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Money for Nothing

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At tips and recycling centres across the UK Presenter Sarah Moore saves three items from being dumped, and with the help of some of the UK’s elite designers, upholsterers and makers, transforms them into bespoke and valuable pieces. Sarah then returns the profits back to the people who threw the items away.

18-24 Jan: Episode 21

Sarah Moore is rummaging the rubbish on a mission to save three items from the skip. She gets help up-cycling a cooker hood, an old sofa and a collection of old jars.

Episode 22

Jay Blades is sifting through the unwanted whatnots in search of three dump diamonds that he can take, transform and turn a profit on; some discarded brass, and unwanted pair of chairs and a tired old cabinet.

Episode 23

EJ Osborne is scouring the skips for three items of tip bound trash that he can rework and repurpose to reveal their true potential; a wardrobe that’s past its best, and a tired leather sofa.

Episode 24

Sarah Moore is in search of tired and unwanted items that she can transform from tip-bound to tip-top.  She saves an old set of coat hooks, an art décor chair, and unusual table from the skip.

Episode 25

EJ Osborne unearths three hidden gems at the recycling centre in Woking with the potential to be turned into profit; a collection of metal plates, a chest of drawers, and a pile of broken chairs.

Episode 26

Saving skip bound items is the name of the game for restoration expert Jay Blades. The three pieces up for transformation are a retro chair, some rusty old gate rods and four dining chairs.

Episode 27

EJ Osborne is searching car boots for potential loot. He revamps a tired table, six dining chairs, and some discarded metal, to later sell and make a profit.

Episode 28

Jay Blades is rooting around the car boots trying to find rubbish he can rescue and revamp. He savages a sofa, a set a lathe tools, and a collection of plant pots.

Episode 29

Sarah Moore is rummaging the rubbish where she’s on the lookout for three unwanted items.  An old chimney pot, a discarded bed and a wooden chest are salvaged from the skip.

Episode 30

EJ Osborne is using his salvaging expertise to search for three items he can rescue and revamp. An old plans chest, a set of garden chairs and a pair of swivel stools are reworked.