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Drew and Jonathan Scott have become household names in real estate and home renovation. And on Property Brothers, they’re as determined as ever to help couples find, buy, and transform extreme fixer-uppers into incredible dream homes. First, real estate specialist Drew tracks down hidden gems with untapped potential, and then it’s up to identical twin brother and contractor Jonathan to expertly overhaul these ramshackle properties. Convincing homebuyers to take a radical risk is their first challenge. Then they’ve got to deliver these ambitious renovation projects on time and on budget.

11 – 17 Nov: Episode 5 – Barbra & Greg

After five rentals in four years, Barbra and Greg are ready to put down roots in a home of their own. They’ve finally found their ideal neighbourhood, but with three kids under three, they have no time to make it happen.

Jonathan and Drew are determined to help. But after years of dreaming about the perfect property, getting everything on the couple’s wish list won’t be easy. First, it’s up to Drew to find the ideal live-work property. And then when the walls come down, it’s Jonathan who has his hands full. He uncovers a triple threat of deadly issues in the kitchen ceiling, but softens the blow with a surprise for the entire family.

Episode 6 – Debra & Dan

Along with their three small children, Debra and Dan are squeezed into a tiny urban condo. And though they’d prefer to stay in the heart of the city, it’s time to find the sprawling suburban home of their dreams.

With the Property Brothers leading the charge, the couple is on board to transform a fixer-upper. But during the house hunt, they ignore Drew’s advice with a lowball offer that raises eyebrows. Later, it’s up to Jonathan to turn an older home into a sleek modern space with vaulted ceilings and modern finishes. But as the design-savvy couple raises the bar, he struggles to keep their expectations in check.

Episode 7 – Lizzy & Dave

With three kids and another one on the way, Dave and Lizzy are desperate to get out of their rental and into the home of their dreams. But they’ve been house hunting for years already, and their due date is fast approaching.

Jonathan and Drew step in with a real estate intervention that starts with a targeted house hunt. But getting the couple to compromise on style is job number one. During demolition, Jonathan uncovers a laundry list of small issues, but is determined to give the kids everything on their wish lists. Meanwhile, Lizzy steps in with an innovative solution for a pricey fix as Dave works on a surprise for hardworking Lizzy.

Episode 8 – Nathan & Jessica

Tennis pros Jessica and Nathan have been living a cramped condo lifestyle for way too long. And now they’re desperate to find a sprawling home in the country where they can put down roots and entertain family in style.

Drew jumpstarts their new life by finding a perfect suburban home with everything on their wish list. But as the walls come down, Jonathan and his shell-shocked clients are faced with massive repairs from the foundation to the roof. Somehow Jessica and Nathan manage to take it all in stride as Jonathan vows to work his contractor magic.

Episode 9 – Mark & Eugenie

Juggling after-school activities and busy careers, Mark and Eugenie haven’t had much time for house hunting. And while the couple has a luxurious list of must-haves, the Property Brothers warn they’ll need to compromise if they want to box up their rental situation for good.

Encouraging the couple to keep an open mind, Drew comes up with a creative range of options including a sprawling showstopper that might just deliver everything on their wish list. During demolition, the added repairs add up faster than anyone expected. Jonathan comes up with a germophobe-friendly solution for the massive fireplace. But even with the budget stretched to the max, the couple rejects nearly every one of his money-saving options.

Episode 10 – Sandi & Phil

Sandi and Phil have lived in their park-filled waterfront neighbourhood for years. But with the arrival of their baby boy, they’ve suddenly outgrown their one-room loft-style apartment, and are searching for an allergy-free forever home where they can put down roots.

The Property Brothers step in with a plan to maximize the couple’s nest egg, but winning Sandi’s trust is job number one. Drew leads them to a house with great bones and successfully leverages the results of a home inspection at the negotiating table. Meanwhile, Jonathan is determined to transform a sagging century home into a showpiece, but from the basement to the roof, he uncovers every imaginable setback.

Episode 11 – Leslie & Tim

Since they sold their downtown condo, Leslie and Tim have been living with her parents. And though they both agree it’s time to move into a home of their own, she prefers the city while he wants to live in the burbs.

Jonathan and Drew step in to find a dog-friendly fixer-upper with forever-home potential, but their first job is getting Leslie and Tim to agree on location. Following Drew’s advice eventually allows them to secure a hot property in a competitive market. Later, Jonathan faces a basement flood while coming up with a contemporary design that will earn Mom’s seal of approval.

Episode 12 – Kyle & Jackie

Kyle and Jackie are living at her mom’s until they find a home of their own. And though they’ve got a healthy budget, they’ve set their sights on one of the city’s priciest neighborhoods.

With their demanding jobs and lifestyle, the couple has no time for renovations, so the Property Brothers step in with a real estate intervention. The house hunt gets off to a rocky start, but Drew soon teaches them how to succeed in a competitive market. Later, Jonathan pulls off a minor miracle to deliver an out-of-stock flooring option while his clients overthink his rustic-modern design.

Episode 13 –  Andrew & Phil

Andrew and Phil are engaged and homeless. And as they couch surf their way around the city, these soon-to-be-weds are desperate to find a sprawling downtown home of their own.

Phil is hands-on and Andrew has an eye for design, and together with the Property Brothers, they’re determined to transform a dog-friendly fixer-upper with dream home potential. Drew agrees to present a lowball offer that leads to a surprising outcome. Meanwhile, Jonathan tackles a total gut job. The result is a blank slate for Andrew’s modernist vision, but Phil has three veto votes to ensure the result is fit for two.