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In Property Brothers: Forever Home, Drew and Jonathan Scott are on a mission to help couples transform their current houses into forever homes—a place where they can put down roots and happily spend their lives. The homeowners aren’t looking to flip properties or make a quick buck, they know their house is “the one” and have plans to grow old together. But before that can happen, they need Drew and Jonathan to unlock its full potential. First, Drew takes the homeowners on a tour of nearby renovated homes to learn about the features they can and can’t live without. Then, Jonathan presents two design options that showcase different ways their house can be reimagined. Stakes are high and the pressure is on as the brothers tackle a full-scale renovation, with design and demo hurdles along the way, to turn their house into their forever home.

18-24 Jan: Episode 7

JD and Annalee

Drew and Jonathan’s brother, JD bought a bachelor pad in a historic Las Vegas neighbourhood 8 years ago. Since then he’s met Annalee, the love of his life, and recently proposed. With the wedding just a few months away, JD and Annalee want the outdated bachelor pad transformed into their newlywed home. Jonathan and Drew take on a full-scale renovation leaving their brother and future sister-in-law with their forever home.

Episode 8

Big House, Awkward Layout

As newlyweds, Erika and Ben bought a large 6-bedroom house with the dream of filling it up with a big family. Three children later, this family loves their home but the awkward main floor layout leaves some rooms underutilized while others are worn out from years of over use.  Jonathan and Drew tackle the kitchen, living room, dining room and mud room leaving them with a Forever Home where every inch works for the chaos of family life.

Episode 9

Keep the Charm, Ditch the Layout

Kate and Gavin moved into their classic Vegas house as newlyweds. Since then, they’ve welcomed two kids and now Kate’s Mom, Maryanne, into the home. The house’s vintage character is part of the charm but the old school layout doesn’t work for their modern family. Plus, they now need a separate living space for Maryanne, that gives her privacy but also has enough space for visits from the grandkids. Jonathan and Drew leave all the classic charm while totally transforming the kitchen, dining room, mud room and an in-law suite for Maryanne.

Episode 10

Four Generations and Counting

Agostino and Jennifer’s two young daughters are the fourth generation to live in this compact family home. It has been well loved for generations but the house is showing its age and the cramped layout just doesn’t work for this modern family. Jonathan and Drew leave all the history and charm while totally transforming the kitchen, dining space, living room and master bedroom ensuring this Forever Home works for generations to come. 

Episode 11

Raise the Kids, Ignore the House

Sixteen years ago, Vanessa and Michael bought a house in the same neighbourhood where Vanessa grew up. It’s a short walk to school, Grandma lives two doors away and it’s the only home their two teenage boys have ever known. But while Vanessa and Michael put their all into raising their family, they neglected to give their aging house the love it needed.  Drew and Jonathan step in and overhaul the tired living room, kitchen and dining room leaving them with a Forever Home ready for the next chapter.

Episode 12

House Proud

Chris and Michelle were high school sweethearts who knew they wanted to make their home in the same neighbourhood where they grew up. Now, they are raising their two girls right where they want but their single-story house is so worn out and tired that their kids are embarrassed to bring over friends. Jonathan and Drew overhaul the kitchen, living room, dining area and basement leaving them with a Forever Home in which they can all be proud.

Episode 13

Family Home Refresh

Rina and Nilesh were newlyweds when they bought their home in a family friendly neighbourhood. Two kids and seven years later they’re still in love with their house but are increasingly frustrated by the dated kitchen, total lack of storage and closed off main floor. Jonathan and Drew overhaul the kitchen, living room, dining room and entry leaving them with a fresh modern Forever Home that will work for years to come.

Episode 14

Changing It Up For Teenagers

Tamara is immensely proud of the suburban home she bought all on her own. A single Mom of two teenagers she looked for a house in a great school district and close to family. Problem is, the house lacks space for teenage hangouts and family baking sessions – two things that are near to her heart.  Jonathan and Drew take on the living room, dining room, kitchen and powder room leaving Tamara and her kids with a home where all of their family and friends can hang out in comfort and style.