Property Brothers: Forever Home

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In Property Brothers: Forever Home, Drew and Jonathan Scott are on a mission to help couples transform their current houses into forever homes—a place where they can put down roots and happily spend their lives. The homeowners aren’t looking to flip properties or make a quick buck, they know their house is “the one” and have plans to grow old together. But before that can happen, they need Drew and Jonathan to unlock its full potential. First, Drew takes the homeowners on a tour of nearby renovated homes to learn about the features they can and can’t live without. Then, Jonathan presents two design options that showcase different ways their house can be reimagined. Stakes are high and the pressure is on as the brothers tackle a full-scale renovation, with design and demo hurdles along the way, to turn their house into their forever home.

Episode 15

Amy and Dominic’s cramped kitchen and awkward main floor layout don’t work for their busy lives. Jonathan and Drew overhaul their entry, living room, dining room and kitchen.

Episode 16

Drew and Jonathan step in to overhaul Amy and Kate’s entry, living room, dining room and kitchen, leaving them with a home they’ll both love for years to come. 

Episode 17

Now, 15 years later and with Drew and Jonathan’s help, Tanya and Sean are finally able to take on a major renovation and turn this starter house into the home of their dreams. 

Episode 18

Drew and Jonathan totally rethink Irina and Dean’s main floor so that this miracle family can stay in the home they love.

Episode 19

Drew and Jonathan take on Sally and David’s family room, kitchen, dining room and bike room, leaving this family with a forever home that works for their lives both on and off a bicycle. 

Episode 20

Valerie and David need Drew and Jonathan to finally make their living room, dining room and kitchen function for their needs.

Episode 21

Drew and Jonathan totally rework Michelle’s dining room, kitchen and living room as well as take on a special project for the family’s young twins. 

Episode 22

Drew and Jonathan tackle Jason and Leah’s entire main floor and deck leaving them with their dream home, inside and out. 

Episode 23

Jonathan and Drew tackle Kirsti and Jeff’s kitchen, living room, dining room and office, leaving this home with a layout that puts family first.

Episode 24

Drew and Jonathan totally rework Michelle and Ghopi’s living room, kitchen and dining room, leaving a home that works just as well for entertaining as it does for raising a family. 

Episode 25

Stephanie and Chris need Jonathan and Drew to rework their entire main floor – kitchen, living room, dining room and powder room. 

Episode 26

Drew and Jonathan reconfigure Paola’s main floor to allow better flow, design a kitchen for her entire family and create a forever home for Paola and her family to enjoy the next chapter of life together. 

Episode 27

Jonathan and Drew rework Skee and Elaine’s entire house to add some calm and order to their daily lives and help this family stay in the home they love and the school district they need.