booms in the Phoenix desert. Savvy buyers have just minutes to look at a house and determine its value and what they are willing to bid for it. Using their gut instincts, experience, and existing rivalries, buyers square off with the hope of claiming their own piece of the Phoenix market. Doug Hopkins, Scott Menaged, Lou Amoroso, Ed Rosenberg, Steve Simons and John Ray compete in their search for the deal of a lifetime by flipping the homes and selling them for a profit.

11 – 17 Feb: Episode – 2

It’s another day in Phoenix and there’s a fresh list of available properties up for grabs.  Scott Menaged arrives late to a bid on a two-bedroom condo with a very low opening bid.  Without time to do a proper inspection, will the New York native end up getting burned?  Meanwhile, John Ray makes a big gamble that one of the houses at the auction is listed incorrectly.   Will he make an extra 30 grand, or lose his shirt?  Later, Doug Hopkins fishes enticing clues from a trashed garage that may lead him to bid too high.

Episode – 3

The first house up for auction in Phoenix has all the buyers interested, especially New York native Scott Menaged, who is hungry for a win. Will his unusual house inspection technique help his chances?  Phoenix newbie Ed Rosenberg squares off with veteran Doug Hopkins over a house in the East Valley after Ed discovers potentially valuable clues in a box near the house. Tempers flare as Doug fights to defend his territory and Ed attempts to edge in.  Later, a rare “horse property” draws the buyers’ attention and Doug bets big hoping that this forty-year-old home is upgraded with all the finest amenities.

Episode – 4

John steps up in the highest bidding war he’s ever fought in attempt to win a rare, million-dollar home. The Phoenix natives help LA buyers Ed and Steve learn a lesson about scorpions the hard way.

Episode – 5

Will Ed’s inexperience with the Phoenix market’s natural quirks cause him to make a bad business decision? John bids strong on a colorful historic house. Stuck in traffic, Scott bids on a house blindly.

Episode – 6

All the buyers are scrambling to take over new territories. Scott starts a skirmish by bidding on a nice two-bedroom home on Doug’s side of town, and his detective skills lead him to believe it is worth the fight.  The guys from LA, Ed and Steve, make a bold bid on a high-risk, high-reward property – knowing that a win will mean they have planted their flag in the Phoenix market.  Doug takes a drive deep into Scott’s territory and makes a power play for a nice looking home, but does his competitive nature cause him to make a costly mistake?