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It’s moving time! On Moving The McGilivrays, Scott McGillivray and his wife Sabrina plan and build their forever home for their young family. In every episode, viewers get a glimpse into Scott and Sabrina’s busy family life, see how they balance working full-time, taking care of their two daughters, while being part of every decision and build detail on their new dream home. But the McGillivrays haven’t lost sight of the fact that there are families who need help on the home front. So Scott helps build a home for a hard-working family in need, all while making sure his new house is completed on time and on budget. There will be laughter and a few tears when both homes are move-in ready and two families’ dreams come true.

10 – 16 June: Episode 6

Sabrina and Scott prepare their old house for sale. The basement in-law suite suffers a big setback that requires open floor surgery. Habitat for Humanity man of the house, 16-year-old Jayden helps Scott build something special for his mom. Good news: the McGillivray’s home sells fast. Not so good: the buyer wants a fast closing date, so their newly-revealed in-law suite is about to become their cramped home.

Episode 7

Now that Scott and Sabrina’s old house has sold they are forced to move into the in-law suite of their new house – perfect for two, cramped for four. Meanwhile Scott unveils a plan to bring his house to the next level, literally. And the whole extended family comes over to help the McGillivray’s break-in their epic walk-out patio.

Episode 8

Karen’s Habitat for Humanity home is finally finished and Scott and Karen’s kids make sure it’s a reveal she’ll never forget, including an awesome piece of carpentry that Scott and her son teamed up on. Meanwhile, at Scott’s new house, he designs the theatre fit for a movie-critic and he finds a way to defy science by putting in an indoor ice rink.

Episode 9

After weeks of living in the cramped in-law suite, the McGillivrays are finally ready to move upstairs. Scott shows Sabrina how a trip to Vegas inspired their new master bedroom complete with a balcony, walk-in-and-up closet and a fireplace. And finally, the girls discover what makes their bedrooms fit for princesses.

Episode 10

After a year of construction, the McGillivrays’ new home is finally complete and it’s time for a multi-room mega-reveals show, featuring a massive and bright kitchen, a living room fit for a giant and landscaping that would give any golf course green-envy. Every other room is revisited to paint an entire picture of the McGillivrays’ forever home.